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    Tantric Massage For Women in London
    Tantric Massage For Women in London
    This sensual massage for women has nothing to do with Eastern erotic rituals, sexy goddesses or chakra balancing.
    It explores your senses, sensuality and emotions beyond luxurious pampering, relaxation or pleasurable caressing of muscles.
    A professional Tantric massage for women is a contemplative journey into awakening your ecstatic essence, empowering your femininity to attain sensual harmony and balance, to expand your sensory awareness of your feminine self by way of bodily sensation and inner connection with specialist guidance. There are numerous benefits for your wellbeing – from simply nourishing, regenerating, rejuvenating and energising your inner beauty and light, to providing sex therapy by healing deeply held blockages that cause you pain in relationships. This journey gives you insight into the consciousness behind blissful lovemaking of Tantric sex, and wisdom to reinvigorate sexual connection with your lovers to new levels of enlightened sexuality.

    Tantric Sex Consultations in London
    Tantric Sex Consultation in London
    Consultations are offered to couples and individuals. Any couple, however happy, can expand further into sexual harmony, fulfilment and intimacy. Couples with sexual difficulties can avoid sex therapy through proper awareness. For ladies unsure about exploring sensual massage for women, a consultation can provide an alternative.
    The spirit of Tantric sex is to expand deeper into the nature and mastery of sexual energy, arousal, pleasure, desire, passion, orgasms, satisfaction, fulfilment, intimacy, enjoyment, senses and emotion in sexuality – both in our consciousness and in bodily and sensory perceptions. Awareness is key but I also focus extensively on practical and realistic bodily techniques and dynamics.
    Consultations don’t involve nudity, it is a conversation. Lovers wishing to be tutored in hands-on skills can explore Tantric massage workshop for couples.

    Tantric Massage Workshops and Courses, Tantric Sex Courses and Workshops in London
    Tantric Massage Workshop For Couples
    In my teaching I do not talk of sacred goddess, shiva / shakti, chakras, mantras and Kundalini, the customary content of Tantra courses. Eastern wisdom on sexuality is a profound source, but Hindu spirituality is unnecessary for a modern couple to awaken to the universal common sense of blissful lovemaking.
    Essentially being a couples workshop on Tantric sex, this teaching appointment covers the same topics in sexuality as the consultation, but includes practising touch, energy flux, bodily consciousness, inner connections, etc. Lovers learn to give and receive a luxurious Tantric massage, but ultimately we expand on these sexual massage elements to give you a comprehensive foundation for healthy principles of fulfilling and harmonic lovemaking.
    Genital massage techniques – known in Tantra as Lingam / Yoni massage – are optional. Some nudity in the workshop is beneficial to explore hands-on skills. It is optional at your comfort level and always discussed beforehand. The appointment is one-to-one per couple, personalised for your particular aspirations.

    Sex Therapy For Women, Tantric in London

    Sex Therapy The Tantric Way
    Sexual dysfunctions, difficulties and problems are often misuse. It comes from widespread miscommunication, misunderstanding and misinformation on sexuality in our environment. Often, gaining correct insight and technique is sex therapy enough.
    There are various Tantric options for healing. Tantric sex consultations correct sexual misuse and provide foundation for positive habits in sexuality. Couples workshops reinforce this with bodily re-education. A sensual Tantric massage for women provides healing and empowerment by creating positive bodily connections and enhancing positive sexual energy flux to correct misuse and heal trauma and blockages. A specialist Yoni massage, for example, is unmatched as sex therapy for women with vaginal pains or orgasm difficulties. By re-educating yourself to correct bodily approach in intimacy you remove the cause and prevent reoccurrence. Bodily therapy and re-education is indispensable even where psychological trauma is the cause – perhaps combined with CBT or psycho-sexual therapy.