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    About Me
    London Tantric Sex Teacher and Tantric Massage Therapist
    Tantric Sex Course Contents
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    Tantric Sex Course Contents
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    Tantric Sex Course Contents
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    My name is Alexey.

    I have been running my London practice since 2002.

    My work involves working with women through Tantric massage, as therapy or as exploration, and teaching Tantric sexuality in a variety of formats to individuals and couples through consultations and workshops.

    I am a professional who is dedicated completely to the research and work in Tantric sexuality only – full-time, 24/7, as the work of my life. I do not dedicate my time to any other therapies or teaching subjects – I am specialised and experienced in this area. My sessions are often endorsed and encouraged by clients’ therapists (psychotherapists, counselors, coaches, etc) and I have a large clientele including many clients from overseas who travel to work with me as a sought-after specialist.

    I was originally qualified from the Crimean Medical State University as a medical massage therapist.

    However, my path led me to dedicate myself to sexuality work entirely (read My Story below). This happened with the help of the masters of Tantric sexuality I encountered on my way. Yet, the real foundation of my current knowledge and expertise is my extensive and relevant experience over the last decade, dedicated research and development, and a unique approach that I practise in my work (read My Professional Approach below)

    I completely understand that it is important for you to feel reassured, so please feel free to call me for a no commitment conversation, or to request a reference from one of my clients.


    My Story

    My journey into Eastern philosophies and spiritual teachings began at the age of 14 when I became interested in personal growth and spiritual development. My family travelled a lot and, geographically, I was exposed to many of the great Eurasian traditions to draw on.

    On this background of my growth, at the age of 18 I began noticing something curious in my relationships with women. They confessed that sexual intimacy with me was something unique, deeply positive and therapeutic, unusual for guys of my age.

    I seemed to carry some innate understanding of a different sexuality and ability to sexual healing, without any learning or particularly different upbringing.

    When I was travelling in South America in my early twenties, I met my first teacher of Tantric sexuality. I was lucky to be introduced to it by such a genuine and truly knowledgeable master. She led a reclusive life in South American nature (at her request, I am bound to protect her name and location) and she shared her wisdom very personally. I spent quite a long time with her, she helped me make sense of this phenomenon in me, understand how to use it consciously, and she educated me profoundly on Tantric levels of intimacy between men and women.

    That is when my innate ability met with conscious learning and “training” and I inquired if I could put this in service to others and apply it beyond my personal life.

    I got back to the UK with an insight that this was my true path that i had always been equipped for. I had an established therapeutic massage practice at the time (qualified from the Crimean Medical State University) and my first step was to begin doing Tantric massages for some of my clients who were willing and able to benefit from such a bodywork.

    This quickly led to teaching Tantric sexuality outside of bodywork – through consultations and workshops, to men, women and couples.

    By 2003 my Tantric massages and Tantric sex education practice was successful enough to let me dedicate myself to this as a full-time profession and no longer work with therapeutic massages or other therapies.

    My competence in my practice and my work has been growing since then as a result of constant research with the people who have learned from me. My practice has been a testing way of seeing what is real, what really works as opposed to what just sounds like a desirable theory. I have had all kinds of clients and situations in my studio, many of which were a challenge to approach for any professional.

    I do not have any formal training in Tantric sexual healing and education.
    This is because such a thing does not exist and can not be attained.


    A professional in this unique and intuitive field can only rise through experience and understanding and the background offers no advantages.
    My formal background is in medical massage. My Tantric “training” involved, over these years in addition to my initial education with my teacher, travelling to spend time and learn from others informally. I was also trained as a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, as well as in a variety of therapeutic techniques and educational strategy for adults.
    However, any other training is only indirectly relevant to working with sexuality.
    My real qualification has been, and could only be, my experience, dedicated research and commitment to develop through every unique client.

    Tantra is the way of experience, not academics, so learning from my own personal love life has been a major part of my understanding too. I consider it to be the main source of knowledge for any sexuality guide. I am grateful for it to every woman with who I talked through her body and her mind and what I know now is not academics – it is my observations from innumerable experiences in daily life and with all kinds of people. I am now in a relationship with my long-term partner with who we have discovered a great deal in the Tantric dimension, and I draw on this experience a lot too.


    My Professional Approach

    I believe that Tantric sexuality is everyone’s higher potential in sex. It is just a better and more fulfilling sex life. Everyone can have it if they learn.

    There is no need for spiritual beliefs or conversion into Tantric rituals. I teach these principles as the common sense treatment of your sexual energy, as a greater mastery of your inner abilities in sex. So I strive to be able to teach any kind of person, speaking their language and working towards their aspirations or soultions.

    My work integrates a blend of Tantric ideas, Taoist ideas, western sexuality and much of my own research – observations from practice, personal and professional. The Eastern ideas that I use have been reworked to remove any cultural or religious context, leaving the essence that is easy to understand in concept and simply works in practice, suitable for the modern person of today.

    My aim is to make sure that whatever you learn can be used realistically in real life. I always take into account the point of departure of a client, what they can relate to, what would be the realistic challenges and solutions in their life.

    In terms of educational sessions – for individuals and couples – I try to create a space where your personal views and preferences are respected. I simply share with you some other ideas you might want to try. I leave people in control of their learning, the pace and their conscious choices of what they want to learn from me, and I encourage you to question what I teach for your own life, so that we can get to the truth that will really work for you.

    In terms of therapy, my approach is that most of the time problems come from misuse and by learning how to treat ourselves right we remove the problems. I don’t see my clients as ill or deficient, I see them as people who can learn how to create or overcome, someone who simply can develop further. I create a very patient, gentle, unforced space which will be personally pleasant and relaxing as well as supportive.


    My Personal Life

    I work in London every 2 weeks for several days but I do not live in London.

    When at home, I spend a lot of my time on research in my field and on writing about sexuality and theoretical work. My work is my calling which I live and breathe daily and my greatest passion in life, so it never really stops.

    I also like to spend a lot of my time on yoga and meditation in which I am very involved.

    My work in London doesn’t serve any of my own needs, I am completely dedicated in service to my clients. I am in a beautiful relationship with my partner and we are deeply in love. There is nothing more I could be looking for. She believes in what I do and she supports me fully, because she can relate to women’s issues. My job doesn’t rob her of anything. Because I have her I have more love to give during my massages, and because I do these massages I have more love to bring to her.