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    Book Tantric Massage in LondonTantric Massage For Women – £140 – 3.5 hours – comprehensive
    (see below what is included)

    I offer exceptional value for this fee. You are paying £40 per hour for genuine tantric work. You are getting: 1.5h of conversation + 1.5h tantric massage + concluding conversation
    This is the best way to approach you sexuality through understanding and practice combined. Both are equally important. I will explain a lot to you that will help you beyond our meeting. The massage has to be this length for you to experience your sexual energy fully. The conversation needs to be this length for you to understand enough to make a lasting change. Alternatively, the conversation can serve you to just get comfortable and put yourself at ease so that you are relaxed for the massage. It is generally impossible to do a genuine tantric work for you in less time.

    While the cost may seem like a lot for a massage, you are best off seeing it not as a fee for a massage but as a fee for a multi-approach workshop for your sexuality – of which the massage is a part – where you will get a comprehensive input on how to start enhancing your sex life, or how to resolve your problem.

    Please take advantage of the Free Phone Consultation.

    Get in touch with me and I will send you my dates in London. .

    If you would like to share what attracted you to the idea of a Tantric massage, I would be delighted to know. The more you tell me about why you are coming to see me the more I can do for you.

    I am very happy to chat on the phone before your visit, I understand that you may be nervous.

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    My Trusted Clients
    A few of my trusted clients have kindly stepped forward and offered to give a reference to women out there who are in doubt about their safety in a Tantric massage with me. You can read their testimonials below. You could also, if needs be, arrange a phonecall with one of them.
    You can read more about this option on References for Tantric Massage