• Contents Of The Tantric Sex Teaching

    Contents Of The Tantric Sex Teaching

    The value I offer in my Tantric sex teaching is not just in the quality of what it learned but also in that it tis approach to Tantric sex is especially for you, tailor made, since everyone’s needs, desires and views are different.

    For Couples With a Specific Situation or Interest in Tantric Sex

    Courses on Tantric Sex in London
    If there is anything in particular you that made you look towards Tantric sex – a problem or something you would like to give more attention to – I will design content for you that will address it the most. We can chat on the phone and discuss what you need.

    Examples of what couples may be searching for when they look into Tantric sex:

    – you may be feeling that sex is great but you should both be connecting emotionally more in sex and you dont know how to take this further

    – there is a particular conflict of interests or a sexual dissatisfaction you would like to resolve

    – you may have experienced a change in sexual dynamics over time and you want to understand how to sustain your sex life into the future

    – you may be interested in how your sex life can contribute your spriritual practice or your daily work / creativity.

    – you may be restricted physically or circumstantially in your sex life and you need to understand how to adjust your sex life to that

    – and others

    It may be a problem, or just somehting you feel you would like to learn more about.

    To discover Tantric sex you will never be just focused on that one aspect. To help you, it will always need to involve most of what I would be telling you about Tantric sex in a more general consultation, with many of the topics below so you will not miss out on anything general by telling me of any particular needs. But while covering many of the helpful general topics we can also address something special for you personally.

    For Couples With General Interest in Tantric Sex

    Courses on Tantric Sex in London
    The Tantrtic sex consultations and workshops I give will give you a comprehensive introduction so that you can go and start your journey into Tantric sex that same night. Things take practice and experience, of course, but you will hear all you need to start.

    I tend to cover all the important aspects of Tantric sex to some extent. We will talk about the correct approach to the body, emotions, mind, personal connections, flow of love, channelling sexual energy, arousal variations, intercourse variations, touch, body positions, body movement, erotic creativity, emotional enhancement, fiitting sex life into realistic life, benefitting on holistic levels, releasing common blocks, and many other areas.

    You will have a good base to continue your own exploration into Tantric sex.

    We will discuss these topics in an open manner so that you can bring your own impressions of it to the table so that we can make it work for you.

    If there is a particular topic out you are interested in, let me know and I will expand on it more.

    As a standard, most of the following topics will be included in your Tantric sex appointment:

    Although some of the topics may sounds like something frequently mentioned in the media, or something you already know, please note that all topics are covered from Tantric sex techniques and perspectives which would give a new view on each

    Tantric Sex Course Contents
    How To Connect With The Body Better
    How to touch in the most pleasurable way, how to use body contact for the richest feelings, how to enhance the pleasure in the body through mind and emotions, how to discover a much wider range of sensations and feelings, how to experience full body pleasure, how to awaken the whole body well before sex.
    Tantric Sex Course Contents
    How To Treat Genitals Better
    How to awaken genitals more profoundly, how to arouse them to the fullest, how to expand the range of sensations in genitals, how to retain sensitivity during sex and enhance it, how to feel love in the genital connection, how to avoid tension and frustration in genitals, how to have orgasms organically and enhance them, how to enjoy genitals without disconnecting from loving your partner, specifics of what male and female genitals need, how to not depend on arousal levels, erection or a need to orgasm.
    Tantric Sex Course Contents
    How To Create Real Love and Conenction In Sex
    How to give love physically through the body, how to bring real energy of love into touch, how to engage your heart centre, how to make love arousing, how to learn to be aroused from feeling love, how to use emotions as a technique for enhancing physical pleasure, how to stay connected to each other throughout sex, how to feed your partner with love, how to receive love most deeply from your partner, how to channel sexual energy into the bond between you after sex, how to love yourself in sex more.
    Tantric Sex Course Contents
    Better Ways To Arousal And Penetration
    How to create real sexual energy without needing desire or excitement, how to expand the range and variety of experiences in foreplay, how to create holistic arousal instead of mechanical one, how to be free and creative in arousal, how to create organic arousal in different days for different energy levels or moods, how to make love a part of your arousal and respond to it sexually, different movement in penetration – for different kinds of sexual energy, how genitals can interact more creatively and for richer experience, how to open more sensitive areas in genitals during penetration, how to not disconnect to each other during sex, how to keep the exchange of love on all levels without being locked in genitals, how different positions affect the quality of love and sexual energy.
    Tantric Sex Course Contents
    How To Channel Sexual Energy Better Into Your Life
    How to create sexual energy that is much more potent for you as a positive source in daily life, how to feed your whole being with sexual energy produced in sex, how to be replenished with it instead of depleted, how to absorb it harmonically without tensions or dissatisfaction, how to feed each other with sexual energy you create, how to create a bond and a feeling of love after sex, how to let sexual energy affect your daily life or work, how to benefit from sexual energy in your creativity or your spiritual life.
    Tantric Sex Course Contents
    Dynamics in a Realistic Sex Life
    How not to depend on spontaneity and desire, how to create good quality sexual conenction on any day with any energy levels, how to maintain sexual connection immune from boredom or age, how to arrange a good rhythm in a sex life, how to have revitalising sex when tired or unwell, how to manage good sex life in a busy schedule, how to maintain a sex life after childbirth, how to balance adventurous moods and meaningful conenction, how to reconcile male and female preferences in sex.
    For More Information:
    Tantric Sex Course Contents
    Please read my articles on Tantric sex which will give you an idea of what I teach.
    Tantric Sex Course Contents
    Have a free phone consultation with me to inquire in detail what we would cover in your particular case.

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