• Distance Tantric Sex Course by Phone

    Distance Tantric Sex Course by Phone
    Course on Tantric Sex by Skype / by Telephone / At Distance Learning - in UK or London

    For those who are uncomfortable with meeting in person to talk about something as sensitive as Tantric sex, or for those who would find it difficult to organise – I can offer you a Tantric sex course by distance / by phone.

    How many meetings, Duration, Cost of the Tantric Sex Course

    How many meetings and their duration: Number of sessions and intervals between them are proposed according to your needs and situation.

    Cost: £40 per hour.

    Format of the Tantric Sex Course at Distance

    A conversation over the phone. It could also be a video call.

    Content of the Tantric Sex Course

    The first meeting gives a comprehensive base to start with. You may find this enough.

    If you would like it to be a series of meetings we will then suggest a plan of changing lovemaking at home in manageable and natural steps from session to session. I would design an effective progression for your situation. We would feedback your experiences and progress at home.

    For every following appointment I would give you suggestions to explore in manageable steps at home, and we would then go from your findings, experiences and questions to build on that further in your next appointment, and for me to offer you firther suggestions. This way we keep the process flexible and personalised to you.

    Please read more about Contents of the Teaching and My Approach

    Who It Is Most Suitable For as a Distance Course on Tantric Sex

    This format offers a lot of anonimity, and it is helpful for those who would find it uncomfortable to talk about intimate things in person, facing someone..

    It also works for people who can not meet with me gegraphically, or because of a busy schedule.

    Both For Singles And Couples?


    Advantages Of This Format – Tantric Sex Course at Distance

    Mainly convenience.

    More Information on the Course

    Contents of Talks and Workshops – to give you a general idea of what you will learn, and if it will be of interest to you

    Me and My Approach – to give you an idea of why you will get a lot out of your appointment with me

    Articles About Tantric Sex – to give you more of an idea of what ideas I teach, and to see if they resonate with you.

    Contact me – it is the best way to find out more about anything you are not sure of.

    You don’t need to wonder if it is right for you.

    You don’t need to decide which option to chose.

    Let me take care of you as a professional.

    Call me and we will discuss everything.

    It is at no commitment and practically anonymous for you.

    I will tell you if Tantric sex could work for you, why, and which of my options would work best for you.

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