• Free Phone Consultation

    Free Phone Consultation

    Yoni Massage and Tantric Massage in UK, London

    What Is It

    I offer a free phone consultation to anyone potentially interested in what I offer,
    free of charge.

    You can call and have this consultation at absolutely no commitment,
    and it is also pretty much anonymous for you. So there is nothing
    to lose.

    I want this to be an opportunity for you to find out whether working with me will
    be of value to you, for you particular needs or situation, rather
    than just take it on faith.

    What Is The Purpose of The Free Initial Consultation

    The purpose is for you to see if you can gain anything by working with me, rather
    than just guessing about it. By using this offer you don’t risk anything and you
    don’t have to take it on faith.

    Some of the things you can expect to take place in the initial consultation:

    – We could discuss the reasons for your interests, your hopes or your situation.

    – I might explain to you why certain things are happening in your life so that you
    gain some clarity and insight.

    – I might sketch for you how specifically you can gain an improvement, and I would explain to you how our work would focus on it.

    – If it sounds like my services don’t directly have an effect on what you are looking for, I will tell you honestly, and I will try to refer you to another approach.

    What Is The Expected Outcome of a Free Consultation

    I hope that this free consultation will in itself be useful to you and bring something
    positive into your life. It could be a change of view or a practical advice.

    If you also feel that you could receive more value from me by working with me, we
    could make an appointment if and when you feel ready.

    Which Of My Services Does The Free Consultation Apply To

    The free phone consultation is available for anyone, whether you are looking for
    a tantric massage, a workshop, or a face-to-face consultation.

    How To Arrange The Free Consultation

    Please get in touch and we arrange a suitable time when we can both be unrushed for this initial consultation.