• Practical Tantric Sex / Tantric Massage Workshop

    Practical Tantric Sex / Tantric Massage Workshop
    Practical Tantric Sex Workshop / Tantric Massage Workshop in London

    This is a Tantric massage workshop that covers the same material as a Tantric sex consultation, but also contains controlled and guided physical experience to assist your learning into Tantric sex.

    How many meetings, Duration, Cost of the Workshop

    a one-off, 3-4 hours, £195

    Format – Tantric Massage Workshop

    Talking is a large part of the understanding in the workshop. However, practical elements will allow you to also learn and remember experientially – hence more effectively, as well as try how things should feel. Practical elements are essentially elements of a Tantric massage between partners. You would learn to give a Tantric massage but through it you also understand wider principles.

    Physical contact is only between partners, these elements are optional and always discussed beforehand. They are thought through to be as comfortable as possible and not too challenging, considering you are in the presence of a 3rd person. Examples are touching of the body with guidance, connecting with sensations in your body, a guided embrace, a talked-through genital massage, and such. Some nudity would naturaly be involved, but it will always be on your comfort level and there is a lot of flexibility with it on the day.
    You can find out more by talking to me.

    Content of the Tantric Massage Workshop

    All of the important topics are covered on the basic level. Overall it is a comprehensive overview that allows you to go home and explore the details on your own. Wherever possible, content will always be personalised to focus more on your needs and aspirations.

    Please read more about Contents of the Teaching and My Approach

    Who the Tantric Massage Workshop Is Most Suitable For

    This format is for those who would like to receive the whole basic package in one day and not have it as a guided gradual process. It is for those who don’t mind challenging their comfort zone for the sake of better learning, or those who are comfortable with nudity.

    Both For Singles And Couples?

    No. This format only works for couples as they have to practise on each other or together.

    Advantages Of This Format of the Tantric Massage Workshop

    This format might challenge your comfort zone more, but there is no substitute for receiving experience of something as opposed to hearing a concept. It is also very useful to have a teacher present to guide and adjust your touch. This format offers a more internalised knowledge to take home..

    Included in the Workshop

    A follow up one hour phone consultation at any point after the appointment. Plus the initial free phone consultation.

    More Information on the Workshop

    Contents of Talks and Workshops – to give you a general idea of what you will learn, and if it will be of interest to you

    Me and My Approach – to give you an idea of why you will get a lot out of your appointment with me

    Articles About Tantric Sex – to give you more of an idea of what ideas I teach, and to see if they resonate with you.

    Contact me – it is the best way to find out more about anything you are not sure of.

    You don’t need to wonder if it is right for you.
    You don’t need to decide which option to chose.
    Let me take care of you as a professional.
    Call me and we will discuss everything.
    It is at no commitment and practically anonymous for you.
    I will tell you if Tantric sex could work for you, why, and which of my options would work best for you.
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