• Sex Therapy By Tantric Massage in London, UK

    Sex Therapy By Tantric Massage in London, UK


    Tantric massage can be used as a very effective sex therapy for women in London, if it is done by a professional and knowledgeable sexual healer. Of course, there are many fake Tantric massage practitioners in London or in other cities that couldn’t be a genuine sex therapist to women. A Tantric massage by itself is not automatically sexual healing. It takes the same expertise, experience and knowledge to provide sex therapy with Tantric massages, as it does in healing by other therapies.

    I have a lot of experience with clients suffering from all of the conditions below – and my work in London has been successful in helping them.
    Tantric massage used as a sex therapy for women can help with these problems:

    – Anxiety in sex

    – Tension in sex, inability to relax

    – Previous trauma and abuse

    – Mental brakes in sex (self-consciousness, pressure, insecurity, etc)

    – Insecurity if you have little sexual experience

    – Lack of confidence in sex, excessive worry for your partner’s pleasure

    – Pain and discomfort during sex

    – Difficulty with getting aroused, or enjoying sex.

    – Lack of feeling in the body, lack of sensitivity, numbness

    – Emotional blocks in sex

    – Unhealthy compulsive and addictive patterns in sex

    Please write to me or call me and inquire about a specific difficulty you experience. Each of these problems has its own causes, explanation and approach to treatment, which can’t be described in depth here.

    I have a lot of experience in these conditions and I will be very happy to explain to you in detail how exactly Tantric massage can help as sex therapy for women, for your particular situation.

    The Right Education – How Tantric Massage Provides Sex therapy For Women

    Occasionally sex problems come from trauma or psychological problems in the past or the present. It is imperative to seek help of a qualified medical professional in those cases who can provide a specific for of sex therapy for those situations.

    However, most sexual difficulties are not based in psychological trauma. They are a result of misuse. Your practice in sex has a negative effect on your sexual energy, or you are simply not accessing your sexual energy in the right way with the right understanding.

    If you educate yourself on a better approach, and you stop using a harmful or ineffective approach – your problems will go away.

    If you go to the gym without the correct programme and the right diet, do you need therapy when you hurt or don’t get your results? Or do you need an instructor?

    Unfortunately all current sexual knowledge is superficial and gravely misinformed on how female sexual energy really works. It often even makes matters worse. This bad information is institutionalised and this is why there are so many women suffering from problems – they are essentially using the wrong technique. You won’t resolve your problems by learning from mainstream sources.

    If you look into Tantric sex you will master your sexual energy in a way that could very well make those problems disappear and let you savour your lovemaking in a totally new way.
    This is very rare knowledge that deals with all issues in sexuality on a much deeper and more effective level than most of the conventional sexual know-how.

    Positive Reinforcement – How Tantric Massage Provides Sex therapy For Women

    Have past negative experiences left you without courage or ability to make love?
    Does lack of sexual experience make you shy away from intimacy?
    Has your sexual joy been blocked by past psychological problems?

    You might have had counselling in conventional sex therapy but still feel that when it comes to an actual physical situation you tense up and run for cover.
    This is because an intellectual approach to sex therapy will always be limited. Negative and positive memories are not just in your mind – they are also in your body.
    Your body has memory, it is unsure, afraid, it needs to regain trust in a man and believe in itself, an this often won’t get better by a talking sex therapy.
    There is no substitute to a positive physical experience through loving touch where your body can feel itself in a healthy new way and believe – and that is exactly what a genuine Tantric massage for women would provide.

    Why is positive physical experience so important to heal? Read here >>>

    Naturally, you are anxious about exposing yourself to a sexual situation, not knowing if that man will do more harm than good to your confidence.
    This is why an ideal scenario is to ease yourself in with a Tantric professional who will work with your body in a very controlled, safe and committed way to give you some positive experience which you can build on.

    Tantric sexuality is also a new philosophy on sex that you will explore.
    It is a bright, healthy, positive vision of making love that will erase the negative conditioning you have so far received.

    While a Tantric massage has a great healing power, you will also learn how to continue this healing process on your own and how to prevent negative experiences in the future.

    Your sexual energy is an incredibly positive and therapeutic force that can positively affect your psychological problems, if you go into sexual healing through your body and your senses, heal your body with loving touch and positive reinforcement through genuinely sexual experience. Often, it will even work on its own, without a need for psychotherapy. However, if you have had a serious sexual trauma it is important to discuss with me whether you have undergone or are undergoing psychotherapy, as exploring the Tantric approach to sex therapy must be complementary in this case.

    How You Receive Sex therapy The Tantric Way.

    It is important that you heal and educate yourself through physical experiences.
    Just talking about it, as in conventional sex therapy, is unlikely to resolve everything.
    Your body needs to experiences new way of being to learn and believe.
    Your body will not perform just from an intelectual understanding.

    Why is Tantric Massage The Best Way To Explore and Heal? Read here >>>

    For true sexual healing to be complete you will need to gain that positive experience – conventionally it would be in a relationship with the person who will treat you right. However, you may not have this opportunity right now, or your difficulties may prevent you from having a relationship like that. A professional Tantric massage will give you this bodily experience in safe, relaxed and dedicated environment where you can explore yourself in a new way.

    Through the Tantric massage session I will be guiding you with my voice so that you can consciously create these experiences and remember how they happen for your future. You learn new techniques and ways of being experientially.

    This special massage for women will also release a lot of positive sexual energy into your being, which will wash through you in a therapeutic and empowering way to take away the negativity and charge you up with positive vibrations about yourself.

    We will also have plenty of time for a chat where I will help you to find Tantric solutions to your difficulties, what you can do, how you could see things.
    I will also recommend you how you can get help from your man and how you can keep getting better on your own, at home.

    It will all be for your own personal situation and we will the suitable ways that you personally need to enjoy your intimacy more.

    Tantric Massage is challenging but that is an important part of your journey

    It is, of course, challenging, but the challenges of having this sensual massage are also its virtues. Its not just about the body – its about personal growth as a woman. Facing your fears, opening up, letting go, regaining your confidence in practice. Going out of your comfort zone like this you gain a tremendous amount of freedom and confidence. This discomfort about having a Tantric massage is not just a nuisance that troubles you which you would like to go away, it is an integral and important part of your journey.

    How Does The Tantric Way Compare To Conventional Sex Therapy For Women?

    A sexual experience for women is not an act of biological mechanics, it is an emotional, spiritual, philosophical, communicative and sensual event that involves her whole being. Unfortunately, most of conventional sex therapy for women is licensed to dispense anatomical findings from research labs, seeing the sexual body as a machine of reflexes. Because so much of a woman’s sexuality is therefore excluded, this approach is often not helpful – a lot of what is important for a woman in this process is left untouched and unexplained. In fact, over-concentration on anatomical responses may lead a woman further into dissatisfaction as she obsesses with physical response, which doesn’t give much return when she forgets other influential aspects. Another common approach in conventional sex therapy for women is psychoanalysing past traumas, which is imperative if you have one but not helpful if you are just misusing your body. Sometimes, even when there is a trauma, resolving it in the mind doesn’t lead to a solution because you still need ways to connect physically to your body and to be well in a physical experience non-mentally.

    Tantric healing and sex therapy work for women goes much deeper than conventional lab science into the understanding of how your sexual energy moves in a healthy and positive way. A lot of that knowledge has still not been understood by mainstream sexology. This approach to sex therapy nurtures your growth as a sexual woman in all the multidimensional beauty that you need to be happy. Here, you are not a patient with something to correct, you are not ill. You simply have more to learn like everyone else and until you do so you will be limited and you may have problems. It is a process of growth and self-education. And learning from real body experience is paramount to true improvement – with a professional sexual healer knowing how to work with you in a safe, respectful and knowledgeable way.

    Why is Tantric Massage The Best Way To Explore and Heal? Read here >>>

    Often, the Tantric appoach can resolve the problems that conventinal sex therapy fails at.

    Please get in touch with me to discuss your particular reasons for looking for sex therapy in London. I will be very happy to discuss with you in depth how my sessions can work for you.