• Taking Care Of My Tantric Massage Clients

    Taking Care Of My Tantric Massage Clients

    Yoni Massage and Tantric Massage in UK, London

    I take very good care of my Tantric massage clients

    It is an intimate journey for you and I am your friend on it. It can’t be any other way.

    Everyone needs something different

    You are unique. I put in a lot of thought into how to tailor this Tantric massage personally for you – where you have come from, where you are, what you can relate to, what you need, where you would like to go. I will always do all I can to find the right approach to help you discover or overcome something difficult. I prepare for every session, keeping in mind that I will be working with you, in your world, and that it will have to be unique for you. And the more I get to know you the more I can make it right for you.

    I don’t want you to depend on me

    I want you to go and be happy in your life, and the quicker the better. I won’t try to prolong your visits, I will try to give you all I can each time, but of course considering that the process should be gentle and comfortable for you. I always give my clients suggestions on how they can progress between our meetings, or how they can try to experience the same with their partners, so that my studio is not the only place where you can keep exploring. Many of the clients bring questions from their relationships and I do all I can to give advice.

    I try to support you with all the time I can give

    I am happy to talk on the phone as long as you need to before you come for the first time. I can be available to talk after your visits if something is on your mind and you need help. Sometimes clients experience things in their private love life and they turn to me for help in between the visits. I am happy to be there for you in those moments, on the phone or by email. Many of my clients find a lot of support in this – as life goes on with all its little troubles but there is often no one to talk to about who can help with intimate things like this.

    I don’t watch the clock

    If I have time between you and the next client I will be happy to give you more time if you need it. Your comfort during the Tantric massage is paramount to me and I will always suggest options you are comfortable with.

    Your confidentiality is sacred

    Many of my clients share their most intimate events and thoughts with me. They find it helpful to discuss it with me and understand. It is because we have total trust – they know that whatever is said stays in the studio and I take utmost care with the privacy and confidentiality of every person. Often it involves being careful with phone numbers and email accounts too – sometimes it is even me who reminds of the appropriate precautions. For some, because of their status, job or life circumstances, this would be a very sensitive occurence otherwise, so I never take this lightly.



    These ways of caring for my clients are not included in the package, strictly speaking – technically, I what I offer is a Tantric Massage like most others do. This is not for sale, this is not customer service, this is my genuine will to share and help, from the heart, to people who are on this journey. So of course, sometimes I need to balance this with my own time constraints and private life. But as friends, we will understand each other on this.