• Tantric Massage For A Better Sex Life

    Tantric Massage For A Better Sex Life

    Tantric Massage in London

    – Do you feel your sex life ends up feeling more superficial than you deserve?

    – Do you not feel enough true connection between you and your partner(s) when you have sex?

    – Do you think you should feel more love during and after lovemaking?

    – Do you feel there is more feeling to discover in your body and soul in lovemaking?

    – Do you feel you hold back from gracefully opening fully your sexuality and love?

    – Would you like more true soulful happiness in sex, not just physical intensity?

    – Does the full beauty, grace and richness of lovemaking feel elusive?

    – Do you feel your relationship has evolved into something deeper, more loving and meaningful, but your lovemaking has not?

    Then only Tantric wisdom can take you there. Convential sex advice is totally helpless in those deeper questions. And a Tantric massage can be a direct experiential way to learn about those sexual states first hand.

    This is what Tantric massage will help you to do:

    – Make your body more sensitive and feel more, everywhere.

    – Develop your body to feel new layers and dimensions of sexual sensations.

    – Feel more nourishing and fulfilling quality of sexual energy in each moment.

    – Feel a deep connection and presence with your partner in every moment of sex.

    – Connect your heart to your body in sex.

    – Become emotionally open in your body in sex.

    – Perceive nurturing love physically in sex – and be nourished by it.

    – Express nurturing love from your body in sex

    – Become free from mental brakes in sex – like self-consciousness, anxieties, being in your head, worry, pressure and insecurity.

    – Discover new sensitivity, sensuality and nourishing sexual energy in the vagina.

    – Open greater sensitivity and richness in your clitoris and balance that energy to have more healthy and fulfilling patterns.

    – Change from the basic release to new, richer and healthier orgasmic experiences that revitalize you.

    – Have whole body sexual experiences.

    How Does My Tantric Massage Achieve This For You?

    Our meetings include a consultation and a massage.

    You learn from me about new techniques and approaches from Tantric perspective. You learn how to connect sexually within yourself in a deeper way. You learn how to magnify and direct your sexual experience. You learn how to liberate and empower yourself in each moment. You learn how your body works and how your sexual energy works. There is a lot that is completely unknown to you from mainstream sexual knowledge.

    Then you have a chance to put all this advice into your experience in my Tantric massage. I create the right space and the right touch to show you the experiences that I want you to have in your sex life. I guide you during massage and help you connect to your body and to the moment, and to direct your sexual energy. You can see how you can empower each moment and craft that sexual energy on your own. It is very much a great learning opportunity.

    The other reason why Tantric massage lets you grow and develop in these new areas, is because just by receiving a Tantric experience from me your body and your being changes. As your Tantric guide I give you the right touch and the right energy. It naturally encourages your body and soul to open, to feel and to respond.

    Your body becomes reconditioned, it opens and develops. Your presence and your heart grow stronger, and you become more confident from experience. Old and limiting patterns are changed to better ones, or simply to a state of freedom and natural comfort and aliveness. This is a natural result from the direct influence that you get in a Tantric massage – the right touch and the right energy.

    As you go through this process you also gain insight, and advice from me, on how to create this kind of Tantric energy in your relationships.

    What Does a Woman Want From Making Love?

    Many women take their answers from misleading sensationalist media or social myths, without ever questioning them. Many women think they know what they want: more intense orgasms, interesting passions, losing control.

    They may even find these things but still… happiness is not quite there, or it doesn’t last. Some keep looking their whole life, unaware that they will be disappointed.

    Many women focus on mechanical stimulation, fun passions and variety covered in sex manuals.
    But they dream of something else – thinking that those dreams are just unrealistic.
    And while the pleasure is received, deep down women often feel disconnected, alone, like bodies are being selfishly used in a form of enhanced masturbation – calling it “giving pleasure to each other” – and you are rented out to be someone’s toy, game and drug.

    Over time the emptiness in sex can become undeniable. Couples revolve around the same superficial chase of a moment of excitement and a basic pleasure reflex. For the sake of what?

    When that moment of pleasure has faded, the both of you may feel the luxury of release or the tick on your list of achievements, but your man is cold, your deeper happiness hasn’t been touched, your soul hasn’t flourished, your body gets weary of this hard work and your sexual love connection with your partner begins to decay (read here about sex that destroys relationships).


    More is Possible

    Sex can feed a woman with powerful love, Through sex she can discover the deepest connection and merging with her partner. Your love for your partner is fed by sex, sex keeps love alive.

    There is a whole world of flourishing beauty inside you, beyond what limited normal sex has showed you so far. You can go to so many more places, dimensions, experiences – in body, heart and soul.

    Sexual energy can make you flourish and come alive. This sunshine can rejuvenate your body and soul daily. Tantric lovemaking can be source of joy, energy and power. Lovemaking could become a place both look forward to daily, to charge up and be together in this revitalising garden.

    But modern sex science and manuals will not take women further than mechanical stimulation of nerves and mind games.

    Only the wisdom of Tantric sex has the right understanding.