Reviews from my clients

Here are some reviews from my clients in London.

Some names have been changed, the rest is in their own words.

Yoni massage for sexual healing in women

When I first came to see Alexey I was deeply unhappy about the sexual aspect of my life; I felt not only dislocated from my sexuality, but also frightened, and even angry about it. Visiting a Tantric practitioner wasn’t an easy option (to be honest, I was terrified), but I was even more scared of staying as I was. As conflicted as I was about sex, I knew that I needed to re-integrate that part of myself to feel whole. I also had a strong motivation in that my relationship was in trouble, and I hoped that by being more at ease in my sexuality, I might help that. I’d tried various approaches (physical, psychological) to untangle what was wrong, but was just left with an ever-greater sense of confusion, coupled with a sense that there was something flawed within me. Alexey and I talked quite a bit before I came for a massage, so that he could understand my situation and I could be a little more at ease. For the first time, someone responded to my apparent confusions with insight, with explanations that made sense, rather than simply labelling me as dysfunctional. I had already had a sense that Tantric principles resonated with me in some way, and this became more concrete as we discussed my experience.

When it came to the massage, I was extremely nervous. Having spent some years in a relationship that wasn’t sexually healthy, I didn’t associate sexuality or intimate touch with anything pleasant. I was at a point where attempting to have sex caused panic attacks in which I’d dissociate, to the point of not knowing where I was, or who I was with. Sex was physically and emotionally painful for me; I couldn’t imagine my body enjoying a man’s touch, let alone one I barely knew. And yet, within a few minutes of starting, my body relaxed, trusted, and to my amazement, enjoyed. I realised that I’d never experienced that kind of touch before, yet at the same time, I immediately recognized it as what I’d been looking for. This sense of recognition is a theme which has followed me through my sessions with Alexey, as though I’m finding the parts of myself that I’ve mislaid.

From seemingly uncontrollable panic attacks and a sense of powerlessness, I now find myself enjoying sex, without pain, without fear, but instead with real pleasure and intimacy. No one could be more surprised than me, and yet, now I’m here, it feels entirely natural. Rather than treating my feelings as a problem which needed correcting, Alexey gave me the space, guidance and support to heal, and to understand my own sexuality. As any therapy ideally should, my sessions with him didn’t just remove a negative, but enabled me to grow, into a happier and more complete person.

It’s not a conventional approach, but then convention left me feeling flawed and hopeless, and I say that as someone with both scientific and psychological qualifications. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had his guidance; Alexey has been a genuine friend as well as a teacher, one who has changed my life immeasurably and to whom I will always be grateful. It was daunting at first, but I’m always so glad I explored this, I feel I’ve been given a great freedom as a result

Yoni massage a special Tantric vaginal massage

There are some experiences in life (and some people that you meet) that can shift the balance of your beliefs in the most positive way… I can’t remember all the reasons why I started to delve into the idea of holistic sexuality or tantra. But I do know I had fallen into a trap of destructive behaviour: encouraging flings/affairs with men who showed no real respect for me. Compromising myself and my long term relationship. Engraving a feeling of guilt, frustration and mistrust into my core.

In every coupling I felt more like an actor playing a part – craving love and adulation…there was no ‘real’ intimacy. Perhaps it was a lack of true love for myself that was allowing me to accept unhealthy ‘relationships’. I didn’t feel worthy of love I didn’t know if I could ever honestly GIVE love.

I remember having a deep sense of ease after our first conversation on the phone – it was as if I already felt safe and trusting of this absolute stranger. How could this soothing voice (talking such absolute sense) belong to someone who sounded so young. And that is the joy/gift of Alexey… Humble, compassionate, sensitive, accepting yet always honest – Alexey helped me to understand the value of my own worth.

I finally began to see myself as a beautiful, strong, intelligent woman. I didn’t need to live a life of self torment I had a heart and soul and I could accept/give love. From our first meeting I knew he would stay an important presence in my life. Through his amazingly intuitive touch, our deep (and always intriguing) conversations and his vast wealth of knowledge (which he shares so selflessly) he offered me the ability to believe in my own beauty (both internal and external). With such a sensitive topic as sexuality – information was never so fast that it made me feel overwhelmed. Yet each time we met I felt I learnt, experienced and grew more than I thought possible.

I began to replace my perceived ideas of ‘sexuality’ (which can be so cheap and fake) with an understanding of sensuality… Living each moment, feeling inside myself, being aware of myself and another – yet not falling into analysis. And this concept of ‘being’ filtered into other areas of my life… Suddenly change that I was so afraid of came effortlessly – a ripple effect as I started to shift the internal negativity…my heart opening.

Every so often I wish I could relive how I felt in that first massage (as it shattered so many illusions) – but really it is inconsequential. Every time is unique and special. Every time offers me more than I could believe. The intimacy of his work, the care he gives to his clients and the dedication he brings – heart warmingly beautiful. I am forever grateful for having met Alexey.

Yoni massage for sexual healing in women

My introduction to Tantric sex began when I came across Alexey some months ago, after a devastating marriage breakup many years previously and a long term sexual relationship which left me emotionally dead. My decision to call him has been one of the most important things I have ever done for myself and something that has had a major impact on my life since. It is impossible not to smile when I recall the many times we have spent together. And each time has been different and I have always come away with more than I arrived.

Alexey’s open, honest and sensitive manner was evident in his first phone call back to me and at our subsequent meeting and I very quickly knew that I had found something special and someone special to guide me. His studio, located in London is private, comfortable and welcoming. There I have grown from an emotionally dead and unhappy person to becoming more accepting of myself and my desires and trusting again in my instincts. In the past I had often felt hollow both during and after sex. I had no problem thinking about doing it, it was just when the moment came that I always seemed to be somewhere else. Sex became mechanical and in the end it left me emotionally wrecked. I tried in vain to control how I thought things should be, how I thought I should act or react. And when that didn’t do it for me I tried harder, faster, all the time living in my head space.

With Alexey I have learnt that there is nowhere I have to go to, nothing I have to do or not do, there is no right or wrong way, there just is what is happening in the moment and to enjoy the moment, to accept it, be at ease, to feel the warmth and the love and the energy between the two bodies and to melt into it. Alexey has guided me by words but mainly by the work that he does and has helped me find something that has always been hidden in me. When I practice tantric sex in my life I feel “at home”. The head is not important, the heart is.

In sessions with Alexey, there is no effort, only feeling. Time doesn’t seem to exist for me and the experience leaves me energised for quite some time afterwards. My experience of tantric sexuality flows into everything else that I do and how I do it. I can’t believe how much happier and confident I have become. I smile a lot more. And I am even grateful to the devastations in my personal life that led me to discover Alexey in the first place because I am so much richer for having discovered him and I wouldn’t go back for anything.

Yoni massage a special Tantric vaginal massage

When I look back at the girl I was before I started working with Alexey and compare her to the woman I am now, I marvel at just how much things have changed.

Often, Alexey works with women who don’t feel very sexual or have difficulty experiencing sexual enjoyment. I had the opposite problem, but it’s two sides of the same coin. I felt incredibly sexual all the time and I didn’t know how to handle it. I couldn’t stop bringing myself to orgasm, over and over again. After every single orgasm, I would have the most awful feelings, like sadness, desperation, hatred, shame, dissatisfaction… and no escape from constant arousal- so I would make myself come again, maybe only 30 seconds after the last orgasm, only to burst into tears again immediately after. And then I’d want another. And another one after that and another still. This terrible state I was in affected my whole life. My relationships and work suffered a great deal. My whole body was covered in hot, burning eczema, as though I was literally on fire. I was in a deep rut. Sex was my drug and I was hooked.

I realised I needed to find some help when I got so bad that I was putting myself into risky sexual situations in an attempt to quench my unquenchable thirst. Somewhere deep inside, I knew that I was lost and that the things I was doing weren’t what I really wanted or needed.

The thought of going to some doctor who wouldn’t take me seriously or who’d maybe label me with some condition like Persistent Sexual Urge Syndrome didn’t appeal at all. So I began to wonder what kind of alternative help might be out there for sexual problems.

After having a look around on the internet, I made an appointment with Alexey because the information on his website alone comes from such a place of wisdom and appeared to offer genuine therapy. My instincts on this were right.

I worked with Alexey for some time. During this time, I learnt the Tantric approach to sex. Alexey’s teaching is very experiential through his massage, accompanied by gentle, relaxed discussion to educate the client about Tantric philosophies and attitudes. He listens to your unique situation and he cares and there is space in his appointments for light-heartedness, laughter, tears… whatever needs to happen.

My habits and attitudes started changing for the better. I learnt about and experienced true sexual satisfaction and happiness. Plus, I felt things in my body that feel far better than any orgasm. (truly!) Not only that, but as I work in the creative arts, Alexey taught me that sexual energy and creative energy are one and the same thing. I started to have this wonderful feeling that I was perfect just as I was, with all my so called ‘imperfections.’ I listened to and said yes to my deepest inner creative and artistic urges, which I had formerly rejected. Ultimately, this led to my creative work life flourishing; I got offered my dream job as an artist. It’s like I’ve walked into my true destiny by imagining and creating it for myself and by opening up who I really am.

Around the same time, I fell in love with someone and I am now in a very happy sexual relationship with a really wonderful man. Life is really good now and I’m truly sexually/creatively fulfilled.

I recommend Alexey without hesitation, he is your dedicated guide through a wondrous journey.

Yoni massage for sexual healing in women

You are very lucky if you get a chance in your lifetime to experience what Alexey can and has taught me.Alexey taught me how to understand myself sexually, such a private place. I met Alexey when I was 42, I was reaching a sexual peak, I thought I was
having passionate and great sex life but (unconsciously) related sex with men, guilt, shame and complete heart break. I often felt like I lost a
piece of myself after sex.I felt I wanted someone to help me ¬ how and where do you go for that? I wanted someone to SHOW me, to teach me things I had no idea about. (had NO
idea really what tantric massage was, only associated it with Sting and his wife being all fit and hanging off chandeliers and holding your orgasm
and seemed ALL LIKE A LOT OF HARD WORK).So, one of the biggest leaps in faith of my life, I thought ¬ just do it, call. And he was so (as Alexey is) approachable, patient, kind, explained
clearly all the (what I thought were stupid) questions I asked. I was still very scared but it felt right.I was excited, terrified, slightly guilty ¬ so many emotions. We met in his LOVELY flat, he was more than super. We talked for a long time before
the massage.You can go to a workshop or read on line or talk for hours, but to be in your body, and FEEL it, was the easiest and quickest way to learn.It changed my life.He showed me that sexual energy is an energy. We can do NOTHING with it, or we can open, or we can close.I have been so used to using it uncontrollably (my experience) that it goes OUT and I was left EMPTY, drained, OPEN, VULNERABLE.He showed me with my body, with his kindness, his healing, how to meet my sexual energy.NO DEEP BREATHING, NO SPIRITUAL CLEVER STUFF THAT ONLY BUDDHISTS AND ENLIGHTENED INDIANS WHO SHOWED US TANTRIC (I THINK)

A FULL BODY ORGASM AND THE ENERGY WAS ALL THAT WAS NEEDED. NEVER BEFORE had I even been anywhere near one. Clever Alexey

I was used to opening my yoni (vagina) and keeping my heart closed.

And he showed me to open my heart, (to myself and then to someone else) and through that if you choose, you can open your yoni and invite someone

And then the beauty of truth, that by giving we receive. By truly giving and opening our heart, love can enter. Not romantic, ephermeral, quick
love, but true soft real soft slow love.

And love entered me, through Alexey, pure organic love that is for us all to have which is God.

And when my old patterns came up, he would lead me and guide me and show me, whilst staying open and grounded.

It takes a rare person to have that strength ¬ to guide and lead and keep his intention, he is a true teacher.

He always did this.

So, my soul grew, my sexuality grew, my light inside was turned on, something came alive and it was so safe. And we saw each other regularly
for quite a while and when I left my sessions with Alexey – I felt MORE, like I was more ME.

And then after 5 years single, this new energy inside me led me to my man. And I could no longer see Alexey.

I had to leave school.

And now I am on my own – and the fundamentals, all of it is still here. It is like learning how to ride a bike, once you have a good teacher, you
always know. It is amazing having learnt about myself, that I can be myself with my wonderful boyfriend.

I have and now know myself, and my sexual energy is not so needy, so WANTING, so GIVE ME GIVE ME. And that has given me and our relationship a
huge difference.

And I am growing and not SHRINKING which I normally do when I am in a sexual relationship.

It has certainly brought me closer to my spirituality, to my soul.

And it is exciting and peaceful all at the same time.

Please feel free to call me if you would like to talk about Alexey, be brave and the rewards outweigh the bravery.

Yoni massage a special Tantric vaginal massage

Sessions with Alexey have been a really wonderful, and insightful experience for me.  Through my time with him I have, and continue to grow in confidence and my ability to embrace intimacy.

I came to the sessions rather frustrated, disheartened by intimacy as a result of past relationships and clouded by issues surrounding my body.  Basically I carried around a lot of baggage- it was weighing me down and preventing me from enjoying being with someone, or allowing myself to be me.   I had reached a point where I had resigned myself to a life behind self-protective barriers.  A friend suggested trying tantric therapy.  I must say- this made me really nervous, and I was skeptical about what I would be able to achieve through sessions.  I wanted to ignore issues, sitting comfortably behind my barrier, not face them.

 However, shortly into the first session, I knew that I had made a good decision for myself, and the development of me.  Alexey immediately put me at ease, and I felt truly wonderful, and for the first time in a long time, relaxed and comfortable with my body.  This has continued to extend, as I move through sessions, learning more about myself and leaving past baggage behind. I am developing a new love for myself that I thought I had lost.

 I cannot really express in words how it has changed things for me, and this may sound like an exaggeration, but you really do have to try these sessions to see what I mean.  If you are uncertain like I was, I would not hesitate to recommend this.  It has done so much for me, and I am still growing and learning J Thank you Alexey!

Yoni massage for sexual healing in women

When I first contacted Alexey I felt like I had reached either a dead end or a turning point in my sexual life. It was for me to choose which… My experience of intimacy with men so far had been unrewarding, humiliating and also painful at times. Typically, with little self-esteem and no experience I had attracted men who felt unconfident about sex and tried to make up for it by being insensitive. It had led me to believe that the sacred space I instinctively felt I wanted to share in intimacy either did not exist or was of no interest to men.

I was heading towards a life of sexual abstinence when personal life events shook me to the core and made me question everything I thought I was, including sexually.

I realised that these men’s unhealthy image of sex I had tried to comply with had taught me to accept that I was probably frigid, and essentially unlovable and unattractive – as in that ultimate moment there seemed to be no space for listening, sharing or loving. And in believing that, I was not only denying myself pleasure in sex but also the ultimate space of sacred, wholesome womanhood and motherhood as an archetypal experience of connection with oneself and with the world. I now understood that if I wanted to fully grow into who I was as a woman, a partner and a potential (balanced) mother I needed to change my experience of sexuality. And in order to achieve that, I had to first heal the image I had of myself in sexuality, and genuinely try and understand what healthy, loving and fulfilling sex is both for men and women.

I could have spent years in therapy talking things through (with someone who, let’s face it, might or might not be sexually fulfilled themselves) but as a healer myself I knew that what I truly needed was simply to be guided, hands on, by a male who was anchored, balanced and disinterested, able to hold a space of purity when I revealed my utmost vulnerability – simply showing me true male love-energy from a healer’s place. An earthed approach to an earthed issue…

It took all the courage I had simply to start researching the possibility of such a healer. I didn’t talk about it to anyone, I just googled on. It took more courage and determination to carry on looking, having to sieve through the porn that came up in my search results – only confirming the destructive image I already had of sex – feeling deep in my heart that the right person was there somewhere.

And one day, miraculously – though I don’t remember changing the key words to my search – this website showed up at the top of the list and I knew I had found what I was looking for.

I was shaking like a leaf when I first rang the doorbell for my first appointment in London. On the journey by train and bus to the address I had scribbled on a piece of paper I kept telling myself “this is completely mad and you don’t have to go through with this if you don’t want to”. But the more I questioned my heart and my inner guides, the more clearly I heard that this was totally and completely right. I felt like invisible, loving hands were serenely holding mine and leading me through my fear and on to the place I had asked for, and that happy serenity poured into me as the bus drove on. And I knew that when that man would open the door and I looked into his eyes I would know instantly if he was genuine or not, and there would still be time then to turn away.

Alexey opened the door and all my remaining doubts and flight instincts vanished on the spot. His eyes were true, I sensed the healing space he had prepared both in his heart and around the place and it resonated with honesty. I was struck by his youth – not a wizened old guru – and respected him all the more for following his truth with such integrity despite the unconventional nature of his call. I felt safe and incommensurably happy to have let courage guide my steps to this place.

For the first time I felt that I could open-heartedly and shamelessly share all I was as a sexual woman – all my doubts and questions and experiences – and that they were being received, heard and honoured by someone who simply understood and cared – and knew what to do about it. The first session was about giving me a sensual experience of myself that was safe and loving. Alexey’s expert touch guided by his heart in purity and honesty called to life the sensual woman I had always been but had never been able to express. I felt washed of all negative projections and filled with a vibrant capacity to love with and through my body that seemed to come from a core place shared by all female beings. It was still shy in its expression but I felt it flowing through me, and more than anything else it was a tremendous relief to connect with that sacred flow within myself, telling me that I could be intimately alive and loving in the way that I knew was right – with a feeling of deep happiness and fulfillment rather than shame and embarrassment. I felt that this was what every woman should be given to experience when first touched by a man, like an ancestral law of opposites nourishing each other and bringing each other to life. I stopped believing that I was incomplete, frigid or otherwise diminished and cherished the feeling of being whole and healthy and enjoying it. I felt so full with that living energy that I wanted to sing it out loud and share it with the entire world!

I came back for more sessions to work on my doubts that I could in turn hold a similarly rewarding sexual space for a man. I have learnt – and am still learning – the confidence in taking my place in the sharing of intimacy, how to listen and give, how to open and touch in a way that is both truly me and truly rewarding for my sexual partner. Alexey’s teaching is always valuable to me because he never lets anything escape his awareness – everything is addressed straight away and in the simplest, fuss-free way. He always puts the learning first. Every question is answered with genuine – and sometimes harsh – simplicity, every gesture comes from a place of honesty and healing care. His intentions are clear and honoured. I feel that his touch has reprogrammed me to live my sexual life from a place of joy and giving. And yet in his hands I have never felt flirted with or cheated – simply held and guided with love and generosity. He is a true healer in the most sacred sense.

I feel that Tantric lovemaking is an ongoing path and a lifetime of learning. I have certainly met more thresholds to overcome in every session. But my sexual life has already been completely transformed by the few sessions I have had so far, as simply giving me the confidence in who I can be with men and the space I can hold for a partner had led me to enjoying sex in a way I had never done before. I feel that I can approach the prospect of intimacy relaxedly and happily where I was tense and fearful before, and ensure that the experience is (highly!) rewarding for both myself and my partner

There has never been a moment when I’ve regretted taking that step and giving myself to the experience of Tantric healing. I feel on every level that it was not only the right thing to do, but that it has brought me purity and unconditional love in lovemaking where the men in my life couldn’t have done. Something I am now able to hold within myself regardless of who I meet… and that has triggered me to meeting very different men too. It’s like it’s pulled me out of a vicious circle.

When I first experienced this I wanted to tell everyone on the street about it so that we could all be healed… J Thankfully I had the sense not to but I do tell certain people when they seem ready to hear about it and might benefit from it too. I wish there was an Alexey in every woman’s life. Those women’s men would be grateful for it too.

Alexey had told me on our first meeting that most men are interested in genuine, rewarding sex for women, and if they don’t yet know how to make that happen they are generally very keen to learn. And to my utmost surprise I have now found that this is true. It only takes a woman who trusts herself to hold that space. The men I have met since have whole-heartedly blessed me for teaching them such heightened pleasure and connection in sex through… listening to each other with our hearts and bodies rather than through technique and performance.

And every time, in my heart I send their blessings along with mine on to Alexey.

Yoni massage a special Tantric vaginal massage

I believe in those gifted people that simply touch your life and once that happens things are never the same. Alexey is definitely one of them. It has been absolutely special, magic…a journey that I never regreted embarking on.

I was very insecure about my sexuality and my femininity. I was quite informed on sex on the usual level, I am popular with men and had a lot of experience but I was always left with a feeling that something was wrong in how it happened and, looking back now, I often unknowingly found myself in situations which were destructive for my sense of self-worth as a woman. I found it difficult to find how to enjoy my sexuality in a way that brought me any real happiness.

I was very nervous about my first Tantric massage with Alexey but at the end of it, I knew and I felt that what I received was more than I could have hoped for. I rediscovered the definition of what sexuality really was. And I left after that meeting already knowing that I needed to go back, to discover what I did not know and even more… what I didnt know that I didnt know.

What is amazing about the whole thing is that Alexey has a pleasant way to make you feel secure, ease and safe to talk about your concerns and questions. So I went back. And throughout the whole experience I learnt so much about me and what I have to offer, about the happiness that can flow into and out of my body just through a simple touch. And it was all so natural.

I am sure it was a mix of things…it was me being ready to discover my sexuality but it was also Alexey understanding what I am after and allowing me to be myself, accepting my insecurities and my questions and answering them gently. And most of all, giving me the space and the tools to make the most out of this amazing journey.

This has been something that has impacted me in a very positive way. I would dare saying it was life changing, definitely for my self esteem in the sexuality domain. In many ways I have found how to be happy and also confident in my sex life. A journey that has allowed me to learn how this sexual energy really can be in me and how I can take care of it.

I will never get back to how things were and the situations I put myself into before. And you can not imagine how powerful and fulfilling it is to discover it.And of course it is all very easy when you get to go through the journey with someone like Alexey who clearly is one of those people that you can not forget because they are on a clear mission to help you discover it.

Yoni massage for sexual healing in women

I have been – and am still on the most amazing journey that you could ever fiind. For this there are no flight times, no travel brochures.Imagine being reborn . Finding a whole new self within you. A self that you only dreamed could actually be.

Tantric massage with Alexey gives all of this and more.

During my journey with him, I have rediscovered myself. and in fact, found a me that I did not know existed

People often comment that I have a glow about me. This comes from within. Sexual energy which lies dormant until awakened – actually the primeval lifeforce. This is what Tantric massage with Alexey brings alive.

I am happy

I am confident

I enjoy life

I feel young, vibrant – life just zings with possibilities – and I have a constant smile.

Alexey has very gently awoken my true feminine self. He has shown me how to love myself…and how to be a totally sexual woman – Alexey’s massage is a deeply sensual and sexual experience and always a very beautiful one.

Mere words cannot express what Alexey has done and continues to do for me – like all the best things in life this has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Alexey gives great joy – he gives generously of himself.. He is infinitely kind, gentle,respectful and caring.

Seeing him has helped me when things were difficult.

He has become and I know will remain a true friend.

I always look forward to the continuation of my mystical voyage with Alexey as my guide…..

Yoni massage a special Tantric vaginal massage

Approaching a stranger for an intimate bodywork like Tantric massage was very much a leap of faith for me. It is best not to come with any expectations or goals and to let the session unfold and see where it takes you. I had found the Tantric Therapy website, as I wanted to be touched in an intimate, yet nourishing way, free of guilt, shame or regret and with no risks to my personal safety or sexual health. My body image was poor, my self esteem low and I had been involuntarily celibate for a long time, which caused me to overeat and thus the situation was self-perpetuating. Sexually, I was treating my body compulsively rather than with care, and it was becoming numb, joyless and unresponsive. I was looking for something at age 40, but didn’t know where to turn. Alexey is warm, gentle, intuitive and a great listener, a very special person with a huge heart. He also has a wisdom and maturity beyond his years and has a genuine love and respect for women. There is nothing he says or does that could be interpreted as serving his own sexual needs, as he is very happy and fulfilled in his own relationship and conducts himself with integrity and professionalism, but without detachment.

I would just say, having only dipped my toe into the water as far as the tantric community is concerned that if you are after a highly ritualised experience you will find here how irrelevant it is. Alexey’s Tantric massages are given with a huge amount of generosity and understanding and anything else would merely be a distraction. He manages to circulate sexual and heart energy very effectively for a profound experience. Tantra for me is loving unconditionally and since I have been coming to Alexey I feel more love for myself and for others, which I’m afraid I have not found in a workshop scenario. I get something different out of every session and it has helped me in my daily life in many ways. Sexually, joyless days have gone and I am becoming the sexually responsive woman I would like to be. I always knew she was in there, but didn’t have any opportunities to find her.

I always leave our sessions feeling grateful for having met Alexey.

Yoni massage for sexual healing in women

Before I started going to his sessions, I had more of an interest in sex and little actual experience. For that reason, I had waited so long for a sexual experience. But when my long-awaited chance came, I was blocked and unable to have sex comfortably. Really, for a woman who had been out of practice for so many years, it was a real shock. I was hoping for a quick resolution to this problem. I don’t know exactly why I believed so, except that a wrong assumption which I am unlovable prompted me. I immediately searched websites by key words like ‘sexual massage’,’ Yoni massage’ and etc.. At first, I had some resistance to contacting a male practitioner since I was worried about how men reacted to me and my issues.At the first session with Alexey, I explained my problem with wondering if he thought how bizarre my question was. However, just after one session, I felt surprisingly happy as if the fog lifted and there was not loss of self-respect or embarrassment. Afterwards, I decided to have the session regularly because I felt that what I would gain in the session might bring me appreciation of I who am a female, correcting negative impact on what I perceived in the past and what I knew about sex. In the end, all I experienced in the sessions meant much more than words. At present, I feel I have a healthy perspective of sexuality and metaphorically speaking, it is nice to have sexual energy as important as the nutrients from the daily meals.

I had tried many therapies even before the sessions with Alexey. I had always wanted to be better myself and also believed that there was something missing in me. I feel I found myself as a woman and I am happy. Also, I naturally stop creating a state of unhealthy wanting toward others. It is because finally I am able to turn love to myself.

Yoni massage a special Tantric vaginal massage

I am in my late 20s and have had endless problems regarding fertility and sex.

I have been poked and prodded by many medical professionals all with the same advice, “relax, let go, lose your inhibitions”.This was near enough impossible for me to do and sex with my partner left us both totally unsatisfied and me in tears almost every time.

I believed I was a mutant and just half a woman. After having a baby all this became a lot worse as my self esteem plummeted and my weight soared!!Along with all these existing factors, feeling like a frumpy, tired mum stripped me of the little womanhood I felt I had. After having tried sex therapy on the NHS, hypnotherapy and couples counselling there was no improvement.

My partner and I both decided to take an alternative approach.I had looked into the art of Tantra for a while because it seemed beautiful to me like Katak Dancing. I found this website but was extremely sceptical, I was even more sceptical when realising that it was a man behind the website. As I try everything at least once, I gave it go.I was very anxious leading up to the appointment, expecting a hippy clad in a sarong with braided hair in a studio smelling of weed with saris on the walls! What I was met with was a beautiful pristine studio and a professional well dressed man.There was no element of the sleaze that I had expected. Alexey is a very warm man who balances being realistic but also understands your needs and wishes. He makes you feel perfectly safe, comfortable and at ease with him and yourself.Each meeting is now better than the next. My insecurities are being chipped away in huge chunks.If I had not taken the gamble to make my initial appointment, I would still be extremely insecure and doubting myself worth.I realised that my difficulties in sex in the past were because I believed the wrong things about how it should be – and that is easy to do because those lies are all around. I now think about sex very differently, I have changed my view on what is “normal” and I have it in a different way. I can finally let go and lose myself in the moment, and enjoy sex without any anxiety or pain. It is definitely more enjoyable that its ever been..I could not thank Alexey more! My time with Alexey is a reminder that I can be anything I put my mind to and that I am a lot more than a frumpy mum. Even though I have baby food splattered all me on a daily basis, Alexey has helped me realise I am a still a woman, I am still beautiful inside and out. Tantra has changed my view on myself physically and emotionally. My stretch marks and all other physical imperfections no longer depress me, I now look at it more positively… This school of thought is now a part of every facet of my life.

Yoni massage for sexual healing in women
After the breakup of a long marriage, i had no confidence, no self esteem andbelieved no one would ever want to be with me or want me physically.
I knew i needed help but had no idea who could help until i came across tantric therapy. All i knew was it had to be something focused on my lack of self worth as a woman.I was too nervous to ring even though i liked what i read on the website. I eventually phoned and as soon as i spoke to Alexey i was reassured, there was no pressure, we just talked and i knew i would go for my first session.Right from the first session I felt safe and secure enough to talk about my fears and problems.Each session is different, and Alexey is sensitive to my specific state of mind that day, he understands women and is kind and loving.. always.
For me what Alexey teaches is about sex with love, appreciating the magic between a man and a woman,
I j am so happy to have made that first call, the call that started the process which has helped start loving my life again …


You don’t need to decide on your own if having a Tantric massage is the right thing for you.
It is not your job.
It is my job as a professional to explain to you how Tantric massage can serve you.
It is my job as a professional to reassure you that this will be useful, safe and comfortable.
As a client, your next step is just to discuss this with me without making any decisions, and see if this feels right.
There is nothing to lose or to risk – a phone chat is safe and anonymous for you at distance.

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