• Tantric Sex Talk / Consultation

    Tantric Sex Talk / Consultation

    This is a standard introductory Tantric sex talk to give comprehensive basics in one appointment and without practical elements.

    How many meetings, Duration, Cost of the Tantric Sex Talk

    a one-off, 3 hours, £140

    Format – Couples Consultation

    Talking face to face as in any consultation, e.g. counselling. It is a personal conversation that involves also your opinions, questions and impressions to help you get the most out of it.

    Content of the Tantric Sex Talk

    All of the important topics are covered on the basic level. Overall it is a comprehensive overview that allows you to go home and explore the details on your own. Wherever possible, content will always be personalised to focus more on your needs and aspirations. Please read more about Contents of the Teaching and My Approach.

    Who It Is Most Suitable For as a Tantric Sex Consultation

    This format is for those who would like to receive the whole basic package in one day and not have it as a guided gradual process. It is for those who would not be comfortable with a practical workshop and prefer a talk only.

    Both For Singles And Couples?

    Yes. You can come together, you can come alone, you can even come with a friend and share the cost.

    Advantages Of This Format – a Tantric Sex Talk

    This format doesnt challenge your comfort zone while still providing good value of learning. It is convenient as it takes only one appointment.

    Included in the Consultation

    A follow up one hour phone consultation at any point after the appointment. Plus the initial free phone consultation.

    More Information

    Contents of Talks and Workshops – to give you a general idea of what you will learn, and if it will be of interest to you Me and My Approach – to give you an idea of why you will get a lot out of your appointment with me Articles About Tantric Sex – to give you more of an idea of what ideas I teach, and to see if they resonate with you. Contact me – it is the best way to find out more about anything you are not sure of.

    You don’t need to wonder if it is right for you. You don’t need to decide which option to chose. Let me take care of you as a professional. Call me and we will discuss everything. It is at no commitment and practically anonymous for you. I will tell you if Tantric sex could work for you, why, and which of my options would work best for you.
    Tantric Sex Talk / Consultation in London
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