• My Approach as a Tantric Sex Teacher

    My Approach as a Tantric Sex Teacher- For Couples

    Tantric Sex Teacher in London The value I offer in my Tantric sex teaching is not just in the quality of what it learned but also in that it tis approach to Tantric sex is especially for you, tailor made, since everyone’s needs, desires and views are different.

    I have been working in this field as a Tantric sex teacher and a therapist for 10 years.You can read below about why my approach as a Tantric sex teacher is unique. I have been a Tantric sex teacher to a great number of couples and I have been very happy to see that with rare exceptions all of them walked out inspired at the new possibilities and later commented that “it changed everything”, “it was a gift for life”, “it has never been better”. They also found my Tantric sex workshops and talks a very relaxing and comfortable experience.

    All these years, apart from teaching Tantric sex I have also been working with women, directly through bodywork, leading them into a vibrant sexual space, and my approach have been tested in practice in the most rigorous manner – the body tolerates no hoax, the mind might if it is convinced but if the body responds it is because this works. You can see my full bio here.

    My Unique Approach as a Tantric Sex Teacher

    My approach as a Tantric Sex teacher is quite unique.

    The uniquiness of it is in this: My Tantric Workshops and Talks are about sex.

    It may seem obvious but actually most of the Tantric intimacy courses in UK spend most of the time on the following:

    Philosophy, group rituals, sharing, meditation, movement exercises, exercises on perception, exercises on emotional openness, practicing verbal communication, etc.

    It can be argued by teachers of Tantric sex (and it is argued) that this is all relevant to open to you a sexual dimension you seek. My opinion is that this is indirectly relevant and peripheral.

    I teach sex (Tantric sex) not a spiritual path (Tantra)

    I am a teacher of Tantric sex as a skill, a science and an art of a higher level of lovemaking. The purpose of my workshops is to teach you about sex and nothing else. I focus only on the things that are involved in having sex. I teach you how to transform that practice with new techniques and attitudes. I don’t teach anything that is not involved in sex because I find it irrelevant. You will learn having Tantric sex by having it, not by doing exercises for it.

    I teach Tantric sex to all people, with no need for specific spiritual beliefs

    In addition, many of the Tantric workshops are heavily based in the Hinduist system of beliefs. This creates an impression that learning Tantric sex is a religious conversion or a practice of something esoteric or exotic.I dislke that myself and I teach Tantric sex as a common sense knowledge about how the body, mind and emotions go together to create a better experience. I teach Tantric sex completely outside of any cultural or religious reference. I am not a Hinduist myself and I think that client’s philosophy on life or spiritual beliefs are irrelevant to picking up this knowledge.

    Tantric Sex Has To Remain Real Sex

    I believe if Tantric sex is a reality, it should be accessible to people to learn without being converted into another religion. And lovemaking should always remain such, Tantric or not – it is first of all about enjoyment, love, desire, pleasure, unity, creativity. Tantric or not, you want to make love, not do Kung Fu or pray.

    That’s what we focus on in the workshops and the talks when I teach you Tantric sex. If you are a kind of couple who is attracted by the spiritual dimension of Tantra, you will find it automatically by going more into what the sexual connection really is, expanding and deepening from there. It happens by itself. If this is of no interest, you will just have a better love life – and a better life in general.

    Main Principles Of My Approach as a Tantric Sex Teacher

    To Talk About Real Sex. Not some imaginary spirit sex in a lotus positon. You want to feel pleasure, desire, love, conenction, beauty, fun, creativity. You don’t want to be channeling energy and convince yourself it feels like making love. You just want to understand more, smoothen the difficult parts and enhance the good parts.

    To Accept Where You Are Now. Im not going to give you a perfected vision, miles away from what you can relate to right now. As an experienced Tantric sex teacher, I understand the reality of desires, habits and tastes in the bedroom. I want you to gradually enhance what you already enjoy and try some new things, not to commit to something too alien and give up on all you had before.

    To Respect You Like A Variety Of Things. Tantric lovemaking will be for one day, something else for another. It is just to add more variety in your life and enjoy more through these prinicples.

    I Want You To Learn Through Making Love, Not Through Exercises. Learn while you enjoy, while you love, discover more and explore in that moment, when everything is alive. That’s the only way it will happen. Who has time for meditating and circulating your energy for an hour daily just to have a better love life? All I teach you about Tantric sex is for you to do in bed, not outside it.

    To Personalise It For You. This is not a lecture for you to take it or leave it. It is an individual workshop so I will help you find how you can fit it into your sex life in a way that suits you personally best. And if there are any difficulties in your love life right now, we will address them specifically.

    To Give You Enough to Discover More Through Lovemaking Itself, Today. What good is it if you learn bits and pieces about Tantric sex until one day you know enough to try the Tantric approach. In the workshop I only have time to teach you the basics, but those basics will let you go and enjoy a different whole session of love-making, and if you carry on you will discover more with time. If you can’t make sex out of what you’ve learned, you won’t go on.

    To Speak Your Language – This kind of lovemaking is for everyone. Not just for followers of any particular spiritual tradidion. If you can relate to energy, we will talk about that. If you can relate to the nervous system, this is how we will do it. Tantric approach is just common sense principles and I can teach them to you in your language.

    No Spiritual Beliefs Required. Your beliefs are your choice, and I respect that. I am just a Tantric sex teacher, not a spiritual guru. You don’t need to create a system of beliefs to understand these ideas. It is just a more fulfilling lovemaking with more common sense understanding that is often hidden from us through false beliefs.

    Advantages of learning from a male Tantric Sex teacher

    It is understandable that some people might expect their Tantric sex teacher to be a female. However, one thing to consider is that gender shouldn’t matter if the quality of teaching is good, and the second thing is that there are some advantages to learning from a man.Women respond very well to this way of lovemaking but for men it can be a process of reconciling their more explosive sexual nature with these ideas. I can relate to the pressures of male sexuality, I have walked my own journey in it, and I can offer invaluable advice to men to help them enjoy this different approach to intimacy but without feeling they are giving up on what they like, or doing something strange and alien. I don’t just strive for men to understand women, as some tutors would, I strive for women to understand men too.I also understand women very well as I have been working with them directly through the bodywork for many years.

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