Tantric Massage for Women in London

Professional authentic Tantric massage for women, performed by an expert with 15 years of experience, as a genuine method for improving and healing sexual wellbeing.

I offer a genuine Tantric massage for women in London, UK

My work with Tantric massage and Yoni massage is a serious and professional bodywork to help you discover and develop your sexuality, or to provide sex therapy and sexual healing.

My London practice, Tantric Therapy, opened in 2002, is one of the oldest such practices in London and the UK, dedicated specifically to Tantric massages for women and Yoni massages.

If you are a woman looking for an authentic Tantric massage, with Tantric Therapy you are assured to benefit from my 15 years of experience as a genuine expert in female sexuality and Tantric sexuality.

  • Do you believe that lovemaking should be more profound, more loving, more
    meaningful but you feel it is at a more superficial level in your life and you are not
    sure how to change that?
  • Do you know in your heart that there is more – more beauty, more connection, more richness, more journey in sex-but normal sex just doesn’t take you there?
  • Do you believe your sexual energy should be a powerful positive force holistically, in all areas of your life? But you don’t feel too much of that positive effect?
  • Then you are my ideal client, and my London practice of Tantric massage for women is the ideal thing for you. This is where I’d like to to take you.


Searching for a Tantric massage for women in London or a Yoni massage I’m sure you’ve seen all sorts of things before you got here :). Maybe enough to make you anxious about whether this is a good idea entirely…

Unfortunately Tantric massage has recently been commercialised by the sex industry. It can be confusing to see so many interpretations, or even downright alarming offers of ‘Tantric massage’. But use common sense – it’s not about what a ‘real’ Tantric massage is – it’s about what you want to find.

You didn’t go looking for some pampering, naked massage for the sake of it, or to fulfil your naughty fantasies.

You also didn’t go looking for enlightenment or study some ancient Tantric gods and ancient teachings through having a sexual massage.

You know that your sexuality is important in your life. You feel it is a a big part of your life, your wellbeing, your relationship. You want to understand how to make it happy, rich, deeply fulfilling, soulfully nourishing, powerful. You want real insight, advice and knowledge on this topic – not on some spiritual theory. You want new ways, real ways. You want the insight of an expert in sexuality.

Yes, you could to an extent confuse Tantric massage with sensual massage, erotic massage, sexual massage for women, etc. After all to work with sexuality you have to work with the sexual, and a Tantric massage is a sexual experience.

But on its own this is not enough. A true Tantric massage develops you in your sexuality.

Tantric massage for women discover your sexuality

My Tantric massage for women is a serious and professional expert bodywork to guide you towards empowered, healthy, profound and wholesome sexuality in your daily life.

I am not a massage therapist – I am an expert on female sexuality and Tantric sexuality. I work with consultations, workshops, Tantric massage and Yoni massage for women. The Tantric massage for women in my London practice is just one of the vehicles to teach you, and a particularly effective one.

Tantric massage is a bodywork based on ideas and techniques from traditions of Tantra and Tao. They approach sexuality much more comprehensively than our Western physiological approach.

A true Tantric massage is a sexual experience that involves body, mind, heart, senses, emotions, consciousness, philosophy, a different kind of sexual energy and a different kind of sensations.

As such, it takes you to another level. As well as experiencing this higher sexual state in the Tantric massage itself, you also find out how to create it in your relationships.

All these ideas and techniques are woven into a whole body massage that you receive on a massage couch in a professional, nurturing, safe and dedicated environment, guided by me as your Tantric guide.


The Tantric massages I offer to women in my London practice are primarily a bodywork that help you in the area of sexuality and relationships. It works with sexual energy and helps you to either develop / grow / discover / learn or to heal in this area.

In general, Tantric massage (which includes the Yoni massage for women) can:

• teach you to experience richer, more plentiful, more beautiful sexuality
• allow you to feel your sexual energy as a positive force in other areas of your life
• allow you to understand yourself more and open more of your femininity
• show you how to create happier and more meaningful lovemaking with your partner
• develop your body, so that it feels more in lovemaking
• change the sexual vibration that you give off to men
• heal difficulties and blockages that you feel in your sexual body or psyche

I have extensive experience with most sexuality-related situations in women and can approach them with much-tested methods. Please call to discuss.

I am also used to hearing very specific and unusual situations and can create a custom solution for you from my experience.

Often, work with sexuality through a Tantric massage has an impact far beyond just your sex life and relationship. Sexuality is integral to your wellbeing and most clients experience far-reaching improvements and transformation in other areas of their lives and wellbeing.

Tantric massage for women improving your sex life


In Tantric massage we create a different kind of sexual energy and sexual experience within you.

I offer you a new physical touch for your body and I guide you how to connect better mentally and emotionally to your body. This comes from my explanation before the Tantric massage, and gently guiding you with my voice during the bodywork.

None of these techniques are available in the mainstream – they come exclusively from Tantric knowledge.

Like this we create more empowered, deeper, richer sexual energy within you over the course of the bodywork.

First, from this sensual massage you experience a different reality and you can learn from this – you can apply this knowledge yourself in your sex life.

Second, through the experience of Tantric massages your body receives new memories and learns to respond and react differently. The bodywork creates an organic process of change, opening, sensitivity, aliveness in your sexual self.

Third, the experience of Tantric massage itself brings a different kind of sexual energy into your being – and this transforms your wellbeing.

Tantric massage for women in london how it works

Why is a Tantric Massage the ideal way for you to explore?

Tantric massage for women spiritual sexuality and femininity

True sexual happiness and power needs a deep understanding of sexual energy. You can’t find it in mainstream information on sex, as it tends to be superficial and sensationalist.

If you found the right source, you might first be inclined to just read about it, study, understand, or do some talking therapy or learning.

But you won’t understand much without experience – this is the world of sensations, feelings, body and heart.

Often, the body responses need to be healed or educated quite apart from the mind. You also learn faster, better, more effectively through direct experience.

Professional Tantric massage / Yoni massage gives women this opportunity of an experience which you can’t just get anywhere in your private life, even in your relationship.

This sensual massage for women is the most direct bodily experience of Tantric sexuality – by letting you truly feel what it is about, by guiding you into it through your body and senses.


You have no idea how wonderful you are, you have not seen enough.

You have the most incredible sunshine inside you.
You are femininity, beauty, sensuality, love.
You have so much sexual joy and happiness inside you, locked away. If only you could open it you could bathe in this wonder of pleasure, nourishing love and beauty with your man, engulfing him to dissolve in you, feeding him to become more loving, creating the deepest sexual connection possible.
Your world together could be so colourful…

Sexuality is central to you, without it you fade.
Every woman needs to be happy in her love life.
Many women have become disappointed in sex but you are first of all a woman, a lover, a creator of beauty. All of this is sexuality. This is what you breathe.
Without feeling fulfilled in it, your being withers, and you might not even understand why.
It is the most positive force for a woman, even her body sparkles when she is sexually happy.

So why haven’t you felt all this radiant sexuality?
For many women, a Tantric massage is the first time ever. Men have never touched you well enough, or with enough love, to open this.
Our sexual education is non-existent, making women feel unconfident, afraid, abused, confused, joyless.
What you read in sensationalist media is so distorted that when you follow that advice you get even further from that true joy in your lovemaking.
And opening that wonder inside you often isn’t something that you can expect your partner to give you, men are often confused and unaware.

So how do you find that happiness in your lovemaking?
Most often, women themselves don’t know themselves enough to guide men. You would need to journey into yourself to learn how to unlock all this potential in you and to become a guiding light for the both of you. The usual sex advice in media and science won’t give you this. It is shallow and will keep you frustrated.

Only Tantric sexual wisdom will offer enough insight. Only this knowledge has gone deep enough to explore how our energies of sexual love move, what affects them positively, or negatively, how to keep them healthy and how to open ourselves to them as much as possible.


To book Tantric massage for women in my London studio, you don’t need to make your decision now. I understand that for many people it is a big step and you may be anxious. Call me and we can discuss how I can help. I will explain to you how my Tantric massage for women can work for you in particular, and then you can have a think about it in your own time.

The cost is:

 £140, 3.5 hours comprehensive
(see below what is included)

It is customary in my field for practitioners to charge £100 per hour for Tantric massages and Yoni massages. The reason my fees are lower is not because of quality – you can count on exceptional value with an experienced practitioner – but for my own personal beliefs. Whereas I could charge significantly more, I’ve never wanted to choose my clients by income and I want to offer to the public accessible Tantric bodywork that’s not exclusive only to high earners.

The Tantric massage for women appointment in my London studio contains: 1.5h of conversation + 1.5h tantric massage + concluding conversation. It is exceptional value for this fee.

This is the best way to approach your sexuality through understanding and practice combined. Both are equally important. I will explain a lot to you that will help you beyond our meeting.

The Tantric massage has to be this length for you to experience your sexual energy fully. It will also include the Yoni massage. The conversation needs to be this length for you to understand enough about our session to get the most of it.
Alternatively, the conversation can serve you to just get comfortable and put yourself at ease so that you are relaxed for the Tantric massage.
It is generally impossible to do a genuine Tantric bodywork for you in less than 3 hours so please ignore such offers.

In effect, the cost is not just for a Tantric massage but in essence for a multi-approach workshop for your sexuality – of which the bodywork is a part – where you will receive comprehensive input on how to start enhancing your sex life, or how to resolve your problem.


You don’t need to decide on your own if having a Tantric massage is the right thing for you.
It is not your job.
It is my job as a professional to explain to you how Tantric massage can serve you.
It is my job as a professional to reassure you that this will be useful, safe and comfortable.
As a client, your next step is just to discuss this with me without making any decisions, and see if this feels right.
There is nothing to lose or to risk – a phone chat is safe and anonymous for you at distance.

Take advantage of my free initial phone consultation