• What Is Sensual Tantric Massage For Women

    What Is Sensual Tantric Massage For Women

    Tantric Massage in London

    Can You Benefit From My Tantric Massage?

    There are various reasons why people may choose a Tantric Massage, but if you answered yes to any of the questions below, then you are my ideal client. And my Tantric massage is an ideal thing for you.

    • Do you believe that lovemaking should be more profound, more loving, more meaningful but you feel it is at a more superficial level in your life and you are not sure how to change that?

    • Do you believe your sexual energy should be a powerful positive force holistically, in all areas of your life? But you don’t feel too much of that positive effect?

    • Do you feel a need to heal something in your sexuality, in body or psyche? Or to open more of the sexual woman in yourself?

    What is Tantric Massage?

    Many things go under this name these days. Some people offer a full body massage including stroking the genitals, others present it as chakra balancing, sometimes it is even a euphemism of sex for sale.My Tantric massage for women is a serious and professional expert bodywork to guide you towards empowered, healthy, profound and wholesome sexuality in your daily life.

    Tantric massage is based on ideas and techniques from traditions of Tantra and Tao. They approach sexuality much more comprehensively than our Western physiological approach. This massage is a sexual experience that involves body, mind, heart, senses, emotions, consciousness, philosophy, a different kind of sexual energy and a different kind of sensations. As such, it takes you to another level. As well as experiencing this higher sexual state, you also find out how to create it in your relationships.

    All these ideas and techniques are woven into a whole body massage that you receive on a massage couch in a professional, nurturing, safe and dedicated environment, guided by your Tantric guide.

    A genuine Tantric guide has a profound and internalised knowledge of spiritual sexuality and its possibilities.
    He touches your body how it has to be touched, with love and devotion, to enter into that space, he directs your heart and mind – treating everyone’s situation individually – so that one day you know how to go there yourself.

    He guides to teach, to show you a way to a place where your sexual flow can truly open and shine through your life.
    Where it gives you more than just a shallow momentary pleasure, but a sense of deep fulfilment with your lover, love, positive vibration and happiness.

    Read more about how exactly a Tantric Massage session would go.

    What can a Tantric Massage do for you?

    It depends on your reasons, so please call to discuss them. But in general terms a Tantric massage can:

    • teach you to experience richer, more plentiful, more beautiful sexuality

    • allow you to feel your sexual energy as a positive force in other areas of your life

    • allow you to understand yourself more and open more of your femininity

    • show you how to create a happier and more meaningful lovemaking with your partner

    • develop your body, so that it feels more in lovemaking

    • change the sexual vibration that you give off to men

    • heal difficulties and blockages that you feel in your sexual body or psyche.

    • create deep harmony and wellbeing in your life through all of the above

    Why is a Tantric Massage an ideal way for you to explore?

    The true sexual happiness and power need deep understanding of sexual energy, which you can’t find in mainstream information on sex, as it tends to be superficial and sensationalist.

    If you found the right source, you could learn about it intellectually but it is such a long by-pass to the realm of sensations, feelings, body and heart. Often, the body responses need to be healed or educated quite apart from the mind, and there is no substitute for working with body memory through direct experiences.

    This sensual massage for women is the most direct bodily experience of Tantric sexuality – by letting you truly feel what it is about, by guiding you into it through your body and senses.

    Read here more about why Tantra Massage is the best way to discover.

    You have no idea how wonderful you are, you have not seen enough

    You have the most incredible sunshine inside you.

    You are femininity, beauty, sensuality, love.

    You have so much sexual joy and happiness inside you, locked away. If only you could open it you could bathe in this wonder of pleasure, nourishing love and beauty with your man, engulfing him to dissolve in you, feeding him to become more loving, creating the deepest sexual connection possible.

    Your world together could be so colourful…

    Sexuality is cental to you, without it you fade.

    Every woman needs to be happy in her love life.

    Many women have become disappointed in sex but you are first of all a woman, a lover, a creator of beauty. All of this is sexuality. This is what you breathe.

    Without feeling fulfilled in it, your being withers, and you might not even understand why.

    It is the most positive force for a woman, even her body sparkles when she is sexually happy.

    So why haven’t you felt all this radiant sexuality?

    For many, a Tantric massage is the first time ever. Male hands have never touched you well enough, or with enough love, to open this.

    Our sexual education is non-existent, making women feel unconfident, afraid, abused, confused, joyless.

    What you read in sensationalist media is so distorted that when you follow that advice you get even further from that true joy in your lovemaking.

    And opening that wonder inside you often isn’t something that you can expect your partner to give you, men are often confused and unaware.

    So how do you find that happiness in your lovemaking?

    Most often, women themselves don’t know themselves enough to guide men. You would need to journey into yourself to learn how to unlock all this potential in you and to become a guiding light for the both of you.The usual sex advice in media and science won’t give you this. It is shallow and will keep you frustrated.

    Only the Tantra and Tao sexual wisdom will offer enough insight. These two cultures are the only ones that have gone deep enough to explore how our energies of sexual love move, what affects them positively, what negatively, how to keep them healthy and how to open ourselves to them as much as possible.

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