• Yoni Massage For Women

    Yoni Massage For Women


    What is a Yoni Massage

    A Yoni massage is a Tantric technique specifically inside the vagina.

    Yoni massage uses a special healing and empowering touch inside the vagina.
    This Tantric touch has special qualities:

    – it has a healing effect

    – it awakens your vagina in deeper dimensions

    – it creates a special nourishing and expansive sexual energy in the vagina

    – it connects you to your vagina physically, emotionally and spiritually

    As a result you achieve a certain flourishing of sexual energy in the vagina. That quality of sexual energy heals your vagina, empowers it, and feeds your whole being with profound nourishment.

    Your body is not a machine, so a Yoni massage is not just about receiving the right touch – it is also about teaching you how to connect with your Yoni. Every woman needs to learn how to connect deeply with her vagina – through the right presence, consciousness and heart connection. Then you greatly enhance your flow of sexual energy in the vagina.

    Most women don’t know these techniques. In the Yoni massage I guide you how to connect well so you can learn.

    The purpose of the Yoni massage is not just for you to get an interesting experience in my studio, but also to learn how to create that special sexual energy at home.

    I don’t do a Yoni massage on its own, as a separate treatment. I believe that to
    make the vagina open, comfortable and receptive to this technique you first need to awaken the woman’s whole body, psyche and heart. The woman needs to reach a certain level of relaxation, trust and openness. The Yoni massage is much more effective when it is a part of the full Tantric massage.

    Benefits Of The Yoni Massage

    Don’t think of the yoni massage as therapy. Think of it as a lesson in how to create the most rich, fulfilling, nourishing and loving sexual energy in your vagina:

    For women who are not experiencing problems in sex:

    – You can learn to feel richer sexual energy in the Yoni during sex

    – You can create a more nourishing and heart-connected sexual energy in the Yoni

    – You can expand the orgasmicity of your Yoni

    – You can discover new kinds of sexual experiences inside the Yoni

    – You can experience greater connection and love with your partner inside the Yoni during sex.

    – You can turn the sexual energy in the Yoni to nourish your whole being emotionally and spiritually.

    For women who do experience problems in sex: all of the above, plus:

    – You can awaken your Yoni from lack of sensitivity during sex

    – You can get rid of vaginal pains and discomfort during sex

    – You can unblock psychological tension and anxieties in the Yoni

    – You can heal past trauma and sexual abuse in the Yoni

    – You can heal emotional blocks and emotional scars in the Yoni.

    You don’t simply receive a positive effect from the Yoni massage session, you also learn how to create this greater experience consistently in sex with your partners.

    Of course, the reason Yoni massage therapy is good for you is because these effects will have a more profound impact than just what you feel inside during sex. It will release into you the healing and nourishing energy that will positively affect your wellbeing and confidence as a woman in daily life and in your relationships.

    Why Women Need A Yoni Massage

    As a woman, you can benefit from a Yoni massage, regardless of how good your sex life may be now.

    Women normally learn only the basic mechanical technique in vaginal stimulation. Women don’t learn how to connect fully with mind and heart inside the Yoni and they don’t learn the more intricate technique for physical sensation inside. This knowledge is unavailable in the mainstream.

    So women start off already with a Yoni that feels far from its full potential. Then the Yoni is further desensitized through sex – because most normal sexual technique is conceived for male pleasure rather than for female. Normal penetrative sex goes completely against how the Yoni really works, but it works perfectly for the penis. This kind of sex is too fast, too mechanical and too disconnected.

    As a result the Yoni builds up lack of sensitivity and emotional blockage.

    If there have been any negative sexual relationships, or sexual abuse, then the Yoni absorbs even more trauma.

    Most women by default have an unrealised potential in the Yoni, which then becomes further blocked through a normal, or a negative, sex life. Almost all women experience some restrictions in their vaginal experience – they are less sensitive, less orgasmic and tenser than they could be. For some it is worse – pain in intercourse, total insensitivity, lack of vaginal orgasmicity, extreme anxiety. For many women this has a hugely debilitating effect on their confidence as a woman, and on their relationships with their partners.

    All women can benefit from discovering their full potential through Yoni massage.

    Yoni Massages Are Different

    A Yoni massage is not one single technique that all practitioners perform the same way. Different practitioners interpret it differently. Here are a few examples of common interpretations of Yoni massage by various practitioners:

    – It is a medical massage of vaginal muscles to improve their health

    – It is an aggressive treatment of the tissues to relax emotional deposits

    – It is a technique of stimulation to achieve female ejaculation

    – It is a religious ritual to make the woman feel like a Goddess

    I do not subscribe to any of these views.

    There are many articles describing Yoni massage to prospective clients. They range from very experienced and knowledgeable practitioners to those who call basic vaginal stimulation a Yoni massage. However, most articles will still describe the Yoni massage as a highly spiritual and divine experience and will promise life-changing healing and very long and intense orgasms.

    I would like to give you an experience that will benefit you in realistic and deliverable ways. An experience that brings genuine improvement, change and expansion into your life.

    I invite you to not have expectations of my work based on something you have heard or read elsewhere in the internet. There is much written, and a lot of it can be either a myth, or a sales promise that can’t in fact be delivered. Please discuss your interest with me and I will be happy to explain to you more about how Yoni massage works.

    How Yoni Massage Is Performed

    I give Yoni massages only with the explicit prior agreement of the client. Some clients prefer to leave it out of the first session and benefit from the rest of the Tantric massage. This is completely fine.

    Before the Yoni massage you will receive an hour of Tantric massage, which will seamlessly carry on to focus on the Yoni as one unbroken journey of the senses.

    You will be relaxed, open, receptive, awakened, and vibrant with your sexual energy in your whole body before we get to the Yoni massage.

    I will guide you how to connect well inside and enhance your sensitivity.

    Many women are nervous about receiving an internal technique because in the past they would get a typical mechanical, disconnected and uncomfortable feeling when men focus on the Yoni without enough presence and love.

    This is a kind of experience you haven’t had before and the touch will be completely different – with the utmost respect, attention, tenderness and love, and a different kind of sensation and energy that you feel through it.

    The Yoni massage starts from stillness which allows you to relax, merge and tune in. It progresses very gradually through different dimensions and stages of your sexual energy. I keep guiding you how to connect well to your Yoni and how to channel this sexual energy to nourish yourself.

    This experience unfolds slowly and deeply, and spreads through your whole being.

    Some women have a tranquil, profound and peaceful experience. Other women may experience intense and prolonged orgasmic waves. It depends on each person and on what their system needs.

    A Yoni massage can cause a big change in one session, but it can also take a few sessions for you to feel a change. Some women respond immediately when their Yoni is treated correctly, but for other women it is a gradual process of learning and awakening of the body. It depends on each case. Sometimes we may be dealing with years of misuse and maltreatment that needs some consistent treatment.