Female Ejaculation - another fad and a hoax

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Recently female ejaculation has become the next thing that all women have to learn to have a good sex life. Even in the Tantric sex teaching in many places the focus has been taken off the things that matter and channelled almost entirely into female ejaculation.

Without reflecting on why and whether it makes any sense, women are following this instruction and look for classes on female ejaculation, yoni massages with female ejaculation, technique on female ejaculation, etc. And so do men.

The whole idea doesn’t make any sense. And while you are busy obsessing about how to learn female ejaculation you are not exploring the ways in which you can really have a fulfilling sex life.

Female ejaculation is the next fad in the world where we lost any sense of what we actually need in sex to be happy.

Will female ejaculation make a great sex life?

If you want a great sex life you need to learn to have sex that make sense to you as a beautiful event with your partner.

Sex needs to fill you with positive energies and wellbeing.

Sex needs to feel beautiful in every moment – in sensation, emotional, feeling.

Sex needs to give you a feeling of love and connection.

Sex needs to be a journey with your partner, a way to spent time together, a relationship.

It doesn’t make any sense that you will achieve all this by squirting liquid from your body.

There is no experience of journey, relationship, love, connection, beauty, energies in this experience.

This idea reduces sex to a woman lying down and her partner rubbing her with a finger until she excretes liquid.

It doesn’t make any sense that this will make you happy. You are in fact not focusing on sex that can in fact make you feel beautiful energies, connected, sharing, loving.

Will female ejaculation give you the greatest release?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I’ve worked with many women who have experienced ejaculation. Some feel nothing when they excrete liquid, they just achieved the excretion. Some feel a release similar to any other orgasmic release, like you get with the clitoris. It may be marginally more intense but this makes no big difference in the grand scheme of sex.

It’s the same fad as the clitoral orgasm once was. Over time women noticed that getting lots of clitoral orgasms doesn’t convert into a great relationship, sexual richness, amazing sex, fulfilment and love. So now the next bar has been set – now there is a similar release but more intense. And inevitably the realisation soon will be the same.

You reduce sex to some feeling of release from your body. You miss out in sex that is a feeling of saturation fulfilment – with love, energies, connection. A saturation in your body, heart and soul.

You reduce sex to emptying something out of your body. And this has no potential to give you a ‘great sex life’.

Is female ejaculation good for your health and wellbeing?

There has also been much written on how female ejaculation is really good for your health and wellbeing.

There is a lot of effort to explain it scientifically. Yet it is clear that no scientific basis exists for these imagined explanations. It is purely mythology – someone said so and the others repeated. All attempts to give it a scientific explanation are obvious in how no such evidence has been produced.

This would be ok if reasoning for female ejaculation stayed within its mythology, but it is constantly presented as science.

Sometimes female ejaculation is described as some sort of cathartic emotional release that clears your system. Maybe you can achieve some of this effect – doubtful, as there is no reason why excreting liquid would – but even if you do, what does it have to do with a happy and fulfilling sex life? There are lots of therapies you can do, and this can be one of them if you wish, but you don’t want to substitute your sex life with therapy sessions.

Female ejaculation doesn’t make any sense. There are lots of ways you can improve your sex life from the standard unfulfilling level, but look in the right place to something that would make sense. You would get a lot more out of the complete Tantric massage for women that focuses on your entire sexual energy.


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