How A Woman's Body Really Works

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Everybody treats the woman’s body as a machine. Men do, and women themselves do too. Rub here, press here, see if the erogenous zone makes a sensation.

Conventional mechanical approach doesn’t understand that the body is her. It is a living space, a living person. It’s not a machine that will turn on.

The female body needs time. It melts, opens, warms up, comes more and more alive as you carry on touching each other and feeling each other. It doesn’t just spark on.

The female body needs a present conversation through touch. it feels when touch is mechanical and it feels ignored. It shuts down or doesn’t respond. It needs to feel that the man is interested, present, communicating.

The female body needs love. It feels strange when it is worked like a machine to produce some kind of pleasure. It wants to feel nourished and loved. Then it opens and comes alive.

The female body needs a gradual progression. You can’t go straight for the sexual areas, they won’t respond well. You need to nurture and awaken the whole body everywhere, and then this will make the more sexual areas more open and receptive.

The female body is much misunderstood in what kind of touch and stimulation it needs.

Everyone thinks she needs strong sensation, a lot of movement and touching, consistent stimulation.

In fact her body needs a calmer approach. More holding, more stillness, more slow and deep feeling, more melting. And less of all the hectic activity.

Then it becomes hypersensitive and opens to feelings.

What the woman’s body feels depends a lot on her mental and emotional state.

If she feels anxious, the body will go into shutdown.

If she feels pressured to do something, to get aroused or to have an orgasm, the body will go into shutdown.

If she feels resentful or upset with her lover the body will go into shutdown.

Sexual technique for the woman is not just how to rub clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Fundamental sexual technique to learn is:

How do you become more mentally relaxed in sex?

How do you make yourself more open to your lover in sex?

How do you become more present in your body?

How do you get out of your head?

How do you take the pressures off?

These are the most important sexual techniques for women.

Women need to learn them and to practise them in sex.

You can enhance and discover so much in your body if you learn to be more present, relaxed and connected within.

And also if you are emotionally open and loving.

Everything in the body depends on this.

There is nothing you can achieve by learning a ‘better pleasure technique’.


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