When I do Tantric massage and Yoni massage for women, it is performed in an entirely professional format within my practice – Tantric Therapy. Not to be confused with adult services, your appointment is a meeting with me as an expert in my professional space and will involve a consultation, focus on your objectives, professional framing of the bodywork, the bodywork itself personalised for your aims, and post-session support.


Our appointment normally starts with a conversation.

To help you best I will try to get a full picture of what you need my help with, why you have come to see me and what you are hoping to improve in your life.

I would normally give you advice from Tantric perspective, the important new ideas and practices to understand for your sex life in general. The Tantric massage will be a glimpse into this experience.

We will talk about the massage itself, what you will be focusing on within it, and how it will help you. The focus of a Tantric bodywork for women is often different from client to client, depending on your reasons for coming to see me.

We would also discuss exactly how the massage will proceed, so you feel completely informed and you can decide if you are comfortable with everything that the bodywork will include or you would like me to adjust or exclude something. For example, some clients may choose to include the yoni massage and others may exclude it.

Your preferences for the session are entirely honoured. You are always in control of your session and you decide what it will contain. You don’t need to make this decision at home before you see me – you can hear me out and then decide right before the massage itself.

I will then leave you to undress in private, so that you are more comfortable. Once you lie down on the massage couch you call me in.

You may think that 3 hours is a very long time for an appointment, but actually it normally doesn’t feel to clients like too much. You will find that a good 1 hour – 1.5 hour chat before is very useful and valuable, it’s not actually a long chat considering that we are covering your entire reasons for coming, your situation and all the advice for it, and framing the upcoming Tantric bodywork for your maximum comfort.

It also gives you time to relax and have more trust and confidence in doing this work with me. The combined time for the Yoni massage and Tantric massage itself is 1 hour 20 minutes, and it’s good to have half an hour at the end to leave without a rush, or to discuss the bodywork you have received and what has come up in it. This comes up to 3 hours.


The complete session of Tantric massage for a woman takes 1 hour 20 minutes

During the massage I am clothed and I use my hands and arms only.
You lie on the massage table.

The massage starts with you lying on your front and then continues with you lying on your back.

It starts with your whole body, all of it, and eventually progresses to the most sexual places. The touch also progresses from comforting and calming to sensual and arousing.

The purpose of the Tantric massage for women is to take you through a certain journey, a certain sexual experience that will be different from what you’ve known. This experience has a transformative effect, but you also learn from it.

Your Yoni is not involved until at least half way into the massage when you are already in a very different state, much more open and relaxed. The internal Yoni massage is involved even later, if at all – depending on whether you had decided to include it.

Nothing is an obligation, everything can be discussed and you can choose comfort options for both Tantric massage and yoni massage separately.

This bodywork works by combining the right sensation with the right connection from yourself. As I give you a range of physical feelings during the bodywork, I also talk to you to guide you how to connect in your mind and with your emotion. This is the only way new things can realistically come into your life long-term. During a Tantric massage there is different guidance for different kinds of sensation, different places and different phases of your energy. This is how it becomes a holistic experience where you are involved on all your levels. You end up empowering your energy to different levels, having a unique experience, and also learning how you can recreate it at home.

At the end I will leave you alone once again to get up and get dressed in privacy and you will call me back in when you are ready.



I only use my hands and arms during the massage. You may be nervous when you lie down on the couch but when you listen to my hands in those first few moments you will feel my genuine heart and care, you will know that this is a safe and pleasant place you have always wanted to be in.

Loving Touch of Pleasure – a New Message for Your Body
This massage gives you a kind of sensual touch many women have never experienced before – and it leads your body directly into a new dimension of sexuality where your body can rediscover itself, heal and become more alive, sensitive, loving and giving.

Your body just needs to be spoken to with the right touch, and it will open naturally. It will remember this experience in your private life. Thinking and talking is not something your body will remember – only your mind will. This touch is the language your body will understand.

This touch is my gift from birth and my knowledge from Tantric wisdom and years of experience. It’s not just any touch. It’s a touch of pleasure but also energy and love, from the heart, and your body will hear it and respond.

This experience will give you everything you’ve always needed to feel yourself – the right touch, the right space, the right time, the right pace, the right mindset.

Every woman has a great sexual wonder in her body, she just never gets all the right conditions from men to bring it out. For the first time you can relax, worry about nothing, protect yourself from nothing, have to achieve nothing, not have to perform and just take your time.

My hands will gently lead you on a beautiful journey through different states of sensual awakening into a space where it can really flourish, where you can feel like a real woman, deeply sensual, beautiful, vibrant, opening fully in your loving heart, relaxed and happy.

This bodywork is a very gradual journey – in women the Tantric Massage takes 80 minutes. We will start from a very comforting touch and we will slowly move on to involving more of your body, bringing more profound feeling, and we will take our time to awaken everything and connect with everything well on the way.

It’s not just touch – during this Tantric bodywork I will guide you through your mind and emotion to connect with your sexual experience more.

There is a great deal a woman can do within herself to enhance her sexual experience. Sexuality for a woman is not just physical, it is total – with you body, mind and heart.

As my hands awaken your whole body to this sensual flow, I will be talking throughout the Tantric massage or the Yoni massage to guide you into connecting with yourself better. It may be to do with breathing, with emotion, a visualisation or focus, bringing your attention to something or helping you enjoy your feelings more. This guidance is not the same for everyone, it depends on each person.

I want you to stay deep within yourself and enjoy what is happening but just follow my guidance as it comes. 
This will help you enhance your experience and receive important insights – on how you can unlock that Tantric woman inside, yourself, to repeat this journey in your private life.

A Tantric massage is a whole body experience for a woman – every cell of your body will be involved.
 Nothing is unimportant. A woman’s sexual experience comes from every cell of her body and it will receive utmost attention. By and by, everything will be awakened.
We will start the massage gradually and as we go on we will involve more until you feel your sexuality as one flow through your whole body.

In Tantric Massage there is a special relationship with your most intimate areas. 
Those are what worries women most when considering doing a Tantric bodywork. But there is nothing you need to push yourself into: you decide how much of your body you want to include in the massage today and I will work on your level.

Some women decide to exclude some parts of their body in general, others only in the first sessions. I will fit your comfort.
 But in any case, during this massage you will be touched in such a loving, respectful, gentle, comforting and pleasurable way that it will be nothing like anything you might have experienced before, so all comparisons, fears and pre-conceptions will not ring true.

Just remember this: your most intimate ares are your most important gates into your sexual vibrance. You need them as a source of your sexual energy. They also often need extra healing and reconnection. It is a very important connection for you to explore, it can change your sexual happiness dramatically, and I can help by guiding you into it, but you can always set your own limits.

It would be very gentle, very respectful, and not until quite late in the massage when you are totally relaxed, comfortable and awakened, when you can trust me.

There is nothing you have to force yourself into to receive this massage well, there are comfort options to choose from if anything sounds uncomfortable to you.

A Yoni massage is optional and you can decide as we go along. 
A woman’s connection with her Yoni in a sexual experience is one of the main things women need to explore, it is very misunderstood, and it can change your sex life for the better. Read more about Yoni massage here.

An internal Yoni massage lets you experience how to connect much deeper and gives you a lot more out of the whole experience of Tantric Massage.
 The Yoni massage can also resolve many of the problems that women experience in their genitals, e.g. pains or lack of sensitivity.
 However, it is of course up to you if you would like to include the Yoni massage on your first session. You can also change your mind as we progress during the bodywork.



I include time to talk after the bodywork if there is anything you want to ask or to share about your experience in this bodywork.
 It is very important to me that the bodywork was a positive experience for you so if something troubling comes up in your mind we will address it and turn it into an opportunity to heal.

If you would like to come again for another session I will also take note of how this massage has gone for you and how to tailor it for you more next time.

There may be things in your tantric massage that could provide an insight for you in your private life and we can revisit them in our conversation.

I can also suggest how you could build on this at home, and I can suggest what further development I can offer to you in particular on subsequent massage sessions.


To make a booking for a Tantric massage for women in my London studio please see the information on the session, prices and contacting me.

I also recommend that you take advantage of the free phone consultation to help you with this decision.


It’s hard to decide it all on your own – because you don’t know much about this. I can help you from my experience.

If you are not sure it’s ok – you can just discuss it with me.

Please email and tell me about your reasons for wanting to see me, what you need help with. I will be happy to tell you whether I can help.

If it is something I can help with, we can set up a phone chat to discuss more in detail. I can explain to you more how my sessions would work in your case and we can discuss reassurances, safety and comfort for you.

This way you can explore the possibility without anything to lose or to risk and then you can decide if it is right for you.

Remember that you can also start with online consultations, which really helps.

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