Is Missionary The Best Sexual Position?

The missionary position is perhaps the most widespread sexual position.


The missionary position often gets a bad rap as boring, from both men and women. It is seen as something too classic and not very adventurous and is sometimes synonymous with stale and mechanical sex.


However, the missionary position is, in many ways, the best position to globally enjoy sex for both genders, especially if Tantric sex is involved.


Sure, other sexual positions can be a lot more exciting. They can feel a lot more fun or adventurous. They can provide a particularly well focused stimulation in a particular way. They can bring in different moods and sights.


But no  sexual position is so global and all-encompassing as the missionary position. In many ways, the missionary position is simply the best sexual position, if you want sex that is pleasant, but also throughout the body, and at the same time allowing you to connect emotionally as lovers and make love.


First, the missionary position brings genitals together very well. In some positions it may be a struggle to maintain the genitals at a more unnatural angle. The woman gets stimulation both inside the vagina and on the clitoris (through rubbing of the pubis) and she can also move or angle herself to assist that. Likewise, the man has freedom of movement and can stimulate both himself and the woman in different way. In addition he can control the pace and slow down if he is close to orgasm, which is often an obstacle to prolonging sex if the woman is in control.


The missionary position also allows for whole body contact like no other. It makes sex richer and more loving. Lovers can enjoy feeling more of each other’s bodies, they can feel pleasure throughout, it isn’t just locked in the genitals as in many other sexual positions, so there is a feeling of more whole lovemaking.


Lovers have a great deal of intimacy in the missionary position . They are face-to-face, cheek-to-cheek, they are close to each other through the heart centres, they can embrace, kiss, caress each other’s faces, which means that throughout the physical pleasure in the genitals they can also transmit to each other love, and make this moment complete.


The missionary position is also a physically relaxed sexual position where both lovers don’t need to apply a lot of effort to be in one. Many other sexual positions create quite a strain. This is important because the more physically relaxed lovers are the more they can enjoy their bodies, the less they will be exhausted, the better they will feel after sex, and the longer the sex can last.


Of course, if a man just climbs on top of the woman and releases his load as fast as possible, it isn’t a very good lovemaking. This often happens in the missionary position. However it is more to do with the effort of lovers than with the sexual positions themselves. If used creatively and with attention, the missionary position offers the global quality of lovemaking that no other sexual position can.

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