Why a male escort for women is not what you need

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You may be looking for a male escort for women in London.
Maybe you think that a male escort is what you need to help you.

Maybe you have a feeling that you need to reconnect with yourself, with your body, to feel yourself as a woman, to get in touch with your sexuality.

And you don’t want to talk to someone or read books, you know this won’t help you.

So the only thing you can think of as a professional that can help you connect with an actual sexual experience is a male escort for women.

And in fact this is not what you need, and it won’t help you. What you are looking for is a Tantric massage for women and this can deliver much more what you are looking for deep down, in your heart, in how you hope to benefit.

You just didn’t know that a Tantric massage for women exists.

So give it a chance and read on – maybe this is about you.

I include this article not because Tantric therapy and Tantric massages for women have something to do with escorts, adult entertainment or sexual services – they don’t (although you can see many escorts and sexual massage parlours posing as Tantric massage, but they are not genuine).

I include the article because some of my most dedicated clients, who benefitted the most from my sessions, first looked for a male escort in London, not knowing how else to define what they were looking for…

A woman may feel a need to connect to herself sexually but she has no opportunity in her private life. Maybe she is down on her confidence as a woman and needs to regain it. Maybe she feels she needs to learn more about herself sexually. Maybe she just needs to feel sexuality in her life because being out of touch affects her.

When you think of who can help you, in our culture there are only talking therapists or books. And you know that this won’t help, you need some real experience.

So you think – who can I go to professionally who will make me feel in my body, make me feel sexual, who can I learn from practically? Who will be professional, experienced and safe?

And a male escort for women is all you can think of, as there are no other such professions known in our culture, sadly.

It doesn’t feel quite right to you because you’re not looking for sex for sale or adult fun – you want something serious that will heal you, develop you, teach you. But it’s the only option it seems.

If you knew that there was such thing as a Tantric massage for women and what it is, you’d search for it, but you don’t know it exists. This is why I write this article for women looking for a male escort for women in London.

A male escort is a sex worker. His purpose is not to teach, heal or develop – it is to provide a service and entertainment that you are paying for. It is an entirely different concept.

He’ll try to make things exciting and fun. He’ll come from the conventional shallow views on sexuality which is probably something that hasn’t sat right with you before already. He asks you what you want him to do – but you don’t know, you want the professional to guide you, show you, teach you. You are not looking for some shallow pleasure, you are searching for a deeper, more heart-felt, more fulfilling feeling of your sexuality in your life.

A Tantric massage for women is exactly the experience that delivers to your needs.

A Tantric massage for women is that professional session with an expert in female sexuality that you were looking for. It is designed to help you, empower you, teach you and develop you – all through a comfortable framed real experience in your body.

It is a form of massage / bodywork performed with you on a massage table, so it is more comfortable for you than engaging sexually with someone else which will drive you into your head. Instead you can relax and focus on your body and your feelings.

The experience is a profoundly sexual – it is about giving you a journey through your deep sexual states, phases of your sexual energy, and showing you more richness of what you can feel than in a conventional sexual stimulation.

It may seem like more of a ‘massage’ but in fact it is more effective for you than interacting with a man, like a male escort for women.

In this deep relaxation, letting go and focusing on your body you receive a lot more from this experience.

The Tantric massage is not a conventional sexual experience – it comes from the Tantric sexual technique which understands the female body a lot more.

This is your real opportunity to receive new insights, new feeling of yourself, a deep connection and to learn more about yourself from very new approaches.

It is much more useful that repeating the same shallow sexual techniques with a male escort which will not move you forward.

From a Tantric massage you will receive an empowering feeling of your sexuality which will be more towards wellbeing, power in your femininity, your inner confidence, your deeper connection with yourself. It will be profoundly more healing and empowering.

To read more about the Tantric massage for women and its benefits see this page


You don’t need to decide on your own if having a Tantric massage is the right thing for you.
It is not your job.
It is my job as a professional to explain to you how Tantric massage can serve you.
It is my job as a professional to reassure you that this will be useful, safe and comfortable.
As a client, your next step is just to discuss this with me without making any decisions, and see if this feels right.
There is nothing to lose or to risk – a phone chat is safe and anonymous for you at distance.

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