If you’re interesting in OMing - you may also be interested in Tantric massage

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I’ve seen some overlap between Orgasmic Meditation practice (‘OMing’) and Tantric massage in the interest of my clients.

I’ve had some clients who have practised Orgasmic Mediation and were also interested in a Tantric Massage for women because they saw it either as an alternative to OMing, or a good addition to it. So you may consider your options too.

I don’t have a bad thing to say about OMing. I’ve seen clients, who have practised it, who felt that Orgasmic Meditation practice helped them make the first steps, connect with themselves, feel better in sexuality.

I think OMing is also particularly positive for men – to relax with a woman, learn to feel her even if it is focused just on the clitoris, learn to interact with her and not pressure her.

And I’ve seen plenty of clients who also were interested in Tantric massage in addition to OMing or instead of OMing.

Whenever you read an article about Orgasmic Mediation it often says that it may not be for everyone. For some people it works great. Other people may be uncomfortable with the group format, or the way the practice has to be performed in general.

So if you are interested in Orgasmic Mediation maybe you will also be interested in the Tantric massage, and view all your options. None of them have to be exclusive and you may well benefit from both, or choose one of them as more relatable to you, or they can complement each other, or you can get different things out of each.

There is indeed a lot of overlap between Orgasmic Mediation and Tantric massage for women.

There is the same idea of goal-less practice, where you stop rushing to a climax and you learn to appreciate every moment of sexual energy.

There is the same idea of appreciating all the beautiful expressions of sexual sensation, not just chasing the intense ones.

There is the same idea of becoming more sensitive, more present in your body and listening to your sensations more.

While the Orgasmic Mediation is a practice strictly focused on the clitoris, the Tantric massage applies the same principles to the whole body and in the similar way explores how your whole body can feel sensations in that goal-less, enhanced, more sensitive and appreciative way.

There is also more focus on the vagina through the Yoni massage, where you can apply the same principles to enhance your feelings inside the vagina, as you do to the clitoris in OMing.

Another difference is that Orgasmic Mediation is a strictly framed practice which you are not supposed to involve into sex. It brings effects into your sex life but the practice itself is about the practice of OMing itself, and this is necessary for the correct mindset in Orgasmic Meditation.

The Tantric massage goes in the other direction and attempts to make you feel sexual energies in sex in the authentic way in which you would feel them in sex with your partner. So, for example the things you learn about how to connect to your body during a Tantric massage is to actually give you a similar experience to how you would try to connect to your body during sex. So the techniques you learn are supposed to be applied in sex rather than in a separate framed practice.

Both are body-centred educational sexual practices, but they have their differences and can appeal to a different extent to different people.


You don’t need to decide on your own if having a Tantric massage is the right thing for you.
It is not your job.
It is my job as a professional to explain to you how Tantric massage can serve you.
It is my job as a professional to reassure you that this will be useful, safe and comfortable.
As a client, your next step is just to discuss this with me without making any decisions, and see if this feels right.
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