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Online Consultation – £60 (1 hour)

Workshop For Couples – £250 (3-4 hours)

Talk for Couples – £160  (3 hours)

Tantric Massage – £160 (3 hours session)

See below what is included in the session

The Tantric massage appointment contains:

1.5h tantric massage +1.5h of conversation before and after bodywork.

The Tantric massage has to be this length for you to experience your sexual energy fully. It will also include the Yoni massage.

The conversation included is very useful and helps you get more out of the session, as well as learn about Tantric sexuality for your daily life.

Alternatively, the conversation can serve you to just get comfortable and put yourself at ease so that you are relaxed for the Tantric massage.

It is generally impossible to do a genuine Tantric bodywork for you in less than 3 hours so please ignore such offers.

In effect, the cost is not just for a Tantric massage but in essence for a multi-approach workshop for your sexuality – of which the bodywork is a part – on the topic of how to start enhancing your sex life, or how to resolve your problem.

Why the cost is below the standard rate:

Unfortunately in this field practitioners charge the same rates as in the sex market (just because Tantric massage works with sexuality). I don’t agree with this practice. Whereas I could charge much higher rates with this convention, being one of the oldest UK practices, I prefer my work to be priced as coaching / therapy – with the appropriate hourly rate. I also don’t like the idea of choosing my clients by income and I want to offer accessible tantric work that’s not exclusive only to high earners.


It’s hard to decide it all on your own – because you don’t know much about this. I can help you from my experience.

If you are not sure it’s ok – you can just discuss it with me.

Please email and tell me about your reasons for wanting to see me, what you need help with. I will be happy to tell you whether I can help.

If it is something I can help with, we can set up a phone chat to discuss more in detail. I can explain to you more how a tantric massage would work in your case and we can discuss reassurances, safety and comfort for you.

This way you can explore the possibility without anything to lose or to risk and then you can decide if it is right for you.

Remember that you can also start with online consultations, which really helps.

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