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Online Consultation (couples or singles) – £60 (1 hour)

Workshop For Couples – £300 (3-4 hours)

Tantric Massage – £250 (2.5 hours) 
£160 – special temporary promotion for December 2020 only
(BOOK IN ADVANCE NOW as places fill up ahead)

See below what is included in the session

For clients who start now and want to continue after the first session I will keep this discount for the following sessions.

The full appointment will be 2.5 hours and includes:

1h 10 min Tantric massage + 1h talking

Length of the tantric massage:
The massage has to be this length for the full experience, so that you can go through all the phases and access your sexual energy fully, and for us to do the work that you need. It will also include the Yoni massage.

Length of the talk time:

This is essential for me to understand your situation and what unique approach you need, and to explain to you about the massage, how to connect with it, how to get the most from it, boundaries, safety, etc. The discussion will also involve some explanation and practical coaching on Tantric sexuality. And some time is needed to process your experience after it. Our talk time also helps you to relax and be more at ease for the massage.

All of this is essential for you to have a good and productive experience and to achieve your aims.

It is generally impossible to do a genuine Tantric bodywork for you in less time so please ignore such offers.

Included in it is also the 30 minute phone call before you book the appointment – to talk through your aims and your situation.

To book, you don’t need to make your decision now. I understand that for many people it is a big step and you may be anxious. Please get in touch and tell me what is happening for you and we can discuss how I can help and I will send you more info on how I work. If I am able to help and you are happy with the way I work I will also be happy to set up a chat on the phone, all this before you decide whether you want to book an appointment or not.