Tantric Massage for Women in London

I offer a genuine Tantric massage for women in London.

I have been working since 2002 and my practice Tantric Therapy London is the oldest professional practice in London and UK dedicated to authentic Tantric and Yoni massages for women.

My Tantric massage for women is exactly the genuine method you are looking for.
It is a professional sexological bodywork for developing or healing your sexuality. No relation to adult services.

With me you will work with an expert in sexuality with 20 years of experience.

I work with absolute integrity and expertise and my intention is only to be of service. You can discuss it with me.

I have worked with thousands of different clients.

Do you want to heal?
I have extensive experience working with most of the female sexual problems many times, and I have an effective method of using professional Tantric massage for each problem.

Do you want to explore and develop?
For many women it’s not about a problem but about developing their sexuality to a greater level beyond the normal. I specialise in helping women discover and embody far richer sexuality in themselves.

Do you want it to be safe?
As an experienced professional I create a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your sexuality, connect better with it or heal it.

Do you want to feel you’re in expert hands?
From my 20 years of experience I know how to create and guide a comfortable and effective process for each person.

Please let me explain below in detail about my Tantric massage sessions for women.

And also please view my articles, appearances in the media and reviews from clients. (See About Me page)

sexual and sensual tantric massage for women in london

What Is Tantric Massage?

As a woman searching for a Tantric or Yoni massage in London I’m sure you’ve seen all sorts of things before you got here :). Maybe enough to make you anxious about this idea entirely.

It is true that a genuine Tantric massage works with sexual / sensual touch – but in a highly professional way by an informed sexuality expert to to provide development or healing.  Unfortunately the Tantric massage has recently been commercialised by the sex industry and now all sorts of sensual and erotic massages are presented under this name.

If you are my client, then you are looking for more than sensual pampering, erotic massage for the sake of it, or to fulfil some fantasies.

You are looking for a Tantric bodywork that will help you learn about your sexuality, heal in it, discover it and grow as a sexual woman.

You want real insight, transformation and knowledge in sexuality. You know that your sexuality is a big part of your life, your wellbeing, your relationship. You want to understand how to make it happy, rich, deeply fulfilling, soulfully nourishing, powerful.

You want the insights of an expert in female sexuality. But you want to learn through your body, through your experience and not just from books and videos.

You want to heal, to grow, to develop, to transform.

Yes, a Tantric massage is definitely a sensual massage. It’s not some ‘treatment’ – you can’t work with female sexual energy in some clinical way. After all to work with sexuality you have to work with the sexual.

But just some nice ‘sensual massage’ is not enough.
A true Tantric sexual bodywork develops you in your sexuality

Tantric massage for women discover your sexuality

The Tantric massage sessions that I give to women are a guided experience in your body to lead you into a profound, healthy, empowered and wholesome sexuality for your daily life.

I am not a massage therapist – I am an expert in female sexuality and Tantric sexuality. I work with consultations, workshops, Tantric massages specifically for women and Yoni massages. The physical bodywork sessions are just one of the vehicles to teach you, and it’s a particularly effective method.

Tantric massage is a bodywork developed from the Tantric and Taoist approaches to sexuality. These traditions approach sex in a more holistic and effective manner than the basic physiological view in the West. And they understand particularly well the heart of female sexuality and the woman’s sexual wellbeing.

A real Tantric massage is a sexual experience that will involve everything: your body, heart, mind, emotions, senses, consciousness, philosophy. It is a different kind of sensation and sexual energy than what women normally experience in a standard sex life.

As such, it takes you to another level. You would experience a richer sexual state during the massage itself, and you would also begin understanding how to change sexual experiences in your relationships.

These new approaches and techniques are all combined into a whole body sensual massage, which you will receive in a professional, safe, dedicated and nurturing environment – on the massage couch and guided by me.

Are you set on receiving a Tantric massage only from a female?

What Can A Tantric Massage Do For You?

The benefit from the Tantric massages I offer to women in my London practice is primarily in the area of sexuality and relationships. These massages work with sexual energy and help you to either develop / grow / discover / learn or to heal in the area of sex.


  • connect with your body better
  • develop more sensitivity in your sexual body
  • discover a richer and more nourishing kind of sexual energy
  • discover many more beautiful sexual experience you never knew existed
  • open your femininity and flow more
  • release sexual anxieties and stop holding back
  • heal negative sexual experiences and restore your sexual vitality
  • bring sexual energy into your life as a powerful nourishing force
  • learn about sex as a more loving and connected experience
  • understand you how you can make a happier and more meaningful sex life with your partner
  • integrate your sexuality into your life and wellbeing as a woman
  • change the sexual vibration that you give out, and change your dynamic with lovers

I am also used to working with all of the specific sexual difficulties and dysfunctions.

I have extensive experience with most sexuality-related situations in women and can approach them with much-tested methods. Please call to discuss.

I am also used to hearing very specific and unusual situations and can create a custom solution for you from my experience.

Often, working with sexuality through a Tantric sexual bodywork has an impact far beyond just your sex life and relationship. Sexuality is integral to a woman’s wellbeing and most clients experience far-reaching improvements and transformation in other areas of their lives.

Woman looking into the distance, content from tantric massage

Which Sex Problems I Work With

Tantric massage is a very powerful body-based method to help you with problems and difficulties in sex and improve your sex life.

Over the last 20 years I have worked with thousands of women with very diverse sexual problems.

I have extensive experience with all of these issues:

  • Fear and anxiety in sex
  • Pain and discomfort in sex
  • Difficulty with getting aroused
  • Feeling disconnected in sex
  • Problems with orgasms
  • Not much enjoyment in sex
  • Lack of sensitivity, numbness
  • Feeling blocked in sex
  • Fear of penetration
  • Vaginismus
  • Sex addiction
  • Self-destructive sex
  • Low sexual desire / low interest in sex
  • No experience in sex
  • Shame and guilt in sex
  • Being too much in your head during sex
  • Focusing too much on pleasing your partner
  • Performing in sex
  • Being uncomfortable to receive
  • Feeling tense, unable to relax
  • Recovering from negative sexual events
  • Self-consciousness in sex
  • Insecurity and lack of confidence in sex
  • Body confidence issues

Please get in touch to discuss your issue and I will explain how we can work with it.

You can read more in detail on how I work with each of these problems on this page:

How A Session of Tantric Massage For Women Will Work

In the Tantric massage we create a different kind of sexual energy and sexual experience within you.

I offer you a new kind of sexual touch and I guide you how to connect better mentally and emotionally to your body. I explain to you quite a lot about this before the massage, and I gently guide you with my voice during the massage too.

None of these techniques are available in the mainstream – they come exclusively from the Tantric knowledge on female sexuality.

Like this we create more empowered, deeper, richer sexual energy within you over the course of the bodywork.

First, from this sensual massage you experience a different reality and you can learn from this – you can apply this knowledge yourself in your sex life.

Second, through these experiences, your body receives new memories and learns to respond and react differently. This creates an organic process of change, opening, sensitivity, aliveness in your sexual self.

Third, the massage directly brings very positive and empowering sexual energy into you – a very nourishing substance that powers your wellbeing.

Your journey does depend on whether you get Tantric massages by a male practitioner or to the contrary. This factor is not about the practitioner and what they do – it’s about your response, because your sexual orientation is a natural element in this work. What you achieve from a Tantric massage by a man is different to what you’d achieve from a woman. Please read this article.

About Me

Hello, I am Alexey

I have been in service to women for the last 20 years, with my deeply heart-felt desire to help you be well, happy and healed in your sexuality. I brings me a lot of joy to be of help.

I work with total integrity and service, and of course over the many years I have heard of other people who don’t. I want to offer you the space that you really need but I understand if you are nervous so please do feel free to discuss at no commitment.

This has been my life’s work. I opened my practice Tantric Therapy in London in 2002, and since then I have worked wit thousands of clients on helping them to heal or to grow in their sex life.

I got into this work via my own spiritual journey and my own deep connection with sexuality. I initially explored all the alternative Tantric and taoist practices, and I found intuitive abilities to help women in sexuality in my own personal relationships. I then trained to work with Tantric and Taoist sexuality as a professional.

As a professional sex coach and practitioner I blend all varieties of Tantric, Taoist and conscious sexuality with Western sexology and sex science, and other related mind-body practices.

The last 20 years have been my extensive practical research in my practice with my clients on the best methods to heal and empower your sexuality. You get the result of all my expertise.

I have worked with all kinds of clients, on all manners of difficulties, and I would really love to help you too. Please get in touch for an informal chat and we can discuss how I can help you. 

You can read a lot more in detail about me on the page About Me.

But here is a welcome video from me:


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Why is a Tantric Massage the ideal way for a woman to understand sexual wellbeing?

woman looking at the sum

Sexuality is a profoundly important part of a woman’s life. It is not just about pleasure. It integrates deeply into your wellbeing, your sense of self, your energies, your joy of life and your relationships.

If a woman really wants to be whole and happy she needs a deep understanding of her sexual energy, much like nutrition. But most women never get a chance. Many women have given up or have been left disappointed. Your partners may have never touched you in a way that would unlock that richness in you. There is no sexual education to speak of. And even when it comes to sex advice for adults – women won’t find the right understanding in mainstream information on sex, as it tends to be superficial and sensationalist. It nowhere near touches on the true female sexuality.

And even if women hope to come across the right source, it is just not enough to read about it, study it or do some talking therapy or a consultation. You won’t understand much without experience – this is the world of sensations, feelings, body and heart.

Besides, often the body’s sexual responses need to be healed or educated quite apart from the mind. You also learn faster, better, more effectively through direct experience in your sexual energy.

Professional Tantric and Yoni massages, if they are done with a genuine Tantric method, give you this opportunity to learn and transform from the experience in your body. You can’t get this experience anywhere in your private life, even in your relationship.

So this sensual massage for women is the most direct bodily experience of Tantric sexuality – by letting you truly feel what it is about, by guiding you into it through your body and senses.

Too often women don’t know themselves enough to guide their lovers. First you need to journey into yourself to grow in your own sexual energy and understanding, to heal yourself and empower yourself. Then you can be a source of that understanding for your lover.

Book Your Tantric Massage in London

To book, you don’t need to make your decision now. I understand that for many people it is a big step and you may be anxious. Please get in touch and tell me what is happening for you and we can discuss how I can help and I will send you more info on how I work. If I am able to help and you are happy with the way I work I will also be happy to set up a chat on the phone, all this before you decide whether you want to book an appointment or not.


Tantric Massage – £240

This is a 3-hour appointment split 50/50 between bodywork and talking

(See below what is included in the session)

So this is a rate of £80 per hour – which is the most affordable rate you’ll find.

I look after my clients and do careful and professional work at a level of an experienced sexuality expert. My prices reflect my expertise. A direct sexuality bodywork is a vulnerable place and it is not something I would advise you to select mainly on the basis of the ‘cheapest’.

The full appointment is 3 hours and contains:
1h20 min Tantric massage +1.5h of talk time
(plus complimentary 20 min initial phone call)

Length of the tantric massage:
The massage has to be this length for the full experience, so that you can go through all the phases and access your sexual energy fully, and for us to do the work that you need. It will also include the Yoni massage.

Length of the talk time:

This is essential for me to understand your situation and what unique approach you need, and to explain to you about the massage, how to connect with it, how to get the most from it, boundaries, safety, etc. The discussion will also involve some explanation and practical coaching on Tantric sexuality. And some time is needed to process your experience after it. Our talk time also helps you to relax and be more at ease for the massage.

All of this is essential for you to have a good and productive experience and to achieve your aims.

It is generally impossible to do a genuine Tantric bodywork for you in less time so please ignore such offers.

In effect, the cost is not just for the Tantric massage but for a multi-approach workshop for your sexuality – of which the bodywork is a part – where you will receive comprehensive input on how to improve your sex life.

Included in it is also the 30 minute phone call before you book the appointment – to talk through your aims and your situation.

To book, you don’t need to make your decision now. I understand that for many people it is a big step and you may be anxious. Please get in touch and tell me what is happening for you and we can discuss how I can help and I will send you more info on how I work. If I am able to help and you are happy with the way I work I will also be happy to set up a chat on the phone, all this before you decide whether you want to book an appointment or not.


I understand that this is a big step and you are anxious. It is also hard to decide it on your own whether the Tantric massage is right for you and how it would work – because you don’t know much about this.

I would be very happy to set up a free 20-30 minute phone call where we can talk it through – at no commitment.

All I ask is that you first send me some details on your situation and what you wanted to see me about, so I can see whether I can help. I would also need to send you some info on how I currently work, and if you are ok with that I will then be happy to set up a time for us to talk.

This way you can explore the possibility without anything to lose or to risk and then you can decide if it is right for you.

Remember that you can also start with online consultations, and then progress to Tantric massage from there.

Get in touch