Sex therapy / help to learn to enjoy sex, in London

For women who simply don’t enjoy sex and are looking for sex therapy to deal with this problem, you can try Tantric massage as an alternative that is more direct and body-centred which I provide in my practice Tantric Therapy London. It can offer a new world of learning where you will discover how to create truly fulfilling sexual feelings in your life.

Maybe you are someone who can say that in general you don’t enjoy sex and you don’t want to have sex with your partners.

It could be in this part of your life, or maybe you have never enjoyed it.

Don’t despair because you may well still discover that you can learn to fully enjoy sex.

I have worked with many women who have never enjoyed sex and, when they truly discover their body and what sexuality can feel like on a meaningful level, they learnt to enjoy sex profoundly.

To say that you don’t enjoy sex or don’t want to have sex is quite general. There can be many causes:

Some of my clients never had a good enough experience and there wasn’t much to enjoy in the kind of sex they’ve had – but there is certainly a different sex that you can discover.

Some of my clients particularly struggled to connect with the moment, get out of their heads or to relax and it affected how much they could enjoy.

Some of my clients couldn’t relate to the vulgar presentation of sex in our culture and they didn’t connect when sex is based on those values – but when they had more meaningful values they learned to enjoy sex.

Some of my clients had some negative experiences or trauma that had created blocks in their enjoyment of sex.

There are many other reasons.

Please call me for a chat and I will be able to assess for you what blocks you from enjoying sex – from that we will be able to see solutions how you can learn to enjoy sex.

We can help you to learn to enjoy sex in two ways:

Through a tantric massage appointment

Through a consultation appointment

(if tantric massage is out of your comfort zone)

How Tantric Massage can help you learn to enjoy sex

Tantric massage may sound out of your comfort zone but it is an extremely effective way to help you learn to enjoy your body sexually.

In this controlled and guided experience, in the supportive environment, you can discover real feelings that you can enjoy and see how positive they are for you, rather than read a book about them.


Learn how your body needs to be treated correctly

The truth is our sex culture is ignorant of female sexuality and the woman’s body is treated incorrectly – both by men and by women themselves. You won’t enjoy sex if your body is simply treated wrong and gives no result.

You need to learn a different technique for everything. That includes:
– how your body needs to be touched
– sequence in which your body is engaged
– how your body really gets aroused
– how your genitals really need to be touched

Tantric sexual technique is very different to our mainstream technique and understands the woman’s body much better.

Through the Tantric massage you can learn experientially how different your body can feel. You will start learning what you need from the sexual moment to enjoy it.


Learn how to connect with your body

Women can do a lot to help themselves feel good during sex.

Sex is not just a mechanical motion – and the physical touch you receive is not the only thing that defines whether you will enjoy sex or not. You are affecting a lot of your feeling yourself. You can stop a lot of good feeling.

It is a matter of being in the right mental space, creating a positive emotional connection with your body, learning to be present in your body, learning to feel and discover your body.

You can magnify and enhance every moment with the right connection to your body.

I can teach you these techniques and you can see how they work during the Tantric massage. I will guide you during the massage to help you learn this approach.


Discover a new kind of sexual feeling

It is understandable that you may not want play the popular contemporary roles in sex. Maybe you don’t enjoy when sex has to be about something animalistic, or ‘dirty’, or self-centred, or mechanical, or pornographic.

Through Tantric sexuality you can discover a version of sex that is different, it is about healthy relationships, love, connection, wellbeing, humanity – all in the moment of sexual energy with your partner.

Perhaps this nourishing kind of sex is something you would learn to enjoy and want in your life.

More information on Tantric massage:

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You can also read about therapeutic Yoni massage.

Tantric massage may seem like a very unusual way to treat your problem, maybe even out of your comfort zone.

But if you think logically, it is the most effective.

In sexuality you can read and talk all you want but when the real moment comes your mind and body react instinctively – from their conditioning, habit, experience. They don’t remember what you talked about, they act from what they felt, what they trust, what they believe from experience.

Working with the body through Tantric massage:
– You learn from real experience in your body – but in a controlled, guided and supportive set up
– Your body receives profound healing from real positive experience
– Your body builds up positive memories and trust
– Your body reconditions to a natural positive response
– Your body is awakened with real sexual energy
– You gain control over your mind and responses in real practice

Working with direct responses of body and mind this is a profound transformation and healing. You become someone different, it’s not just reading or hearing an idea.

I’ve worked with a lot of women who couldn’t enjoy sex and i have a well developed specific process and method that has a high rate of success.

Everything can be learned and developed in sex just like in any other area. It’s just some learning of a better way, some practice and some conditioning.

How consultations can help you learn to enjoy sex

There is no substitute to working directly with the body when you try to learn to enjoy how your body would feel. It is difficult to talk, think or read about it and make much progress. You need real experience in a supportive and and guided environment.

However, if this is too much out of your comfort zone, you can choose to have a consultation appointment with me instead, in person or by Skype. I can give advice on what you can do at home on your own to deal with this issue.

As the next step please give me a call to discuss your problem, at no commitment. As with any healing process it is important to understand your specific situation and which solutions may work for you. I will be able to explain a remedy that would fit you in particular.


I make it clear that I am not a qualified and accredited sex therapist.

In the UK the formal definition of a sex therapist is that of being a medical professional or a psychotherapist. These therapists are not allowed physical contact with a client.

I have explained why these approaches are limited for many people with sex problems, while they are very helpful for some.

I provide solution and / or improvement through an alternative approach to sex therapy that is explicitly based in the client being touched in a sexual / sensual way as a guided and educational experience. I do not use bodyworks that involve non-sexual touch, nor do I provide talking therapy. I make it clear that it is not accredited as conventional sex therapy.

My approach rests on giving you a safe and supportive environment to learn about a positive sexual approach and receive a healing effect from this journey.

I don’t treat medical conditions or psychological disorders. If you are in need of this kind of treatment, you have to see a qualified professional in those areas.

However, you are welcome to work with me in combination with those professionals to support your work.


I understand that this is a big step and you are anxious. It is also hard to decide it on your own whether the Tantric massage is right for you and how it would work – because you don’t know much about this.

I would be very happy to set up a free 20-30 minute phone call where we can talk it through – at no commitment.

All I ask is that you first send me some details on your situation and what you wanted to see me about, so I can see whether I can help. I would also need to send you some info on how I currently work, and if you are ok with that I will then be happy to set up a time for us to talk.

This way you can explore the possibility without anything to lose or to risk and then you can decide if it is right for you.

Remember that you can also start with online consultations, and then progress to Tantric massage from there.

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