Tantra for Women in London - better a workshop or bodywork?

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

If you are looking for Tantra for women the important question is: do you want to learn about Tantra, or about Tantric sexual practice?

Depending on your answer your needs may be best served by a Tantra group workshop for women, or alternatively a one-to-one Tantric sexuality bodywork.

Tantric Therapy teaches the sexuality part of Tantra to women with a particularly effective and practical approach – a body-focused, experiential learning through your sexual energy which you can’t access in a workshop.

When people search for ‘Tantra for women’ you may be looking for two different things that are often assumed to go together, but they don’t:

You could be looking for Tantra as a spiritual philosophy, without an interest in Tantric sexuality in particular. This would involve attending spiritual talks, learning meditations, movement practices, breathing practices, learning about chakras, doing groups exercises on communication, mindfulness, etc.

Or you are looking for ‘Tantra for women’ or ‘Tantra workshop for women’ because you have heard that you can discover more in your sexuality and learn new and better approaches to sex with your partner. What you are looking for really is ‘Tantric sex learning for women’.

Tantra for women and Tantric sex learning for women are very different things. Some may argue they go together but in the practical reality this is very difficult to deliver.

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

In Tantra you can learn a lot of things for your general wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, living your life with a different approach, but you don’t necessarily learn about sexuality. It is often advertised that you do, but the idea is that through improving your general state you will have an indirect effect on sexuality.

To actually learn about sexuality you need to practice specific techniques for Tantric sex, and general practice of Tantra translates only a little into your sexuality.

Many people use the two interchangeably and when they look for Tantric sex learning they actually type ‘Tantra for women’ thinking it means the same thing. It doesn’t.

If you are looking for ‘Tantra for women’ because you want to discover more about Tantric sexuality, then a Tantra workshop can often be a less productive option.

It is very difficult to teach sexuality in a group workshop. To learn, you have to practice real sexual energy. This is often impossible in a group. The best you can do is some slightly relevant exercises, such as meditating on chakras or moving your pelvis, or learning to communicate openly with other participants.

The idea is that such exercises liberate sexual energy in your body and connect you to it. It may have some effect but you are not engaging real sexual energy. Ultimately to discover Tantric sexuality you need to engage with real sexual energy, experience it and learn from your experience. Otherwise you are not learning the practical approaches you can actually use with a partner in real sex.

You may intellectually learn some ideas about sex but if you are not practising them or experiencing them then they don’t turn into a real practice in your life.

This is why practices in Tantra workshops are often mostly based in non-sexual exercises, because authentic sexuality is simply very difficult to practice in a group.

Where a workshop may try to involve sexual practices, it is also quite challenging in a group environment. There are many real sexual practices you just can’t do in a group, and where you can not everyone is comfortable with doing it in a group and this may limit your real experience. Especially if the group is specifically for women, which means you are not involved in a realistic interaction with men (if you are heterosexual).

Often, sexual activities in a group will be exploring specifically things that are more to do with a group than with being with a partner, which is what you want to learn.

On the other hand, Tantra workshops can be excellent if you want to discover a variety of other, not necessarily sex related, practices for your wellbeing.

If you are looking for ‘Tantra for women’ to learn about your sexuality, instead of a Tantra workshop you may opt for Tantric sexual bodywork / Tantric massage for women.

This is much more reliable, effective and direct way to discover Tantric sexuality for yourself than a group Tantra workshop.

This is not about choosing one company over another. It is about being more clear about your aims and choosing the format that is the most productive for your aims.

For example the same company can offer both formats, or be stronger on one than on the other. There are many providers that offer Tantra workshops, many that offer Tantric massage or Yoni massage, and many that offer both.

A Tantric sexuality bodywork teaches you the same ideas about sexuality that a group workshop would – and often much more because the space allows it.

However, it is a one-to-one, you are comfortable in your privacy and you can relax to experience yourself fully.

The Tantric massage gives you a direct experience of your sexual energy. It is an expert and guided bodywork, so it still teaches you Tantric sexuality but you get to experience it in a practical and realistic way.

You feel your sexual energy on a different level, you observe how you feel, what you need as a woman and what is the effect of such real sexual energy.

Through this experience you learn how to create Tantric sexuality in your life – not in simply an intellectual way but in your body, your natural response, your experience.

So if you are looking for Tantra for women or Tantra workshop for women’ to learn about your sexuality, a one-to-one Tantric sexual bodywork becomes a one-to-one workshop in itself where you can learn more directly and effectively.


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