Why Lack Of Confidence In Sex - Women

This is part 2 of the post on why a Tantric massage can be a powerful way to deal with low sexual confidence when a woman feels a lack of sexual confidence.


–       Women may lack sexual experience

When a woman has had little or none sexual experience, she will naturally feel very inadequate with her sexual partners. These days there is a perception of high expectations of a woman and women feel that they have to be highly skilled at sex, as well as have a well-developed sexual response and knowledge how to arouse themselves, bring themselves to orgasm, etc, to please their partners. A woman with little sexual experience will be worried about being unsatisfying to her partner.

–       Women may have self-esteem damaged in a past relationship

Many women have suffered a prolonged sexual disconnection / discord in the last phases of a past relationship. Their partner might have lost interest, had an affair, got demanding or critical in an effort to maintain their interest. The feelings of rejection from a sexual partner can have a deep impact and lead to a severe sexual confidence crisis. You can read here on how a Tantric massage can help women deal with a lack of sexual confidence


–       Women may have been affected by a past traumatic relationship

Some relationships, although not abusive in overt terms, end in a lot of emotional turmoil and conflict which can also leave a woman anxious of engaging with men and closed off to sexual relationships almost instinctively, although consciously she would be willing to be with a new partner. This aftereffect too can make her feel damaged, unable to be sexually healthy with men, inadequate.


–       Women may have been a victim of sexual abuse

Naturally, traumatic episodes of abuse or violation create a severe impact for a woman. A woman may feel anxious and closed off to a sexual relationship, and that will affect her sexual confidence as a healthy sexual partner. She may also have feelings of guilt or shame that would affect her sexual self-esteem and hence her confidence in sex. The negative sexual responses may be not just psychological but also in the memory of the body, and it is beneficial to approach the issue with a physical therapy as well as counselling.

For many of these causes of low sexual confidence, a Tantric massage can be a very helpful therapy that approaches the issue in a fresh and positive way, and it is unique in that it allows for a transformation through the direct experience in the body – which is what takes place in a Tantric massage – rather than only an intellectual insight. Over my years of work, sexual confidence issues have been probably the most common feeling amongst my clients, and on many occasions a Tantric massage with a healing Yoni massage included allowed them to regain their sexual confidence fully, or at least to a good extent.


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