Contents of my tantric sex workshops, talks and courses.

I work in two directions:
– we can focus on a particular difficulty that you need to resolve in your sex life
– we can give you a comprehensive general new vision and technique to further enhance your sex life if you don’t have any particular difficulties

I focus like this in all sex coaching formats, whether a talk / consultation or a practical Tantric sex workshop in my London studio.


My coaching on Tantric sex is very comprehensive and practical. Depending on how the workshop / consultation unfolds we will including many of the following topics:

How To Connect With The Body Better
How to touch in the most powerful way
How to use body contact for the richest feelings
How to enhance the pleasure in the body through mind and emotions
How to discover a much wider range of sensations and feelings
How to feel full body pleasure
How to awaken the whole body well before sex.

How To Treat Genitals Better
How to awaken genitals more profoundly
How to arouse them better
How to feel more in the genitals.
How to retain sensitivity during sex and enhance it
How to feel love in the genital connection
How to avoid tension and frustration in genitals,
How to enjoy genitals without disconnecting from loving your partner.
Specifics of what male and female genitals need

How To Create Real Love and Connection In Sex
How to give love physically
How to bring real love into touch
How to engage your heart in sex
How to make love arousing
How to stay connected to each other throughout sex
How to feed your partner with love
How to receive love most deeply from your partner
How to channel sex into love between you

Better Ways To Arousal And Penetration
How to create real sexual energy without needing desire or excitement
How to bring more variety into foreplay
How to create holistic arousal instead of mechanical one
How to be free and creative in arousal
Different ways to arousal depending on a day
How to make love a part of your arousal
Better movement in intercourse
More creative and richer intercourse
How to feel more in intercourse
How to not disconnect from each other during sex
How to keep the intercourse loving.
How different positions affect the quality of love and sexual energy.

How To Channel Sexual Energy Better Into Your Life
How to create sexual energy that is much more potent for you as a positive source in daily life.
How to feed your whole being with sexual energy produced in sex
How to be replenished with it instead of depleted
How to feed each other with sexual energy you create
How to create a bond and a feeling of love after sex

Dynamics in a Realistic Sex Life
How not to depend on spontaneity and desire
How to create good quality sexual connection on any day with any energy levels
How to maintain sexual connection immune from boredom or age
How to arrange easy frequency in a sex life,
How to have revitalising sex when tired or unwell
How to manage good sex life in a busy schedule
How to maintain a sex life after childbirth
How to balance adventurous moods and meaningful connection
How to reconcile male and female preferences in sex.


We can resolve most of the usual problems that couples have in a normal sex life. Addressing your problems with Tantric sex is hugely effective. You can’t resolve them with more of normal sex, because that’s what creates problems in the first place, but problems easily go away when you have a new method.

It is a straightforward process. We will discuss your sex life and from this I can see where problems come from. I will then give you alternative approaches for better practice, specifically for your problems.

I can successfully help you with following typical problems:

– losing desire to have sex.

– problems with arousal

– one person wants sex more, the other less

– one person enjoys sex more, the other less

– partners want different thing in sex

– sex life has become boring or routine

– you are too tired or busy for sex

– sex life has decreased because of children

– and many others

I am used to working with all the usual situations, but I also have enough experience to give solutions to a completely unique and unusual situation.


It’s hard to decide it all on your own – because you don’t know much about this. I can help you from my experience.

If you are not sure it’s ok – you can just discuss it with me.

Please email and tell me about your reasons for wanting to see me, what you need help with. I will be happy to tell you whether I can help.

If it is something I can help with, we can set up a phone chat to discuss more in detail. I can explain to you more how my sessions would work in your case and we can discuss reassurances, safety and comfort for you.

This way you can explore the possibility without anything to lose or to risk and then you can decide if it is right for you.

Remember that you can also start with online consultations, which really helps.

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