Practical Tantric Sex / Tantric Massage Workshop For Couples, in London

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Tantric sex classes and lessons in London

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There is very little you can learn in a group course on Tantric sex.

So I am offering you a private and personalised workshop just for the two of you.

It is a high impact, comprehensive and very effective mini Tantric sex course and Tantric massage workshop. It is absolutely practical and focused on learning skills to use immediately.

It only takes a few hours and it is extremely affordable for the value it gives.

What This Tantric Sex Coaching Class Will Give You

workshop: tantric sex gives more love


  • Normal sex could feel like fun and stimulation.
  • Tantric sex will feel like deep love, and leave you full of love.
course: tantric sex gives more connection


  • Normal sex could feel like a sequence, mechanics, work.
  • Tantric sex will feel like being present with each other, real conversation, spending time together, a journey together.
classes: tantric sex gives a richer experience


  • Find many more feelings, sensations, experiences in sex.
  • Discover richer levels of feelings in your body.
workshop: tantric sex gives more variety


  • In normal sex variety mean different positions and toys.
  • Tantric sex will give a real variety of different moods, experiences, feelings in your sexual relationship.
lessons: tantric sex is more sustainable


  • Save your sexual attraction from fizzling out.
  • Practice sex in a way that regenerates your sex life.
  • Tantric sex is a sex life that sustains a long-term relationship.
course: tantric sex gives is more realistic


  • Normal sex is hard to keep in real life.
  • Tantric sex is easy, flexible and easy to fit into daily life.
therapy: tantric sex can solve sex problems


  • Normal sex creates problems, and can’t resolve them.
  • Whatever the difficulty, the chances are you will have a better approach with Tantric sex.


  • Normal sex is a limited world of a few routines.
  • Tantric sex will give an infinite journey to a couple who wants to keep growing and keep exploring together.


tantric sex workshop in london- discover

I focus on teaching you very practical approaches to improving your sex in every aspect. I don’t spend time on any irrelevant or peripheral things.

Normally our session of Tantric sex coaching will cover:

  • Important mind shifts to focus your sex better
  • Better sexual technique to engage the body
  • How to touch better, how to move better
  • Different better sequences of arousal
  • How to increase feelings and sensations in the body
  • How to give physical love during sex
  • How to maintain connection throughout sex
  • How to feel more in the genitals
  • Better technique for the intercourse
  • How to channel your sexual energy to nourish yourself
  • practical ways to arrange your sex life better
  • Practical ways to have a frequent but easy sex life
  • How to regenerate sexual energy in your relationship
  • How to create different kinds of sex
  • How to feed different needs with your sex.

These skills are not just physical – they also involve mindset and emotional connection, which I also teach as part of sex coaching.

All these techniques and approaches may sound like standard topics you see elsewhere, but I don’t teach you mainstream methods – all these points are explained from a better Tantric perspective and approach.

You can see a more complete list of topics we may cover in this coaching session on this page:


I try to make the workshop as comprehensive as possible and include all the main teaching that you need for a full sex life.


However, I also personalise it for you. I allow the workshop to evolve and emerge for your unique needs.

Sometimes it becomes clear during our workshop that it will be more useful for you to focus deeper on certain things, than learn a bit of everything. We allow for that – and I will always ask you what you would prefer.


I also allow for the workshop to emerge from your own questions and interest in particular topics as we go through it.



The workshop contains talking and practical activities.
If you are not interested in practice and would like to come only for a talk please see Tantric Sex Consultation


The workshop starts with a conversation

The first hour of the Tantric sex workshop is a conversation on the sofa, as any other consultation.

I won’t waste time with irrelevant fillers like telling you about Tantra, chakras, structure of the universe, moon cycles and spiritual slogans and divinity of all males and females. We will talk about sexual energy and how it really works on a better level, in a realistic sex life.

This is a down to earth flowing conversation between me and you, in the real world of your relationship and what you would like to experience together.

I will ask about your sex life and assess well where you are right now. It will show me areas for improvement, whether you have a particular problem or not.

Understanding and vision is important, and I will explain to you some solid and powerful new principles of sex before we get to practice. You will have a few important mental shifts which will define your sex life from now on more than any technique.

It is a conversation focused on you and to help you – you are participants, and I want to know your wishes, aspirations, feelings, to help you with my advice from empathy and understanding.

When we feel we have a good base in place, I will ask you if you want to do something practical or continue talking.


Which practical activities the Tantric sex workshop might include

I don’t fill time with irrelevant activities like meditation, rituals, dancing, talking games, movement exercises, breathing, etc which you will often find in Tantra workshops.

All the practices are to explore reality of sexual energy that you can use as a direct skill in sex.

Of course you are not having sex in the workshop but my activities are designed to get you as close as possible to a real experience, within what would be comfortable in a learning environment. They are elements and activities that use your real skills and give real feelings. They are approximations – and when you come home you simply transfer them immediately into real sex.

I only explain, guide and correct, I don’t touch anyone. All activities are between the partners.

Some activities that are often included in my Tantric sex coaching sessions:

– one partner practices touching the other who is on the massage table

– guiding you to connect better with your own body and enhance your own feelings and sensation, while your partner is touching you

– guiding you to give physical love with touching and holding

– learning about different parts of the body through touch

– holding each other to feel sexual energy through whole body

– moving your bodies in contact to discover more powerful sexual energy

– sending love through the whole body

– with the couple on the bed I can show different sequences of arousal

– I can show the most connecting and powerful positions

– I can guide you through touching genitals in a different way – which also serves for understanding the intercourse

– I can guide you how to connect better to your own genitals and open more feeling – which also serves for understanding the intercourse

– I guide how to channel sexual energy in your own body

This list includes only what might be included. it doesn’t have to be all included in your own personal Tantric sex workshop. It depends on what is most useful for you, and you don’t have to do anything you are not comfortable with. You can exclude anything you want.

All these skills are explained from the different Tantric perspective, not from mainstream sexual technique.

I guide, explain and correct during activities.

During activities and in between we will be talking more – I will be explaining how all this works in a real sex life, and give you more essential advice on things that can’t be practiced in the studio.

Of course you may be anxious whether you will be comfortable with any of this in my presence. Everyone feels that. 

Here is how we make sure that you are always comfortable in your Tantric sex workshop:

You don’t have to practice anything.

I keep it absolutely flexible. We will start with a talk. If then you feel comfortable and want to practice something, we can do that. If you don’t feel comfortable for any reason, we’ll just carry on talking and I will explain everything in words, without practices.

Whatever you don’t want to practice, I can give you by talking.

There is always this choice. It can be for the whole workshop as mentioned above, deciding to stay only with the talking about the practices…

…Or you can use this safety for any particular activity – maybe you’re ok with touching but not ok with genital touching. So you say you don’t want to practise that part and I will explain that part in a conversation.

I will always ask you if you want to practice or not.

Before each activity I will explain what I’m suggesting and ask if you want to practice or you just want me to explain. You’ll never find anything imposed on you without warning.

You can place whatever limitations

Sometimes couples want to leave underwear on. Sometimes they’re ok with the man touching the woman but not the other way round. Whatever you need, it’s your private workshop.

My bottom line is:

I make sure that it is always completely risk free for you.
You know those workshops you go to where the whole group is suddenly forced to speak publicly or to move in a certain way? And you don’t know upfront what will be asked of you?
This will never happen in my workshops.

You never sign up for the whole lot. You never have to follow my structure and my method.

I work completely opposite to that:
You tell me which way is more comfortable for you – practice, restricted practice, or talking.
For every activity and every step of the workshop.
And I will lead it for you in that most comfortable way.
Always at your comfort level.
Whatever you’e not comfortable with, we just substitute it with verbal explanation.

I think it is very important that couples have this step by step decision on their comfort.
It makes you feel safe and not committed to doing anything you don’t want to do.

But most importantly: you simply can’t know right now how comfortable you will feel.

Most times a couple has reservations about this, but then we start talking, they feel relaxed and motivated and they get surprised that they feel so comfortable to carry on to the practice.

Only in the moment will you really know what you want to do in the workshop.

This is why I say: just turn up and we will find the right way for you as we go.



Is this a long term programme with various courses spread over time? I don’t work in this way.

My style of working is to make sure that after your Tantric sex coaching you can go home and start a new sex life. Sex contains everything, you can’t have sex only with touch but not genitals, only with knowing about arousal but not knowing about intercourse. You need to get a full set to practice sex, or you will just go back to normal sex. No one has time for exercises.

So my approach to Tantric sex coaching is to work in layers.

I give you a comprehensive one-stop Tantric sex class in one meeting.

This workshop will cover all the central ideas and techniques.

Of course it is just a base, and there is a lot more to discover. But you will have a very good basis that allows you to already have full Tantric sex and discover more on your own.

Then if you wish you can come back and do the next layer – the next step of practices you can explore after starting your Tantric sex life.

For many couples one coaching session or workshop is enough, they have a fundamental shift and they keep discovering on their own. Others prefer to come back again to refresh or learn the next set.

There may be two exceptions where this Tantric sex workshop will not include all topics comprehensively:

1. Sometimes it emerges during the coaching that a particular area of your sex needs more time and focus. You may not even know about this area until we work. It’s then better to concentrate on that and give you a full solution and clarity, than to leave you with a bit of everything but an important area unresolved. The aim is to always give you the most value, and sometimes this is it. I will always ask if you’d like to do that if this emerges, or carry on with a bit of everything.

2. For couples who come to resolve a specific problem it may not be possible to shift everything in one go. Sometimes it is. Other times we have to use the first meeting as the first most effective step towards improvement, and follow up later.

It’s best if you call me and discuss what you’d like to achieve and I will tell you what we can arrange and achieve in your personalised Tantric sex workshop.


For a problem in a relationship we can set up a program and steps.

For a couple with general interest it can often be good to come back and refresh or learn about the next level.

We can also follow up via Skype sessions at £60 per hour.


Workshop For Couples Cost: £350 (3.5 hours)

Please contact me for availability


It’s hard to decide it all on your own – because you don’t know much about this. I can help you from my experience.

If you are not sure it’s ok – you can just discuss it with me.

Please email and tell me about your reasons for wanting to see me, what you need help with. I will be happy to tell you whether I can help.

If it is something I can help with, we can set up a phone chat to discuss more in detail. I can explain to you more how my sessions would work in your case and we can discuss reassurances, safety and comfort for you.

This way you can explore the possibility without anything to lose or to risk and then you can decide if it is right for you.

Remember that you can also start with online consultations, which really helps.

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