I understand that it can be challenging to come for your first Tantric massage and you have all sorts of anxieties about this.

I am dedicated to helping women make that step as much as I can, and it is often the people who can’t gather enough courage who need this massage the most. You are always welcome to get in touch with me and chat at no commitment, but if you would like an extra reference you can talk to one of my clients.

I will be very happy to arrange this for you, if you ask.

However, of course I have to respect my clients’ busy lives and it is only an occasional favour to ask them. I can’t inconvenience then unnecessarily, so I try be clear what would be a good use of this conversation and what wouldn’t:

1) I would like to avoid involving clients just out of curiosity – for a general chat and information on Tantric massage for women you would need to talk to me. I reserve contact with clients mainly to help people who are concerned for their safety when choosing a Tantric massage, and would like a reference for that.

2) My clients can’t tell you how you will benefit, give an advice on your situation, or even tell you how you will feel while working with me. Everyone’s situation is unique and it takes a professional like myself to give you advice on your own journey. Again, your own benefit and situation can be productively discussed only with me.

3) You will, of course, need to appreciate their need for their privacy. My clients have volunteered to help with reassurance but they may not feel like sharing all of their own personal information, feelings and experiences with me to a stranger.

How to arrange a call with a client

I take care of my clients and first I would need to ensure that you are a genuine caller.

First we would need to have a free phone consultation between us, and if it feels to both of us that this is a good fit, we can add a conversation with a client as the next step if you feel you need that.