My practice Tantric Therapy is one of the oldest established London and UK practices dedicated to authentic Tantric healing bodywork for women, and workshops on Tantric sexuality for couples.

Tantric Therapy was opened in London in 2002. Back then Tantric massage for women was mainly known as a genuine practice of healing and education through Tantric approach and direct work with the body, and I had only 5 or 6 colleagues in the entire UK.

However, what came later of course is that Tantric massage in London became commercialised as an adult entertainment service and you will see that 95% of the current market for Tantric massage is ultimately a sex service – similar to an escort agency with thinly veiled new age explanations.

You are probably here because you are looking for genuine growth or healing in your sexuality through direct work with the body, and you are not interested in having a sex service. If so, you are in the right place. With 16 years experience in authentic work with female sexuality by Tantric methods, you are guaranteed a genuine experience, as well as knowledge and support.


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About Tantric Therapy

Tantric Therapy is not an agency. I am a sole practitioner, an expert in my field as any therapist, healer or teacher would be, and Tantric Therapy is the name of my London practice.

My work involves working with women through Tantric massage, for healing or development in sexuality, and teaching Tantric sexuality in a variety of formats to individuals and couples through consultations and workshops.

I am a professional who is dedicated completely to the research and work in sexuality only. I do not dedicate my time to any other therapies or teaching subjects – I am specialised and experienced in this area.

The work of Tantric Therapy is to help clients to develop their sex life to a greater level beyond normal sex. Where sex stops being just fun and games and becomes a deeply fulfilling journey, a powerful and positive energy in your life, a source of wellbeing, a source of love, and a sustainable evergreen relationship that can last you your whole life together.

My mission through my work is to raise consciousness that sex is not just fun and pleasure. It is a hugely important part of wellbeing, happiness, connection, relationship and your self. My work is to equip people with practical ways to live sex on that level, and at the same time through that indeed discover new range of experiences of beauty, richness, happiness that we often so narrowly describe as ‘pleasure’.

As you can see I intentionally don’t lock this approach into Hinduism or New Age concepts. I intentionally avoid talking of chakras, Shivas and enlightenment even though I know that some readers will consider it ‘not Tantric’. The heart of what I teach is true Tantric but sexuality is a part of every one of us, we can all live it on that level, and it doesn’t depend on your religious beliefs. I am committed to teaching you this outside any religious or cultural attributes.


I was always deeply interested in Eastern philosophies and spiritual teachings and have dedicated myself to this exploration from my early teens.

I also always felt an especially profound connection with sexuality. From an early age and from my first sexual experience I honoured it as a deep connection, experience of love and energy and beauty of life.

Very early in my adult life I discovered myself as an intuitive sexual healer. When I spent time with women they often confessed a healing or transformative effect. It was out of the blue – I simply expressed my feeling of what sex is – but I started to pay more attention to this discovery.

I dedicated myself to exploring alternative approaches to sexuality – Tantric and Taoist teachings – which offered a more profound and energy-conscious vision. For some time I intensively trained in and studied these approaches comprehensively and took my own journey of growth in this area.

I was particularly interested in the healing and bodywork application of these methods and I studied with two most competent healers in sexual energy that I could find (both outside Europe), for the total of 4 years.

I was originally qualified as a medical massage therapist from the Crimean Medical University. I had my established massage therapy practice in UK. I felt an opportunity to develop a bodywork in the area of my passion and help others by using intuitive ability for sexual healing together with the Tantric training I received.

In 2002 I began my work with Tantric bodywork for women, as well as teaching Tantric sexuality through consultations and workshops to individuals and couples.

Over the last 15 years, in extensive experience with clients, I have conducted vast practical research and developed my practice with most effective methods and approaches.

I have worked with a great variety of people and situations, which equipped me to be able to help most clients as a well-rounded professional.

My competence in my practice and my work is a result of constant research with the people who have learned from me. My practice has been a testing way of seeing what is real, what really works as opposed to what just sounds like a desirable theory.

If you are looking for qualifications in Tantric Therapy, or any bodywork with sexual energy for that matter, then keep in mind that all certification in this work is relatively recent and not formally regulated. There are now some very good programs that try to establish standards for sexual bodyworks but they all appeared in recent years, long after my practice was already well established.

Quite often people come into this work by being qualified as a therapist in other therapies, like myself, but then learning to work with sexual energy as something completely different.

Any qualifications in other areas or therapies can only equip one to have a general therapeutic approach but do not equip to work in the unique and difficult area of sexuality directly through the body. This work can be done well only through a combination of inborn ability, intuition, extensive learning, vast professional experience and personal growth in this area, and importantly – personal integrity and mastery of one’s own sexuality.

In the area of Tantric sexuality there is no such thing as a ‘formal’ qualification. You have to speak to each practitioner to get a feel for their knowledge and experience.

My Professional Approach

I believe that Tantric sexuality is everyone’s higher potential in sex. It is just a better and more fulfilling sex life. Everyone can have it if they learn.

There is no need for spiritual beliefs or conversion into Tantric rituals. I teach these principles as the common sense treatment of your sexual energy, as a greater mastery of your inner abilities in sex. So I strive to be able to teach any kind of person, speaking their language and working towards their aspirations or soultions.

My work integrates a blend of Tantric ideas, Taoist ideas, western sexuality and much of my own research – observations from practice, personal and professional. The Eastern ideas that I use have been reworked to remove any cultural or religious context, leaving the essence that is easy to understand in concept and simply works in practice, suitable for the modern person of today.

My aim is to make sure that whatever you learn can be used realistically in real life. I always take into account the point of departure of a client, what they can relate to, what would be the realistic challenges and solutions in their life.

In terms of educational sessions – for individuals and couples – I try to create a space where your personal views and preferences are respected. I simply share with you some other ideas you might want to try. I leave people in control of their learning, the pace and their conscious choices of what they want to learn from me, and I encourage you to question what I teach for your own life, so that we can get to the truth that will really work for you.

In terms of therapy, my approach is that most of the time problems come from misuse and by learning how to treat ourselves right we remove the problems. I don’t see my clients as ill or deficient, I see them as people who can learn how to create or overcome, someone who simply can develop further. I create a very patient, gentle, unforced space which will be personally pleasant and relaxing as well as supportive.

My Personal Life

I work with clients on select days ever week – after the initial conversation I can give you my availability.

When I don’t work with clients, I spend a lot of my time on research in my field and on writing about sexuality and theoretical work. My work is my calling which I live and breathe daily and my greatest passion in life, so it never really stops.

I have a personal long term practice of yoga, internal chi arts, meditation and a range of other personal development practices which contribute to my energy when working with client.

My work with clients doesn’t serve any of my own needs. I am in a committed relationship to my long term partner and all my personal needs are fulfilled with her. My partner believes in what I do and supports me in my work fully, because like me she considers it important work. My work with clients is entirely for the benefit of the client, where my enjoyment comes from professional satisfaction of helping people and delivering results in the area in which I specialize.


You don’t need to decide on your own if having a Tantric massage is the right thing for you.
It is not your job.
It is my job as a professional to explain to you how Tantric massage can serve you.
It is my job as a professional to reassure you that this will be useful, safe and comfortable.
As a client, your next step is just to discuss this with me without making any decisions, and see if this feels right.
There is nothing to lose or to risk – a phone chat is safe and anonymous for you at distance.

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