tantric sex and female sexuality articles

The idea of Tantric Massage may seem so out of your comfort zone that you will immediately discard it as something a person like you would never do. But a genuine experience can take you immediately to the level of understanding that you would seek for a long time through books and talks.

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

Working with sexuality without involving the body is often an ineffective approach because it doesn’t address where the experience actually lies. Tantric therapy is such an effective remedy for sexual healing and sex problems because it works directly with the sexual body.

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

Sexual healing is a holistic transformation from your past and restricted sexual self to new aliveness and wellbeing. Tantric massage is a powerful holistic method for sexual healing because it offers a direct experience of your sexuality in a positive way, and in a supported and guided space.

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

Professional Tantric bodywork can perform the function of surrogate therapy for women who are suffering from anxieties, dysfunctions or lack of confidence.

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

If you feel that your vagina or your relationship with your vagina needs healing, it is important to understand what that sort of healing needs to involve.

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

Feeling disconnected from your body in sex

If you struggle to feel connected to your body during sex, this bodywork is a particularly effective remedy for the disconnect because you work directly with the feelings in your body and establish that connection in practice. READ

Being too much in your head during sex

If you find it difficult to get out of your head during sex, a Tantric massage is an excellent remedy to treat this issue. It teaches you to be more present in your body as a practical skill. READ

Can’t relax in sex / can’t let go

If you are someone who finds it difficult to relax and let go in sex, Tantric massage is a very effective solution, as it gives you the practical skills for relaxation of the mind and body. READ

Focusing excessively on your partner’s pleasure in sex / getting into the mode of performance.

If you habitually perform in sex and focus too much on your partner’s pleasure, Tantric therapy is exceptionally effective specifically to remedy this pattern in women – by teaching you to focus on your own feelings. READ

Feeling uncomfortable with receiving in sex

If you find that you are a giver but you can’t relax and receive in sex, a Tantric massage is a very effective way to address this – you will learn to focus on your own feelings in comfort and full connection. READ

Low sexual desire / low sex drive / low interest in sex

Tantric massage is a very effective alternative to sex therapy to increase sex drive and interest in sex for women. You awaken your body with real sexual energy, and you learn how to engage with your body. READ

You don’t enjoy sex / don’t want to have sex

If you are a woman who generally doesn’t enjoy sex and wants to learn how to enjoy it, Tantric therapy is a direct and practical way forward to help you explore a better feeling. READ

Problems with arousal

If you generally find it difficult to get aroused, in case of women the most effective remedy to really get to the core of the issue is to learn what your body really needs to come alive – and a Tantric massage will show it through real experience. READ

You have never had sex

If you are a woman who has never had sex you will have anxiety about sex – Tantric therapy will give you an experiential process to explore your body and reduce that anxiety. READ

Poor body image in sex / feeling self-conscious

If you feel too self-conscious of how your body looks and this disrupts your enjoyment of sex, Tantric massage is a perfect remedy to help you relax and love your body. READ

Heal / recover from sexual abuse

If you need help with impact of sexual abuse, the Tantric method of bodywork could be a positive, proactive and effective support to heal and recover. It works directly with your body and your responses. READ

Healing sexual trauma

Tantric therapy can be very effective for addressing sexual trauma in women – it regenerates the body directly, clears it and erases negative memories. READ

Recovery / healing from sexual assault 

For very serious cases where you need treatment for sexual assault or rape in your past, a Tantric massage is a supportive and nurturing therapy to work with the direct traumatic response of your body. READ

Anxiety in sex / anxiety about sex

If you suffer from sexual anxiety – feeling anxious about having sex, or feeling anxious when you have sex – Tantric method is a powerful technique for women to recondition this response. READ

Feeling shame in sex

If you feel shame about sex or ashamed when you are having sex, a Tantric massage will teach you how to have a different experience and give you a better vision. READ

Feeling shut down in sex / feeling shut off

If you feel generally shut down or shut off in sex, then Tantric massage can be a great healing and revitalising process that focuses directly on your body to revitalise your sexual vitality and your sexual feelings. READ

Fear of penetration / anxiety about intercourse

If you feel fear of penetration or experience anxiety about sexual intercourse, Tantric massage works as an effective alternative to sex therapy that clears this pattern directly from your bodily experience. READ

Vaginal contraction at penetration – vaginismus

If you suffer from this painful involuntary contraction at penetration, called vaginismus, then Tantric massage can in many cases be a powerful help for this condition – you heal by reconditioning the body response directly. READ

No feeling / numbness / little sensation in the vagina during sex / penetration / intercourse

Tantric therapy can provide help if you don’t feel much during sex, have little sensation or even feeling completely numb in the vagina during penetration / intercourse. READ

Pain in the vagina. Painful sex / intercourse / penetration

If you need treatment for vaginal pains, if your sex is painful whether during intercourse or penetration, then Tantric massage can often help – it gives direct healing to the vagina. READ

Sex addiction in women

If you have compulsive or addictive sexual behaviour, Tantric therapy addresses sex addiction in women at the core – giving you a new vision of healthy, nourishing sexuality. READ

Not feeling confident in sex

If you have lack of confidence in yourself as a sexual woman, you don’t feel confident during sex, then Tantric massage can help you connect with yourself. READ

Healing sexual blocks

There is a wide range of blockages that women describe as sexual blocks. Tantric massage can focus on each one specifically and give a powerful healing to resolve most blocks that you feel in sex. READ

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