Please have a phone consultation with me at no commitment.

I am very happy to have a chat with you to help you decide if this is right for you.

I completely understand that you are nervous and anxious about making this step. This is normal for me, everybody who contacts me feels nervous. Some people spend months (even years) going back and forth on it before they decide to contact me. So I would love to help and I would love you to feel welcome to discuss with me, at no commitment and see if you feel safe and reassured to proceed.

It is actually quite difficult for you to decide on your own whether you want to do this work with me. This is because with most other things you have more or less an idea of what they are,  but this is an unusual thing to do and it is hard for you to imagine what the session with me will be like, so you will mostly be deciding to work with me or not from your imagination, not from how the session will really be.

My role is not just to work with you but to also support you through this decision making before you come and see me.

The most productive thing is to have a chat with me first, get a full picture, get a full feel for the situation and then decide.

After all, it is completely safe and practically anonymous for you to have a chat on the phone with me. There is nothing to risk or to lose. But who knows, it may turn out to be a big positive step in your life.

So when we speak I would like to fully understand how I can help you, to give you my honest opinion, give you a bit of a plan and help you within anything that makes you feel nervous.  Here is what we might typically talk about in the initial free consultation:

– what you would like me to help you with in your sex life.

– I can give you some explanations about your present situation and give you some ideas about how we can make it better for you.

– I can explain how exactly my session would work for your particular reasons, so you can gain some trust in the process

– If my sessions can’t help your particular situation I will also tell you openly

– I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about my sessions.

– I’d love to help you with any concerns and worries about our session – you can just tell me honestly what you are nervous about and I will say if it is really like that in the session (you may be imagining something very differently) – or if it is a valid concern, then as a professional I have many solutions and options that I have developed over the years to make you feel safe and comfortable with those specific issues.

In short, I want to understand completely your situation, tell you if I can help and how, give you as much info as possible for you to be able to decide, and give you some solutions for anxieties or concerns – and then you can make your decision on your own. 

Apart from this, talking to me in person:
– you get a feel whether this is a genuine professional
– you get a feel whether I can deal with your situation
– you see how you feel in a conversation with me and whether you are comfortable

Altogether, after talking to me you are in a much more informed place to make a decision.

I hope you can see how difficult it is to imagine all these points on your own. You can spend months imagining, wondering and worrying. There is nothing to lose by simply first receiving a full discussion and then coming back to your thinking about a booking.

Please email me to set up a time for your free consultation.

I would only kindly request that when you ask for your free consultation you tell me a bit first about yourself and what you wanted me to help you with.

This allows me to see if I am able to help at all before we arrange a call, which will be more practical for both of us.