I offer an initial phone consultation for free to all prospective first time clients, whether you come for a tantric massage for women, or a sex coaching for couples.

I completely understand that this is nerve-racking decision – do you make an appointment with me or not. Some people spend months going back and forth on it, especially when it comes to something as sensitive as a Tantric massage for yourself.

This is not the best order of doing thing. It’s very difficult to make this decision on your own just reading the general website. You can’t – you have not done this before, you don’t know how this works, if it will work for you, if it will help you or how you will feel.

It’s not your job. It’s my job as a professional to see your situation from my experience and explain to you what my sessions can offer to you, and how.

The best order of doing things is to have a chat with me first, get completely informed, get a full feel for the situation and then decide.

It is completely safe and practically anonymous for you to have a chat on the phone with me. There is nothing to risk or to lose.

The initial consultation is at no commitment – just get informed and then think about it, I won’t expect you to make a booking right there.

So here is what we might typically talk about in the initial free consultation:

– your reasons for coming to see me – what you would like out of our session.

– I can give you some explanations about your present situation and make it clear for you what the solution is.

– I will explain how exactly my session will work for your particular reasons, how exactly it can help.

– If my sessions can’t help your particular situation I will also tell you openly.

– any questions you may have about my sessions.

– your concerns and worries about our session – we can compare what is in your imagination with reality and you may feel more reassured. Alternatively, if your concern is justified, I have many solutions to make you feel safe and comfortable. Just discuss concerns with me openly.

In short, I want to understand completely how I can help, offer you maximum information on how exactly I would like to help you, and work through any uncertainties or anxieties that may trouble you.

Apart from this, talking to me in person:
– you get a feel whether this is a genuine professional
– you get a feel whether I can deal with your situation
– you see how you feel in a conversation with me and whether you are comfortable

Altogether, after talking to me you are in a much more informed place to make a decision.

I hope you can see how difficult it is to imagine all these points on your own. You can spend months imagining, wondering and worrying. There is nothing to lose by simply first receiving a full discussion and then coming back to your thinking about a booking.

Please email me to set up a time for your free consultation.