Sex therapy and help with focusing too much on your partner in sex, in London

If you find that sex for you is mostly about pleasing your boyfriend / husband / partner with little focus on yourself, then you will really benefit from a healing for women by Tantric method,  which I provide in my practice Tantric Therapy London.

Many women feel that sex is mostly about focusing on pleasing their partners.

Instead of thoroughly enjoy each moment of sex in your own body, in union with your partner, you focus on the job of stimulating him, concerned mainly with doing things right or wrong for him.

Of course, sex is sharing and nurturing each other. But if this focus on your partner’s pleasure is unbalanced and excessive, it turns sex into a job and performance for you, simply providing pleasure to your partner without awakening and truly feeling your own sexual energy.

What’s excessive? it’s when you focus on him more than what what you enjoy yourself. It’s when sex is more about doing the job well than it is about savouring each moment.

Sometimes it is a way to escape your insecurities. You feel uncomfortable letting go, connecting, being vulnerable, so you get busy and keep him distracted.

Another classic reason is because many women are uncomfortable with receiving from men in sex. They feel unsettled, uneasy, under pressure when receiving, so they escape into performance, focusing on partner’s pleasure.

It could also be because you just don’t know enough about yourself – what you want to feel in sex, what would make you happy, what to ask for and where to lead sex. Women often feel little in sex and don’t know how to fix it – so to pretend it is all going well they get busy and focus on partner’s pleasure.

A Tantric massage is exactly what you need to change this pattern in your life.

I have worked with many women in this situation and a Tantric massage has been an exceptionally powerful and effective remedy to treat this distortion in your sex life. It i mainly about learning to feel your own body, your own sensations, your own joy in sex.

We can provide sex therapy on this issue in two ways:

Through a tantric massage appointment

Through a consultation appointment

(if tantric massage is out of your comfort zone)

Please call me to discuss your particular issue. There are variations, and I can give you a more specific explanation of your difficulties, and a more specific solution that will work best for you.

How Tantric Massage can help when you focus excessively on your partner in sex

You need to learn to listen to your own body and your own sensations. You are uncomfortable with this, but the Tantric massage will develop you to do that.

– I will teach you how to listen, connect and receive what you feel in your body.

– Through the Tantric massage you will also learn to receive. You will naturally become more comfortable with that and learn to enjoy it.

– You may also discover how your body really works, what it needs to be touched and treated for you to feel at your happiest and most fulfilling in sexual energy. Then you won’t need to escape your body into focusing on your partner’s pleasure.

All in all, you will learn to receive, connect with your own body, feel yourself not just your partner, and enjoy your feelings.

Once you are firmly grounded in being able to receive your own sensation and enjoyment, you will also be able to give your partner love and pleasure in sex – but it will be a very different, more alive and powerful, energy that comes from you.

Only fully grounded in your own enjoyment can you truly love the body of your partner, how it feels, how you enjoy it – and that will give them more satisfying pleasure than ever.

It will be easy for you once you learn to feel yourself.

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Tantric massage may seem like a very unusual way to treat your problem, maybe even out of your comfort zone.

But if you think logically, it is the most effective.

In sexuality you can read and talk all you want but when the real moment comes your mind and body react instinctively – from their conditioning, habit, experience. They don’t remember what you talked about, they act from what they they are used to.

Working with the body through Tantric massage:
– You learn to focus in your body in real experience – but in a controlled, guided and supportive set up
– Your body builds up positive memories and trust
– Your body reconditions to a natural positive response
– Your body is awakened with real sexual energy
– You gain control over your mind and responses in real practice

Working with direct responses of body and mind this is a profound transformation and healing. You become someone different, it’s not just reading or hearing an idea.

Generally I have an exceptionally high success rate with clients who suffer from focusing too much on their partners and their pleasure in sex.

Potentially this is a fairly straightforward problem to treat with a Tantric massage and you will feel improvement immediately.

With the help of this treatment / bodywork you can be naturally grounded in your own feelings, enjoying them to the full, and from that place also making love to your partner and making him feel good.


I focus particularly on long-term change – from this experience I want you to learn how you can create this easy and relaxed state in sex yourself, and there is also an organic process where your body becomes generally more open, content and able to relax and invite sexual sensations.

How consultations can help you deal with this problem

There is no substitute to working directly when you struggle to receive. It is the most effective and faster remedy to provide sex therapy for this problem. Without real experience and practice it is difficult to create a change from simply an idea.

However, if this is too much out of your comfort zone, you can choose to have a consultation appointment with me instead, in person or by Skype. I can give advice on what you can do at home on your own to deal with this issue.

As the next step please give me a call to discuss your problem, at no commitment. As with any therapy / treatment it is important to understand your specific situation and which solutions may work for you. I will be able to explain a remedy that would fit you in particular.


I understand that this is a big step and you are anxious. It is also hard to decide it on your own whether the Tantric massage is right for you and how it would work – because you don’t know much about this.

I would be very happy to set up a free 20-30 minute phone call where we can talk it through – at no commitment.

All I ask is that you first send me some details on your situation and what you wanted to see me about, so I can see whether I can help. I would also need to send you some info on how I currently work, and if you are ok with that I will then be happy to set up a time for us to talk.

This way you can explore the possibility without anything to lose or to risk and then you can decide if it is right for you.

Remember that you can also start with online consultations, and then progress to Tantric massage from there.

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