Tantric massage sessions might be not affordable to you or you might be too anxious or too uncomfortable in the end with working that way.

Please do not feel that the Tantric massage is the only way – or the best way. I can help you just as effectively via online coaching.

I expect that you seek a Tantric massage not for ‘a massage’. You have it to discover something in your sexuality, to improve something or to heal something. This doesn’t need to happen via bodywork.

I am an expert in sexuality, with 20 years experience. I am not a massage therapist – Tantric massages are just one of the useful formats that I use for coaching but I can guide you to access your fullest and richest sexuality in other ways.

I am a coach on sexuality and as you can see I work in a variety of formats. I have specialised in female sexuality for 20 years and I have a thorough understanding of all issues that women experience, and methods of working with them. Working with the bodywork for women has also put me in a unique position where I have a lot of practical experience in resolving issues, not just ‘talking experience’.

You can see all the female issues I specialise in on this page:

List of Female Sexuality Issues I work with 



My online sex coaching sessions are another way you can achieve the same results.

These online coaching sessions are more economical for you, more convenient because they are shorter and at home, and you don’t have to overcome the high anxiety barrier. For some people they can also be a mid-way to build trust before doing Tantric massages with me.

For some people they are actually the most effective way to achieve their aims with me. You might have taken into your mind that the best way to address your situation would be bodywork, but let me tell you from my 20-year experience that while bodywork works very well for some situations this is not the most effective way for every problem or situation, and often coaching would be more productive. You may be looking for bodywork thinking that it will resolve your problem, but it might not be the right way.

Working with coaching also allows to creates a good process where we have more short and frequent sessions and move you forward with practical changes, instead of one long session very infrequently.

My online sex coaching is not like ‘psychotherapy’ or talking about feelings.

I give you a very practical coaching to move forward:

– We come from your current situation and your current experience and see how we can improve everything

– I take you through all the new perspectives and mental shifts you need

– I explain to you all the new techniques and practice you need to improve your experience

– I send you instructional videos on techniques if that is needed

– I send you audio walkthroughs if needed

– I give you home practices  to do on your own, to develop your experiences

– Alternatively, I give you specific practical steps to take with your partner now



What can we do with the online coaching? All the same as with the tantric massages:

1. We can help you develop into a richer and more fulfilling sexuality

So you don’t need to have an ‘issue’. You may just want to discover Tantric sexuality. I will teach you all the perspectives, techniques and practices in the step-by-step process designed for you.


2. We can help you resolve specific sexual issues.

Please see here the list of articles on every sexual difficulty I work with. I can help you with all these issues via online coaching and home practices.




Each session is £60 for 1 hour.

You can just write to me and ask if I can help you with your situation via a consultation and I will  say if it would work.