what is tantric sex

Don’t worry about what Tantric sex is. You’ve seen all sorts of things – divine this, goddess that, enlightenment this, bliss that. All those lineages from ancient gurus, authentic secret ancient techniques… there’s lots of ritualistic and tongue-twisting stuff that will make you feel like you need to convert into a new religion or do offerings to gods every time before you have sex, or be a highly ‘spiritual’ person to be allowed anywhere near tantric sex. All rubbish.

Real tantric sex is not in costumes or rituals or terminology. It doesn’t even need to talk of spirituality or ‘being beyond just sex’ – those are just distractions from real practice, from true experience.

Tantric sex is in the spirit of your lovemaking, a fresh practice that brings a new experience. Tantric sex is an art of lovemaking that gives you a lot more than typical physiologically-stimulating or entertaining sex. Tantric sex is a higher potential, a greater experience, a more advanced art, mastery and healing of lovemaking. Tantric sex is for those who want a better life and who want to keep growing.

They say we only use 10% of our brain. The same goes for sex. Conventional sex that we learn from culture is an experiential disappointment for a loving couple. We look for ways to get stimulated by the person we love, then we rub particular nerves in our genitals to get discharged and give us a drug-like moment. Sex is something fun and pleasurable but not more than that.

Because of such narrow focus this kind of love life can quickly fade, run into problems, be affected by health and age, and many couples feel something deeper is missing because they love each other but the sex doesn’t seem to get further beyond seeking physical pleasure and entertainment.

Tantric lovemaking is much richer, it is about harnessing your emotions, consciousness, body and sexual energy principles to create a more profound sexual experience. In Tantric sex you experience more pleasure but you also direct all those sexual energies to emotional satisfaction and love between you.

In Tantric sex you don’t build up sexual energy only to be discharged in a moment of quick pleasure, you build it up to feed yourself and your bond. You create love and connection through physical contact.

Lovemaking becomes more than just fun – Tantric sex is a source of positive energy for your daily life, which you will feel in your health, emotional wellbeing and feeling of greater love between you. It is about how to truly make love in sex.

Tantric sex becomes a connecting, spiritual, inspirational experience that influences your whole life. Tantric lovemaking unites lovers in a very special and profound journey of life.



Tantric sex is just a set of “healthy eating” principles for your physical intimacy. You understand better how your sexual energy can be aroused and consumed for greater happiness. It is not just for Hinduists or New Agers – Tantric sex is the reality of human sexual potential, harnessing the capacities that we have beyond the animal.

With this greater understanding your love life will never fizzle out, will never run into problems, will always keep growing and giving you more every day. Knowing about these principles is not a conversion into some exotic kind of ritualised practice – it is understanding more about true power of sex, the deeper knowledge that leads us to our full happiness. Rather, conventional sex science is not really about true sex – it is just a very poor fraction of it, a severe lack of knowledge.

You can make love the Tantric way on some days and in a more conventional entertaining way on other days, or you can enhance your usual love life with Tantric principles. There is no need to feel you have to ‘convert’ to Tantric sex – Tantric sex doesn’t take anything away, it only adds.


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