Can a Tantric Massage for Women Help with Female Orgasms?

A true sensual Tantric massage for women is not intended specifically to give an orgasm to a client. This kind of objective would be counterproductive for giving a good experience of a Tantric massage or Yoni massage. If a woman is too preoccupied with getting an orgasm during a Tantric massage, she would close herself off from the benefits of the experience of the true healing Yoni massage session.

An orgasm can happen for women by itself during a Tantric massage, or it might not happen. In either case, it is a valuable experience, because even if a woman doesn’t have an orgasm, the idea is that she has experienced her sexual energy positively and without frustration.

A Tantric massage in woman does, however, help with increasing a woman’s capacity to have female orgasms. It teaches the woman how to be more conscious, more present to her body, to listen to her body more and to not be so distracted or in her head, which is often the main reason women don’t experience enough pleasure during the sexual intercourse. It also makes her body more sensitive and teaches her how to enhance the pleasure in her body, and how to connect better to her body and the body of her partner.

The Yoni massage (female genital massage) is even more focused on these things, but directly in a woman’s Yoni, which helps the woman to connect better to her vagina and enhance their sensitivity. As a result, a woman may find it generally a lot easier to have orgasms. In particular, vaginal orgasms become more possible with this approach than clitoral orgasm.

When you visit a Tantric massage practitioner in London, it is not a good idea for a woman to book a Tantric massage / yoni massage specifically expecting an orgasm, as that would make them even less possible, and also not allow the woman to experience herself differently. However, it will definitely help the woman with her ability to have orgasms in general. But it is important that the Tantric sex educator knows his trade and is not simply trying to stimulate the client to an orgasm.


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