Can Tantric Massage for Woman “Remove Blocks” in your Sexual Energy?

There is a widespread myth that you go for a Tantric therapy, e.g. a healing Tantric massage for women if you have a kundalini block in a particular chakra, and the Tantric masseur removes it by his massage techniques. The image this paints is that the woman is completely a passive recipient, giving herself into the hands of the professional, and it is particularly so in the case of the Yoni healing sessions.

The reason why this is not a very common thing to hear of is because it doesn’t quite work like this.

The sexual blocks that a woman experiences in her sexuality are not in any particular physical location or chakra. The blocks in sex are her sexual patterns, her ways of being, her habits, psychological difficulties, fears and insecurities. The blocks are her lack of sensitivity in her body, or her inability to connect with her body.

These blocks in sex do not go away with the wave of a magic wand by the Tantric masseur, or by having a drink to boost her sexual energy.

A woman can of course work through all these difficulties in a Tantric massage to achieve a better quality of sex life. But it is a process different from just passively reclining and letting the practitioner “uncork” kundalini. The woman needs to cultivate her sexual energy.

A woman’s sexuality is very much of her own making, moment-by-moment, and however positive the experience, the effects of it will last only if the woman continues to build on them in her own conscious journey after having the Tantric massage  or a Yoni massage. The massage in itself serves as more of an experiential pointer and an influx of positive energy to give the process the first push, but then it is a question of how much the woman is guided by her Tantric guide to integrate these new insights into her sex life.

Another factor is that to really experience Tantric sexuality a woman has to open to it in a particular way, and that in itself will require her not to be passive – although of course she will be guided by her Tantric guide. Change will happen only through her own conscious learning of how she should connect with a sexual experience in her body, mind and emotions.


You don’t need to decide on your own if having a tantric
massage is the right thing for you.
It is not your job.
It is my job as a professional to explain to you how
tantric massage can serve you.
It is my job as a professional to reassure you that this
will be useful, safe and comfortable.
As a client, your next step is just to discuss this with me
without making any decisions, and see if this feels right.
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