Emotionally Disconnected In Sex – Reason 2

Most of people who come to me for a Tantric massage find that they more emotionally disconnected in sex than they would like to be. In fact every couple can feel more emotional connection in sex if they learn how, and a Tantric massage is one of the very useful ways of learning it through experience.


The second reason we often can’t feel close in sex is that we are simply not sensitive enough in our bodies to feel en emotional connection in sex.


You see, in a Tantric massage session for example, you learn to become a lot more sensitive to finer dimensions of what you feel in your body, to hear beyond just the physical sensation. This is particularly true in the part of the massage known as Yoni massage. However, normally we just don’t have that sensitivity in sex.


We can only hear the physical sensation – in terms of how pleasant it feels, how arousing it is for the genitals, what is its intensity and value towards an orgasm.


But in every touch there is a deeper connection. We can hear an emotional resonance of it, the emotional impact it has on our senses. Because all sexual sensations are also emotional to us. We simply haven’t developed the sensitivity to it.


With time we can become so sensitive that we can literally feel an emotion as a physical sensation from our partner. And that is when we can really read this emotional connection in sex from our partners, and respond to it. That is what truly makes us feel close and closeness in sex.


With the right sensitivity those emotional connections in sex will also have a physical effect on our arousal. They will contribute to sexual energy inside us and we wont feel that we need to have something un-emotional to keep receiving sexual pleasure.


The sexual space is a whole world of feelings and sensations that we can not even give a name to. We can normally hear only a narrow range of it, just like we can only see a narrow range of light wavelengths. When we develop our sensitivity a whole new spectrum opens to us, feelings in the body that touch us emotionally, make an impact. That is when we can feel the emotional connection in sex – when we can feel it in physical terms.


It is all entirely possible, we just need to open this capacity and the best way to learn to feel emotional connection in sex is through a Tantric massage.


You can very easily change this in your life and have a fulfilling sex with a deep emotional connection and closeness. It is just a matter of learning and is easily accessible. Please read on in the menu at the top of the page.


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