Tantric massage - the hands-on sexual bodywork that acts as sex therapy and sexual healing

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

A professional expert Tantric massage is a potent method for sexual healing and a powerful alternative to conventional sex therapy. It is a hands-on bodywork to heal sexual issues – as opposed to talking therapy it works directly with your body to change patterns and to empower your sexual energy to greater wellbeing. This is a professional bodywork / massage to deal with sex problems specifically.

When looking for sexual healing or sex therapy you may wish that you could do something more effective than counselling or talking therapy. You may wish that you could work with the body directly to achieve that sexual healing, in some sort of hands-on bodywork.

You may feel the limitations that talking may have for your actual sexual experience. You may be able to resolve some psychological issues but in the moment of sex you may feel that you still struggle to feel as much as you would like, or you stay with your instinctive responses, unable to deal with them.

This is natural, as after all sex is very much grounded in your body, how your body feels and how it instinctively reacts. The body has its own memory and patterns, it has its own life and adopted behaviour. Processing feelings or getting advice doesn’t necessarily mean you can change how your body feels or reacts.

Some women take a learning approach – learning about sex through books, workshops or consultations, but the problem remains the same – you may understand something in your mind but still struggle to connect in the body, change the feeling of your body or avoid adopted natural reactions.

Some women may look for some sort of massage for sex problems, but a massage per se does not involve sexual energy and sexual responses so it can’t bring you closer to your aims.

This is where Tantric massage that works with sexual energy directly can offer a very effective hands-on sexual bodywork to help with sex problems.

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

Tantric massage provides healing and improvement by working directly with your sexual body. You receive special Tantric touch and you learn new ways to connect with your body.

The body receives direct influence from sexual touch which is healing and empowering. Your body organically awakens from a professional sexual bodywork and learns new patterns. You experience a new kind of sexual energy and this has a healing effect. You gain new knowledge from you experience, new confidence and positive conditioning through the body.

Needless to say this has to be a professional Tantric massage, performed by en expert in sexuality – and moreover in the Tantric technique to sexuality. Nowadays you can see a lot of Tantric massage offers which basically come from adult entertainment market and do not offer genuine healing bodywork for sexual issues.

This idea may be something you haven’t heard about before and it can be out of your comfort zone. Even if you want to heal your sexuality through the body it may be first tempting to look for more non-sexual bodyworks.

For example you may find other alternative therapies that will promise to treat sex problems.

But no amount of massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, yoga or chakra balancing can change your actual experience of sexual energy in the moment of sex with you partner.

They will only change your general wellbeing that can marginally improve how you feel in sex, as you feel better in general, but will usually not address the actual problems you experience in sex.

You can only effectively address the sexual body by working with the sexual energy directly. You need to change your sexual responses in the body, awaken your sexual body, learn how to connect better to your sexual sensations, learn how to create a better kind of sexual energy.

This will only happen in a sexual experience, by feeling real sexual energy.

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

Tantric massage offers a professional healing space where you can receive such a healing sexual experience, in a well framed and guided format where you are supported and led by your sexual healer. As a result your sexual body is involved directly and influenced by this bodywork but it happens in a structured and safe container.

The Tantric massage is a massage in a sense that it happens on the massage table and your healer touches you. However, it is not about manipulating meridians, chakras or muscles. This bodywork gives a certain sexual energy to your body, awakens your own sexual energy, and then guides that sexual energy within you to create a positive and healing experience.

This needs to happen with the expertise of the healer – not only giving you the special healing sexual touch, but also explaining to you how you need to empower your sexual feelings, crate a more positive space for them within, and enhance them. The healer should also guide you through the experience to help you connect with it, so you can learn new ways of reacting to sexual feelings.

Overall, the effect of a professional sexual bodywork is two-fold.

On the one hand, you learn from the experience consciously – how sexual feelings can feel differently, how you helped them to arise, how your body needs to be treated, how your body works, and what you can do on your own to create the same kind of sexual energy.

On the other hand, there is an organic process where your body develops and awakens in its sexuality even without your conscious awareness. The body receives positive sexual energy and healing touch, it opens, trusts, becomes more sensitive and responsive.

This is why working with the body directly in a hands-on way through bodywork is invaluable in healing sexuality and sex problems. It is a much faster and more effective route than trying to find a solution that doesn’t involve the body – or involves he body in a non-sexual way.

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