How To Cultivate Sexual Energy

Some people might have heard of the concept of cultivating sexual energy or managing sexual energy.


So what does it mean to cultivate sexual energy? What would we do if we cultivated land?


To cultivate sexual energy means several ways to take care of it that all combine into a process and the bigger picture.

One of the ways to start learning some of these important ways to manage your sexual energy is through a professional session of Tantric Massage (I offer it to women in London) and the authentic Yoni Massage technique.

To manage your sexual energy well is to increase the quantity and quality of it. It also means to make it a useful kind of sexual energy not just any kind – some of the sexual energy we create is exhausting and turbulent. Managing your sexual energy also means not doing things that make you lose it, and channeling it properly into your being to benefit from it. Creating lots of sexual energy is pointless in itself – it is also important to direct it for your benefit.


The first and most obvious aspect to attend to is to prevent losing sexual energy. Sexual energy is lost through a variety of means. The most important one is orgasms of a wrong kind. But also influential are the pace and intensity with which you have sex, sexual positions, physical strain, emotional connection, and others. There is a post on how to prevent losing sexual energy / how to conserve sexual energy.


Secondly, we need to create a better quality of sexual energy. It’s not the same to grow vegetable on lots of chemicals or to make them healthy and organic. We need to understand more about different kinds of vibrations in sex. Some of them are exhausting or have low nutritional value, some are on the contrary very nourishing. It has to do with learning how to treat the body more harmonically, with the right stimulation and not the wrong one, but also with how to add more positive emotion and consciousness into our sexual moment. This is particularly relevant for women in the Yoni.


Likewise, we can increase sexual energy in quantity if we become more holistic and informed about it. Some of the most widespread kinds of sexual stimulation create a lot of nervous impulse, but very little of healthy sexual energy. With the same techniques as above, for the quality of sexual energy, we can increase sexual energy in the quantity of it.


And then of course, there is a question of channeling sexual energy into ourselves. Just having a plentiful source of it is not enough – what are we going to do with all that sexual energy now? We need to learn how to direct it deeper into our body, soul and heart, and into our relationships, so that it doesn’t stay pressured and tense somewhere, and instead it nourishes us.


We can learn how to increase our sexual energy, cultivate it and manage it in the practice of Tantric sex. You can come to me for a coaching session on tantric sex in my London practice.


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