How to Feel More Inside the Vagina?

Many women say that they can not feel much inside the vagina, or even that they can’t feel anything inside the vagina. To feel more pleasure in your vagina, a more global approach is needed than simply a better physical technique.

Feelings inside your vagina draw very much on what happens in the rest of your body and the sex, how relaxed you are in it, how much pleasure and sexual energy you feel elsewhere, what is your emotional state. This affects how much pleasure your vagina will feel inside in penetration.

Very important to feel more in the vagina also is to know how to stimulate the vagina in a way that gives it pleasure but doesn’t numb it. Of a special importance are Tantric techniques for women of connecting to the vagina with your mental presence, and connecting to your partner emotionally through the vagina. These are key to feeling a lot more inside the vagina and some of the main principles of Tantric sex and Yoni Massages.

If you can’t feel much in your vagina it is also important not to desensitize it by having a habit of rubbing it too rough, too fast, by your lover or by a toy in female masturbation. At that moment it may feel like by doing that you receive more pleasure inside and that otherwise you won’t feel anything in the vagina, but over time this causes your vagina to feel less and less. It is like building up tolerance levels, and the only way you can reverse that is to accustom yourself to progressively subtler sensations. You have to practice listening.

There is a lot more to expand on in these tips and many others to add to increase the sensitivity of your yoni. All of this, however, can also be discovered by learning Tantric sexual techniques, which usually would often involve a Yoni massage that, in good hands, should focus extensively on these female issues.


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