How to Get a Vaginal Orgasm

A satisfying vaginal orgasm is not achieved through a particular technique of physical stimulation inside the vagina.

In some women it is possible to get a vaginal orgasm by rubbing a sensitive area purposefully, however, the female orgasm inside the vagina achieved this way doesn’t tend to be the best vaginal orgasm a women can get.

For most women, achieving an orgasm inside the vagina this way is very difficult, especially not being able to have an orgasm in penetration.

The reason is because the vagina cannot be treated like the clitoris, like simply a nerve to be stimulated to a resolution of a reflex.

In Tantric sex, for example, it is very important for the yoni to awaken all the senses first. Many of the sensitive areas inside do not become receptive right from the start; there is a process of making them open. It normally happens through awakening the rest of a woman’s body, not the vagina, as well as through connecting emotionally to your partner and treating your vagina in a special progressive way that doesn’t ruin sensitivity.

However, foreplay is often skipped or isn’t sufficient.

Several things are important to awaken the vaginal senses and achieve a vaginal orgasm. It is important to draw on sexual energy that you experience in the rest of your body. It is important to give enough time for your body to awaken sexual sensations. It is important to have the right emotional connection in your vagina, and the right mental presence there. It is important to sensitize the vagina, which has lost some sensitivity through the habit of vigorous clitoris stimulation. For that I offer a professional Yoni massage therapy in London.

In the end a orgasm inside the vagina is the result of sensitivity, and sensitivity needs a global approach throughout the  intercourse, such as exploring some Tantric techniques through bodywork for women, which will help to focus on awakening senses.


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