Lack of Sexual Confidence After a Bad Relationship

A Tantric massage can help a woman to regain sexual confidence if it has been damaged in a traumatic past relationship. The healing and revitalising Tantric massage can be that safe place where a woman can open again after losing her sexual confidence before she goes on to form a new positive relationship with a man.


A break up can often be prolonged and damaging for self-esteem. A drop in a woman’s general self-esteem can lead to a loss of sexual confidence too, as the woman’s self worth falls. Feelings of anxiety about new relationships, affected by past conflicts, can make a woman emotionally and hence sexually closed off. Often, in the last phase of a relationship partners are still having sex, in a conflicting way, and it can leave an imprint in a woman’s body – a reaction of recoil, lack of sensitivity, or even pain, which can lead to feeling unwell and hence a lack of sexual confidence.


Trying to get back into dating, even casually, may feel risky as the anxiety of how the other person will react to any of the issues is very present, and a man may not show sufficient understanding, causing more loss of sexual confidence and sexual self-esteem.


A Tantric massage can offer a safe and supportive space to gently ease yourself into feeling sexual feelings without any pressure or a need to hide anything or pretend. It can be a gentle process of opening where a woman can get reconnected to the beauty of her sexuality to allow her to start regaining and healing her sexual confidence. A healing session of Yoni massage in London can create a deep and nourishing quality of sexual energy that can awaken the woman inside to flourish, and it teaches her how to connect to herself positively again and remove all the negative conditioning. She is then also more able to create a more Tantric quality of sex life with her new partner.


You don’t need to decide on your own if having a tantric
massage is the right thing for you.
It is not your job.
It is my job as a professional to explain to you how
tantric massage can serve you.
It is my job as a professional to reassure you that this
will be useful, safe and comfortable.
As a client, your next step is just to discuss this with me
without making any decisions, and see if this feels right.
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