Low Sexual Confidence in Women - Causes

A Tantric massage for women in my London practice can be a powerful way to deal with low sexual confidence when a woman feels a lack of sexual confidence.


Probably all of the women I have met, whether clients of my Yoni massages, experience a lack of sexual confidence at least to some extent. In today’s world it is very difficult to be a sexually confident woman.


The main reasons women lose or can not gain enough confidence in sex or in their sexuality in general are these:


–       Women are insecure about their looks

In today’s world of photoshopped perfection, standards get higher and higher. We place an undue emphasis on visual stimulation and our senses get increasingly more demanding and consumist. It is becoming impossible to keep up with the expectations. Even the most good looking women have an aspect or a part of their body they feel will displease men.

This is largely a question of how you connect with yourself in a sexual experience .


–       Women worry they can’t please a man enough

In the world of men used to watching skillful porn actresses, women feel they have to go into great lengths to provide for what men seek. Often beyond what women themselves would be comfortable with. We also live in the world where we get bored too quickly, we need to be constantly stimulated and entertained, and women feel the pressure to keep up with this demand from men. It leads to an impossible amount of skill for most women to acquire and a different approach is needed to find a healthy relationship with the pleasure of your partner.


–       Women may feel insecure about their own sexual performance

How easy a woman gets orgasms, how fast she gets aroused, how intense is her pleasure or orgasms, how often she wants to have sex – all of that may well be within the true norm but women often have unrealistic expectations of where the norm should be. This is often a result of media influence, and men are just as affected, indirectly putting pressure on women. Women may have low self-confidence because they feel they are below the norm, inadequate, upsetting for their partners.


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