Never Have Orgasms During Penetration?

Many women report they have never had an orgasm in penetration.

For most women it is possible to have an orgasm through masturbation, or to have an orgasm from oral sex, or to achieve an orgasm with stimulation by hand, but there is no orgasm in penetrative sex. It normally means that penetration for those women is not enough to have an orgasm; they have to spend time after it on other kinds of stimulation.

There is a belief that a woman is supposed to have an in through penetration. It is not true; most women are not designed to have orgasm through the little stimulation that penetrative sex offers. A man would have to move a lot more and a lot faster of a clitoris, for example, for it to climax, and the same inside the vagina.

However, the real cause here is that women expect to have an orgasm in penetration / intercourse through purely physical stimulation – and that is when they have to employ a lot more of it, making it impossible to create in penetration.

When women try to have an orgasm in intercourse through physical stimulation only, leaving aside emotional connection with your yoni, and the right mental presence, they need a lot more stimulation. A professional Tantric massage for women illustrates this perfectly – in yoni massage only subtle stimulation is used, yet a great deal of pleasure can be achieved.

Instead, women should invest more in becoming more sensitive in their vagina during penetration. Through the right mental approach, and emotional connection, through whole body arousal and better ways of becoming sensitive, a woman can become a lot more sensitive in her vagina, and that means she needs a lot less stimulation to have the same effect. The orgasm through penetration becomes more possible, as the stimulation that a man gives just through his body can be sufficient.

So most women can actually have an orgasm in penetrative sex, but not in the way in which they normally try to achieve it. If they invest in improving their lovemaking holistically, orgasms in penetration will catch up automatically.

Sensitivity in the vagina can be developed with a professional Tantric massage for women and a yoni massage, or you could learn these approaches by learning tantric sexual techniques with a partner in classes and workshops.


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