Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women – Do they Work?

Lots of women now are given advice to do pelvic floor exercises / Kegels exercises to improve their sexual experience.

The theory is that exercises to strengthen pelvic floor an tone vaginal muscles will provide a better flow of sexual energy and a better sexual experience.

The theory behind is true. When vaginal muscles can be contracted easier at will it can be a source of pleasant sensations for a woman, and a source of sexual energy. A tighter pelvic floor can enhance the experience both for her and for her man, and consequently, improve their sex life.

It is unnecessary, however, to obsess with the vaginal muscles being in a good form to the point of making an exercise program for them.

For my clients of the London Tantric massage, when I practice the Yoni massages (part of the Tantric massage) I never, for example, focus on anything to do with internal muscles.

First, few women are really in need of a specific exercise program to avoid pelvic floor prolapse. Some men might be insisting on greater and greater tightness – that’s why men often want anal sex – but it is a problem with the male sexual response – not being able to react to a woman normally, being used to high level stimulation all the time. The woman can not keep up with it by tightening vaginal muscles all the time, and even if she does it is unlikely to solve the problem because then there will be something else needed to raise levels of stimulation after a while. What you need is some learning about better sex – Tantric sexual principles.

Obviously, to do kegel exercises can be beneficial in extreme cases, such as soon after childbirth, but normally is unnecessary to be so obsessive as to make a daily exercise routine out of kegels. Just experimentation and practice during sex will give sufficient ability to you to use contractions to your own pleasure and that of your partner.

However, perhaps the most important point to make here is that you can’t rely on techniques like kegel exercises to enhance your sex life to a greater happiness, intimacy, love, etc. All that pelvic floor exercises do, is just give an extra source of pleasant sensations in the genitals, and quality sex is about much more than that. Certainly, a true flow of sexual energy doesn’t come from muscles, it comes from being able to connect as whole human beings on many levels, and that is where your time is best spent – learning new approaches from a Tantric massage, Yoni massage, or courses on Tantric sex.


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