Tantric Bodywork: Sex Surrogate Therapy for women in London

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For women looking for sex surrogacy services, or surrogate partner therapy in London a genuine and professional Tantric massage for women with an expert can be a perfect solution.

In some ways, a professional Tantric bodywork for women can performs a more comfortable and more effective sex surrogacy that working with a conventional sex surrogate.

What is a sex surrogate?

A sex surrogate, also sometimes called surrogate partner therapy, is someone who works in direct sexual contact with a client, to help them overcome difficulties in sex and / or to teach sexual technique.

For example you may be anxious about sex or experience some other problems in your body in sex. A sex surrogate would work with you in direct contact, with touch, so you can get used to sexual intimacy in a safe and supported space until you are able to feel ok on your own.

Another example is if you lack experience or sexual confidence, and a surrogate partner would educate you on techniques until you feel more confident.

A sex surrogate is in effect an imagined partner with who you are interacting, but who gives you a supportive space, guides you, respects your limitations and creates a space free of judgement or pressure.

Often, both people are naked in this scenario to approximate authentic sexual intimacy.

The activities in surrogate partner therapy sessions can include mutual touching, exploring bodies, intimate contact and sexual stimulation.

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Tantric massage as surrogate partner therapy / sex surrogacy for women

Working with a sex surrogate is very beneficial for women who want to treat sexual anxieties, problems, become more confident and relaxed in sex.

It is difficult to achieve these aims in talking therapy or intellectual learning. Much of your response and feeing is in the physical moment, which gets improved only through the actual experience. Gaining confidence in experience is very important, but there is also the effect of your body directly changing its responses, sensitivity and feelings.

A Tantric massage has a very similar approach, but in some ways different.

In a Tantric massage you receive a bodywork from the expert. You lie down and relax and the expert touches your body, while guiding you how to feel it and how to connect with it.

You receive sexual touch which is especially powerful, nurturing and knowledgeable. You experience your sexual energy in different ways and you learn how it feels. You learn how your body feels and what it needs. The special Tantric massage heals your sexual body, transforms it and empowers your sexual energy.

All of this happens in a very supportive space, with certain structure, so you don’t just throw yourself at the deep end, but your practitioner helps you step by step by teaching you to relax, connect and feel – with patience and support.

As a result you awaken sexually. You become more comfortable and familiar with your sexual energy. Your mind and emotions lose the negative reaction and naturally start to react positively, through experience. Your body changes in its sensitivity, opens and responds better. You also learn consciously how fulfilling sexual feelings are created.

It is an invaluable way to work directly in contact with the body which is far more effective than talking or reading. You can come into your senses, lose your inhibitions, become confident and enjoy your sexuality through experience.

Why can Tantric massage be more effective than the conventional approach to surrogate partner therapy and sex surrogacy for women?

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

First, for some clients it can be a more comfortable format

You don’t need to physically interact with an imagined partner.

You relax and absorb the experience into yourself in the format that feels like a massage. The expert will not be naked.

It’s not just a massage of course – it’s a powerful surrogate sex therapy in the sense that this massage consist entirely of sexual sensations and sexual states in your body. Yet those states pare particularly powerful, healing and educating.

Of course you are guided how to relax, how to feel, how to connect with your body – so you interact internally but not physically.

In that deep relaxation and even less pressure you can often actually achieve even more than in interaction.

Your body is still learning fast from every loving touch and every sensation – relaxing, opening, connecting, building these positive memories. But you have more space to connect with your body deeply and receive this healing.

It is not actually necessary for women to interact a lot and learn many techniques – in fact it can block you by getting you into your head.

There can be tremendous shifts and openings if your simply relax and receive a loving and nurturing sexual touch with variations.

When a woman’s body is healed, awakened and empowered by receiving powerful sexual energy, many things shift. Anxieties and tensions go, sex problems disappear and even your own confidence in interacting with your partner naturally comes.

The most powerful thing you can do as a woman is ground yourself in your own feeling, your own enjoyment of sexual energy. Then everything that comes from you happens easily and with confidence.

The Tantric massage is designed to give you the most effective space to achieve that.

tantric sex and female sexuality articles

Second, Tantric sexual technique is more effective than conventional sexual technique

Much of the conventional surrogate partner therapy can be based in conventional sexual technique – what all people use when they have sex. So working with a sex surrogate for women you may be practicing the standard forms of touching and sexual stimulation.

A surrogate partner is normally a highly giving person and does an excellent job with their heart.

The problem, however, is generally in conventional sexual technique – even if we leave for a moment what a sex surrogate may do with you and just consider what your body needs to learn objectively – and what you need to learn as a person, even if you learn on your own.

The conventional sexual technique is actually very poor in engaging a woman’s body. There is too much emphasis on something mechanical, repetitive and goal oriented, and not enough on your mental and emotional space, how this connected with your body, and more relaxed and deep, nourishing sexual energies rather than pleasure stimulation.

As a result you can learn very well the conventional sensual touch but it will do half as much for you and your partner as a more profound Tantric touch.

In fact a lot of women have problems in sex precisely because conventional sexual technique creates them, so it is difficult to get out of problems by going further into that technique.

Tantric sexual technique is far more effective for a woman.

The physical technique engages the body better, awakens you more and it is easier for you to feel good in sex.

The Tantric sexual technique creates a more loving, nourishing and soulful effect than mainstream technique, and this means it will be easier for you to trust sexual feelings, believe in them, appreciate them and relax into them, letting go of your anxieties.

There are also a lot of Tantric mental and emotional techniques that the mainstream technique is unable to cover. In conventional sex you may feel that you ‘just need to relax’ or ‘enjoy’ somehow mysteriously. It may be a long route to achieve this naturally through a lot of experience.

With the Tantric approach you actually practise specific techniques that help you relax, relieve anxieties, help you to feel more, or create a more loving connection.

These are very powerful techniques and probably end up being the most important ones in surrogate partner therapy – after all you go to a sex surrogate mainly for your emotional and psychological blocks with sexual intimacy.

Overall, in Tantric massage you are working on the level that helps you to connect with sexual energy right now, for your healing, much better and easier. But also you are learning approaches that can give you a lot more in sex with your partner than conventional technique – and you will get more confidence out of it.

For these reasons if you are looking for a surrogate partner therapy in London, a Tantric massage for women is a very effective and advanced solution that can give you that sex surrogate effect.

Please see the Tantric bodywork that I offer to women in London, and also you may choose to book a Yoni massage therapy session in London.


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