Sexual Confidence Crisis After a Bad Relationship

A Tantric massage can be of great help to restore your lost sexual confidence after a relationship that ended in a low sexual self-esteem. Look into booking a Tantric massage for women in the London studio and it may well be that first controlled stepping stone to get back into the water and start dating again.


Many women go through a sexual disconnect in the last stages of their relationship. It is very damaging to be sexually ignored by the person you have invested you love into. It can make you feel inadequate, unattractive, perhaps sexually obsessed in the opinion of the other. Sometimes the partner may try to hold on to the slipping sex life and become more demanding or critical which would lead to a severe loss of your sexual confidence as you feel you are not enough as you are.


There may have been many reasons why your partner behaved like this. Sometimes it is just a difference in tastes and you need to see it as no more than that. Sometimes your ex might have been struggling with issues of his own and projected them onto you or simply you completely had nothing to do with what went on in his life. Sometimes there was just a lack of understanding of how to keep things well and frustration turned into blame.


In any case, what you need to heal your sexual confidence is to be with someone else, feel a different experience, a positive one, where you are loved, liked, found attractive. But it is difficult to project that healthy sexual energy out to men around you when you don’t have it in that crisis of sexual confidence, and it is difficult to feel grounded in your own sexual attraction to men.


This is where you can benefit hugely from a Tantric massage to regain your sexual confidence. It allows you to get in touch with your sexuality and open it in a tranquil and positive way without having to risk anything or challenging yourself too much and setting yourself up for rejection. Just to go deep into yourself and feel the beauty of your sexual energy again, admire it, take it into yourself, charge up with that sexual energy. You will feel and respect the beauty of your sexuality and it will make you believe again in how rich you are as a woman, instead of dwelling on the dynamic of the past.


You need to believe in the beauty of yourself as a woman  and a Tantric massage takes you there in a very genuine and profound way, on a deep level, not on the level of superficial sex appeal.


In a Tantric Yoni massage you get to feel your sexual energy as a real source and centre of your being, it is the kind of sexual energy that empowers you, makes you find your identity as a woman, not the kind that is simply for fun or in service to a man. To be connected to it and feel it in your day is to be alive again. It is a very unique kind of sexual experience that nourishes your whole self and leaves you in that positive place for a while.


Just that presence of a positive, healthy sexual energy in your being starts shifting things in your life and makes you feel more empowered to act as a sexual woman, it happens naturally. Many of my clients also commented on a difference in how men around them react after a Tantric massage. When you feel alive with this sexual energy and you emanate it, it shows through and you can expect a healthy interest, as well as a new ease and confidence in your communication as a woman.

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You don’t need to decide on your own if having a tantric
massage is the right thing for you.
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It is my job as a professional to reassure you that this
will be useful, safe and comfortable.
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