The Tao Of Sex

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Another great civilisation that brings us a wealth of knowledge on the energetic reality of sex is the Chinese.

The Chinese Taoists have explored the human bioenergy system perhaps better than anyone else. They have mapped the exact routes of bio-energy in the human body and reached far into explaining how our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing interact in that energy and how the energy is affected by all external and internal factors.

The Taoists have reached such heights of knowledge on the subject that their whole medicine is based on influencing the energy and Chinese treatments such as herbal remedies and acupuncture, based on pure bioenergetic foundations, are now acknowledged by the Western medicine.

The Taoists believe in balance. They do not divide the world into good and bad, they simply see it as a reality of opposing forces. When things are out of balance, things go bad. The Taoists are not moralists, they have simply explored what happens in objective reality and what we can do to be well in this complex world where everything has consequences.

The human energy system, according to Taoists, is in constant flux and interaction with external and internal factors, from emotional problems to the food we eat and the air we breathe. The Taoists noticed early on that sexual energy is a very different breed to our total energy field and that it is a very powerful aspect, the one we really need to pay attention to. So they explored it in their practice.

The Taoist approach to sex was more pragmatic than the Tantric approach. They simply acknowledged that sex plays an important part in health and wellbeing and they explored the health effects of it.

However, the Taoists focused mainly on how sexual energy affects the health and wellbeing of the system, much like nutrition. Their teachings are rather clinical and based on energy exercises during sex. The general ideas of balancing your sexual energy are very helpful in the practice of better sex. However, the Taoists didn’t explore many of the facets of sex relevant to a couple today – love, desire, personal connection, aesthetic enjoyment, the emotional experience of sex for pleasure and journey together. For a modern couple the Taoist technique can’t make a complete and fulfilling sex life and the overall idea needs to be complemented with further approaches.

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