The Sex That Breaks Relationships

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It is a little known and invisible issue but a great deal of relationships break up because of problems with lovemaking.

A lot of people would never admit it. They will give other reasons – lack of communication, emotional violence, “the spark has gone out”, parting on different priorities, not growing in the same direction, etc.

Most people would not consider unsatisfactory lovemaking as a good reason to break up with an otherwise suitable partner. They may not even realise it themselves, and would convince themselves that unsatisfactory sex can be acceptable if everything else is going ok.

But everything else often doesn’t go ok – and the truth is that a lot of the time the roots are in lovemaking.

It’s the perfectly normal sexual practice that can be draining the relationship

It’s not that one day someone decided that they want better sex and they will look for someone else. Lovemaking might have been quite normal – people start the foreplay routine in all the usual places, then penetration, vigorous building of tension in the genitals and an orgasm. It might be either the man or the woman who initiates this kind of lovemaking.

It’s just that what people normally do when making love stays on such a superficial level that it doesn’t nourish their relationship enough and even depletes their connection with each other, and the Tantric sexual teachings shed some light as to why.

In this kind of mechanised procedure your sexual energy does not expand enough to become a nourishing field of satisfaction for your whole being, and it doesn’t create love between partners. The sexual energy was just locked in the genitals and did not feed the lovers. Even if there is an orgasm it is just a release of built-up nerve tension, not a wave of nourishment that brings the emotional fulfilment of coming alive with love and radiating it into the relationship. The genitals got a rub, with a satisfying spark of pleasure at the end, but the lovemaking did not leave a trace of lasting love. It may not be as visible in the beginning of the relationship while things are fresh, but as the novelty wears off so does the nurturing side of making love.

In addition, it is very rare that this kind of sex sexually awakens the woman completely, even if her genitals got a good rub. She needs a lot more than this to truly come alive, so the lovemaking is only half-happened for her. Many times, not being truly awakened means she has experienced physical discomfort and emotional disconnection, and that will create a subconscious tension instead of satisfaction.

The man, on the other hand, always loses a lot of his own vitality with the ejaculated semen in this kind of sex. Had he done it differently, ejaculation could happen after he has charged up himself and his woman before losing the remaining energy, but this way he is simply drained. He carries this underlying rejection of her as a cause of his tiredness and low moods, without even realising it, becoming even further from love.

Couples come out of this kind of sex cheated. Instinctively they feel that it is supposed to bring them closer together and the low return on it creates subconscious frustration. They believe they are doing everything right and they got everything they wanted but deep in their hearts there is a lack of fulfilment.

The underlying build up of tension in the relationship

When this goes on in their lives, the overall relationship lacks a vital source of energy. That energetic circuit that charges them up, that well from which they can drink to replenish their love remains closed, all they are getting is a quick fix of nerve stimulation. They can be great friends and share interests but this deep bond of man and woman that keeps them together as a loving couple is simply not nourished, nothing flows through it. Their bodies are not telling each other “I love you”. No amount of shared interests can hide the fact that when they make love they don’t feel a song in their hearts.

There is a background of sexual distance, unfulfilled dreams, frustration that stays deep in the subconscious but affects their communication. It is like being ill and depleted of vitality. A lucky couple finds a way to compensate for this lack with other means, despite this background noise of tensions. Most accept this imperfect and fuzzy connection between them and stay together despite the struggle. For others, conflicts may become more frequent, distance may grow, the things that are shared stay superficial and are not fed by the underlying current of love. It is like a flower that doesn’t get water.

This lack of influx of fresh love energy through lovemaking and the background tensions that mediocre sex creates may erode their relationship and become the soil where all those other problems can grow easier, because sexual energy is not just for making love – it is meant to irrigate the whole relationship, in all its aspects, and all of those aspects are now drying out. Many times this puts in action a chain of events that leads to a final separation.

Sex will be either nourishing or destructive, it will not be irrelevant

Had both of them known how to connect deeper in lovemaking to let those energies nourish them, not only would they strengthen their bond and create more love that flows through all aspects of their relationship, making it all flourish, those energies would also help to clear out many of the smaller problems before they grow into bigger ones. A couple in love can forgive each other a lot, and sex is the best way to create that love.

Unfortunately, making love is not just something you do for fun and something that doesn’t matter when you don’t feel like having fun. It is a life force of a relationship. If it is there it makes everything grow stronger, if it isn’t – everything grows weaker.

And the sex that people normally gives little more than no sex at all from this perspective. It just doesn’t create that kind of connection and deep flow of goodness.

It is easily preventable before it gets to the point of no return

It is not about getting orgasms. It is about opening yourself to create more pleasure, love and sexual vitality in a way that will nourish you as a couple – and this is at the moment a very esoteric knowledge that most sex manuals don’t even approach. Many people actually come across this kind of lovemaking intuitively and spontaneously – and you may have too – but most often this isn’t sustained further in the relationship. It needs conscious learning.

The tragic thing is that the man and the woman were not incompatible, just unaware, and now a relationship that stood a decent chance has withered away. The good news at the same time is that they were not incompatible, just unaware, and with a little bit of willingness, self-education and learning from the right places this source could be opened by any couple.

Let me help you…

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